Why Go to a Smaller University

What I enjoy about the small campus at
Mount Mercy is how close you can become with your professors, and how close you
are with the people in your classes. I really enjoy being able to know my
professors, like I even one of my professors Dr wen like I’ll text him
and questions about physics and you’ll be able to answer me right away which is
super helpful and conducive to my learning. I like knowing like going into
my classroom and knowing everybody that’s there and being able to talk to
them, ask some questions about homework or what we’re supposed to study and
things like that. It’s really like, it’s a lot more like a community than what I
felt like when I had visited other bigger schools. What I love about Mount
Mercy is the is the friendships you know that you know I have established here.
Many people, everybody here is like really friendly, so the Faculty’s
friendly, everybody’s welcoming, that was you know one of the first things I
noticed when I first came here how welcoming everybody is. Even though I’m
from here I was still able to meet other people from other places around the
world too. The best part about going to a small
university like Mount Mercy over a larger university is you get a lot of
really good one-on-one time with your professors. This one-on-one time is
really valuable as it really helps you dig deeper into the material and it’s
something that’s really helped me find my passion a lot of subjects that I may have
not found in other other places.

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