Would you train with Pieter?

Would you train with Pieter?

Is this what you wanted.
The war has just begun. What the hell are with those punks,
KENTA and Yujiro? I thought we would finish them in 5 minutes,
but we lost. We can’t keep losing. How many losses? 5? 6? Don’t joke around with us.
We were just getting started. I thought Koji was going to
finish them, just like always. It’s hard to believe. That was messed up. Now we have 6 losses.
There’s not much to do about that, is there? But, although it’s impossible for us
to win this league, we have to keep fighting hard,
until the very end. We’ve gotta do what we can.
It doesn’t matter who’s good or bad, anymore. Dumbasses. Damn it! My right arm is completely messed up. Crap! This was the first time I was introduced to the
strength of KENTA. He was stronger than I thought. Damn. He’s like the prodigal son.
I was in that position, too. After going through a lot,
I finally found refuge. After facing KENTA today,
I was reminded that maybe I’m not hungry enough. KENTA’s starving, like a jackal. It’s frustrating
to admit it, but we need wrestlers like him. He may not care,
but I feel like I have to pay him back. But after facing him tonight, now my flesh
knows how strong he is. I need revenge. I believe my chance is coming.
If not, I don’t know how much more I can do. Absolutely, I will get a chance, on my own. Oh well…
TenCozy’s never changed. Pieter, how many years has it been
since you first got into this ring? 5 years. Pieter, you haven’t changed at all,
in those 5 years, have you? Your beauty and your style…
How can you keep it all up? It’s all for you, Yujiro. Also, you have your own
personal training gym, right? Pieter’s personal training services
may be open to the public. You are thinking of it, right? Yes. Of course, it’s not going to be free. It’ll be paid.
Definitely paid.


  1. Yujiro Takahashi just lived the name of Tokyo Pimp right here. LOL

    KENTA & YUJIRO = 4: 4: 8
    TENZAN & KOJIMA = 4: 6: 8

  2. 後藤「開戦だ!開戦!!」(2勝6敗)

    ケンタ「イッツ マイターン!!」(4勝4敗)


  3. KENTAのコメント楽しみにしてたのに。

  4. GOTOHIROイイネ👍やるじゃん。12月面白くなるかはゴトヒロのリアクション力にかかってるんで。ちょっと期待。

  5. テンコジも第三世代も応援してるけど、確かに石井の言う通り、お決まりのルーティンの試合になってるのは確か。


  6. みんな言うねテンコジに対して

    鈴木みのるは アプデートしてねぇんだよ!

    石井は やり方がいつまでも変わってねぇんだよ!


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