Why You Don’t Hear From This WWE Star Anymore

Why You Don’t Hear From This WWE Star Anymore

While it’s true that she’s dropped off the
radar of most wrestling fans, AJ Lee is still doing all sorts of cool stuff. In fact, the things she’s doing today are
even more awesome than her in-ring career was. Let’s take a look at what AJ Lee has been
up to since you stopped hearing from her. Lee’s comparatively early WWE exit may he
been due to her real-life relationship with Phil Brooks, better known as CM Punk. Punk accused the WWE and the company’s doctor,
Chris Amann, of failing to diagnose a potentially life-threatening staph infection and treating
his concussion symptoms with Z-Pak antibiotics. Amann responded to the accusations with a
lawsuit, which according to Bleacher Report, Punk believes is bankrolled by the WWE chairman,
Vince McMahon. WWE eventually decided to fire Punk and McMahon
insists that this was merely an unfortunate accident, and he even apologized to Punk in
an on-air interview. Lee eventually decided to call it quits with
the WWE. Wrestling Inc. insiders say Lee likely had
to retire from wrestling and forfeit the opportunity to perform elsewhere since she was still bound
by her WWE contract. AJ Lee stated in her memoir, Crazy Is My Superpower,
that she was suffering from pressing health issues near the end of her career. She admitted the drama between the WWE and
Punk influenced her decision, but Lee said wrestling left permanent damage to her cervical
spine. Apart from the spinal damage she incurred
over the course of her wrestling career, Bleacher Report informs us that she has struggled with
concussions, and a particular whiplash neck injury in 2014 forced the medical staff to
put the unresponsive Lee in a neck brace and carry her from the ring on a stretcher. According to Bleacher Report, Lee was easily
one of the most outspoken WWE stars during her tenure with the company, which put her
at odds with several other WWE Divas, notably with WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon. In 2015, she took part in Twitter’s #GiveDivasAChance
movement by publicly calling Stephanie out about female WWE performers’ comparatively
low wages despite their soaring popularity. Though her outspokenness is unlikely to have
been the reason behind her departure, it’s easy to imagine that being the only person
to speak out against your employer might not do wonders to your standing within the company. Sports Illustrated writes that AJ, like her
mother, has bipolar disorder and she was diagnosed when she was nineteen. Bleacher Report expressed some criticism toward
her crazy chick character’s arc, but it propelled Lee to main event status. Lee had kept the WWE in the dark about her
personal struggles with mental health, which eventually got awkward when the company started
trying to make her perform skits that made light of mental health. In 2012, the New York Post wrote that the
WWE wanted Lee to up the craziness ante in comedic sketches. This didn’t sit well with Lee, who was still
in the closet with her own mental health issues. Lee refused to take part in the skit, and
the WWE punished her by taking her off TV for two months. “Help us out Ruth, who do you think you are?” After wrestling, AJ Lee has devoted a considerable
amount of her time to far more important endeavors. In 2018, The Sportster reported that Lee was
raising money for mental health awareness charity NAMI. Sports Illustrated writes that Lee, who’s
now quite open about her own bipolar disorder, is a proud mental health advocate and works
together with the Child Mind Institute to promote healthier attitudes toward mental
health issues. “My character on TV was called ‘Crazy Chick.'” “Yeah.” “And I played this character for years but
nobody knew in real life that I am bipolar.” Lee is also a spokeswoman for American Society
for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and has also teamed up with their anti-dog fighting
campaign, Get Tough. As Wrestling Inc. tells us, in 2015, she worked
together with the Beautiful Disaster clothing company to launch a clothing line called AJ’s
Animal Avenger, with all the proceeds going to PAWS Chicago. Operating under her real name, AJ Mendez Brooks,
Lee has transitioned from a successful in-ring performer to an equally successful author
with her memoir, Crazy Is My Superpower. The 2017 book turned out to be so triumphant
that after one week, Lee’s official website could proudly announce it was a New York Times
bestseller. Critics say the book has a great message,
and notes its significant openness about an outsider’s climb to the top of her profession
while struggling with her personal issues. Like many other former and current professional
wrestlers, Lee’s tried her hand at acting. Lee’s IMDb page is filled with WWE-related
appearances that came with her Diva job, and her one non-WWE appearance is a commercial
for Madden NFL ‘16. Lee and CM Punk are both set to be in the
horror flick Rabid, a remake of the 1977 David Cronenberg horror movie. In 2019, the former wrestling star got involved
with GLOW, the popular Netflix show that’s loosely based on a real-life, all-women promotion
from the 1980s called the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Wrestling fans shouldn’t get too excited,
though, as it looks like Lee isn’t about to join the show’s cast. Instead, she’s joining forces with actor Aimee
Garcia to write a comic book series based on the show. With the four-part series, GLOW vs. the Babyface,
Lee and Garcia are both making their debut as comic book writers. As Lee puts it: “Aimee’s experience in acting and my experience
in pro-wrestling makes us a formidable tag team with a unique perspective to truly channel
the voices of these hilarious heroines. Our mission as writing partners is to represent
diverse, complex, and unbreakable female characters, which is why GLOW feels like the perfect fit.” AJ Lee’s significant microphone skills were
always part of her allure as a pro wrestler, so it’s not a surprise that she’s carved out
a bit of a reputation as a speaker. Like many other current and former athletes,
websites such as Athlete Speakers and NOPAC Talent advertise that she can be booked for
a variety of speaking gigs, though she’s clearly busy with other things, too. On multiple occasions, she has acted as a
keynote speaker for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, which has drawn compliments
from several of her former WWE colleagues. “And being crazy is what I’m most proud of,
that is my superpower. It makes me invincible and brave.” Self-imposed exile Apart from the myriad of reasons for her leaving
the WWE, Lee is still one of the most popular female wrestlers around and easily young enough
for a comeback if she wants. Lee dominated the polls when fans were asked
who they’d like to make a comeback for the female-driven Evolution pay-per-view. According to Sportskeeda, even Vince McMahon
himself allegedly reached out to ask if Lee would like to re-emerge in the WWE Universe. There have been rumors of her signing with
the WWE’s emergent competitor, All Elite Wrestling, though Ringside News notes that these appear
to be incorrect. As for Lee herself, she hasn’t entirely ruled
out a return in the ring, explaining, “I say that I don’t know what the future holds,
to not hold your breath. But never say never.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Grunge videos about your favorite
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  1. I just got diagnosed as bipolar at 40 years old. It feels good to just know there is a name for the way I’ve felt & others feel the same way.

  2. I'm not a big fan of this new "mental illness is a positive" stuff that's becoming more and more relevant. Get yourself some help, for sure, but stop telling people that "crazy is my superpower." Crazy is what makes people pick up weapons and kill children in schools and fly planes into buildings. Mental illness is not a positive thing; overcoming its effects ARE.

  3. AJ was a lil sexxy hottie..she well knows how to turn a man on with her lil flirty games and all..guys like when she acts all innocent

  4. This 90 lbs. chick is a "professional wrestler"? When I was a young kid, I loved "professional wrestling". But, when I realized that "professional wrestling was staged, I lost interest in "professional wrestling".

  5. She's a retard for saying she's got mental problems.all the drive she has for doing what she loves, and she still has the audacity to grab a little more attention.tsk tsk

  6. I miss aj lee BAD..my god she was SO fuking SEXY on wwe..the was she deessed up like a little girl and skipped around shaking her sexy round ass made me ROCK HARD


  8. I miss AJ Lee. I believe that if she was in the WWE right now if the creative was done correctly and they allowed her to speak freely on the mic she would be the best character on that show by far. However I would not like to see her come back because I believe all the WWE would do to her is just job her out to everybody and all she would do is have wrestling matches which wrestling was not her strong suit it was being a character. But I'm happy to see that she has succeeded without the WWE.

  9. AJ was probably the prettiest wrestler I ever saw. The only other woman in wrestling who may be prettier is Sasha Banks.

  10. I don't think anyone sold as well as AJ men included. When she sold a move it looked like someone hit by a truck. And her finisher was completely badass.

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