WHO’S NEXT! Brutal Backstage Story That Lead To WWE Finally RELEASING Harper, Sin Cara, & More

WHO’S NEXT! Brutal Backstage Story That Lead To WWE Finally RELEASING Harper, Sin Cara, & More

What’s going on guys and welcome back to
wrestling world! We currently have a big development going
on and that’s the fact that wwe has lifted the locker room freeze and is finally starting
to release superstars again So why is this so significant? Well In years past, wwe would always do what
they called a “spring locker room cleaning” This happened at around the mid point of ever
year and wwe would just release talent that they’re no longer using or serving no purpose
to them Superstars would always be let go around this
time and many lower card stars feared for their jobs around this time of year But the whole vibe of the locker room has
changed within the last year or so Wwe superstars are actually begging and pleading
to be released now but wwe were the ones that were saying no Wwe put the locker room in a whole shut down
state where no one gets released because they feared that their released talent would go
over and help AEW AEW doesn’t want their whole locker room
to consist of former wwe stars, but they already have a few former wwe stars such as Chris
Jericho and Jon Moxley, that are really playing a huge role in the company And the rumor was that wwe didn’t want that
situation to happen again, where they let a superstar walk out and it turns out to really
bite them That was the situation with Jericho, they
couldn’t come to agreement on a new contract so Wwe let him walk and now Jericho is one
of the biggest attractions for AEW Randy Orton, who had an expiring contract
in early 2020, teased the idea of going to AEW, but it was just a strategy he used to
get himself a bigger wwe contract and it absolutely worked Orton received a massive contract extension
just because he was playing around with the idea of going to AEW So the fact of AEW just existing is really
helping with the contract negotiations of wwe superstars So with this locker room shut down, wwe was
doing everything in their power to make sure Superstars couldn’t leave If you were injured for let’s say 4 months,
wwe started adding those 4 months onto the end of a superstar’s contract as “inactive
time” Basically if you were injured, they’re going
to take whatever time you missed and tag it onto the end of your contract That’s what happened with Luke Harper who
publicly and Polity asked for his release and in return wwe added on a few months to
his contract That’s when Harper started to lose his cool
and started posting frequent sarcastic posts about how “happy” he is in wwe Harper also tweeted out that wwe tried to
fine him for cursing but when other nxt guys do it, it’s ok, but he later deleted that
post So there was quite a lot going on there Then of course sin cara made headlines when
he requested his release a few weeks ago At this point in his career, sin cara was
just being used as an enchantment talent to put over upcoming young superstars Looks like that finally got to him and he
wanted out and to return to Mexico to finish his career there This of course isn’t the original sin cara,
wwe signed mistico to originally play sin cara, but when mistico had a fallout with
wwe, the character was then given to hunico What’s interesting about the sin cara character
is that wwe very well still may own the rights. Mistico and wwe had a legal battle for the
rights for the “sin cara” character Mistico’s argument was that the character
has his look and even uses his backstory, but wwe said that the “sin cara” name
and character was their creation and wwe ended up winning that legal battle That’s why they were able to continue using
the character without the wrestler who originally portrayed him So it’ll be interesting to see if history
will repeat itself here, will wwe continue to keep the sin cara character around, just
with another wrestler portraying him this time around? Sin cara is still a fan favorite and a highly
popular superstar in WWE’s make a wish program, so you have to assume that wwe is planning
something to keep some image of that character still around And the last of this group of superstars that
were released was the ascension The ascension were absolute monsters in NXT
and just dominated the brand back in the day, but ever since they came to the main roster
wwe has done absolutely nothing with them The talent is definitely there with these
superstars, we know that, but wwe couldn’t come up with anything for them to work with
so they were granted their release too The feeling backstage is that everyone is
happy, these superstars aren’t shocked or disappointed that they were all released,
this is something that they all wanted for months so they’re all jumping for joy at
this point So why wwe released these superstars? Wwe will now release superstars that they
see as no threat and won’t make an impact on AEW Sin cara is going to Mexico so wwe isn’t
worried about him, but it looks like wwe is implying that Harper and the ascension won’t
be huge pick ups for AEW and that might be a huge mistake That’s why wwe released those stars but
didn’t release the revival or Mike Kanellis because they see them as a much bigger threat
if they joined AEW So don’t get your hopes up for every superstar
being granted their release, it’s looking like wwe will be doing very selected releases
going forward These superstars are on a 90 day no compete
clause as well, so they can’t wrestle for any promotions until mid March 2020 What are your thoughts on this situation? Thanks for watching guys!


  1. A lot of WWE Superstars finally got their wish with being released and there's apparently going to be a lot more releases coming real soon. What are your thoughts on this situation? Leave your comments, don't forget to Subscribe, and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching! 😀

  2. The Ascension needed to go. They were not being used. It would have made it better if they had a storyline similar to the brood or ministry of darkness but alas the WWE was not thinking right 😂

  3. Luke Harper/Brody Lee is an incredible talent. WWE is becoming like an abusive relationship instead of a shrewd business workplace. They're worried about Mike Kanellis but not Harper? That's funny looking at his ROH & TNA runs. Asencion was money left on the table, they'll go to NWA with Bram and get back on track. They can't even figure out what to do with War Machine/War Raiders 🙄, aside from try to make them the 2019 Highlanders. Sin Cara is a cursed, 80s masked gimmick. Same as Suicide, get a talented cruiser who can put on great matches to get squashed. Very stale from top to bottom.

  4. Ascension buried themselves when they commented on being better than Hall of Fame tag teams like L.O.D. their first night on Raw

  5. Sin Cara was a “enchantment talent”? And here I was thinking he was enhancement talent…..
    Also if they think Bennett is a bigger threat than Harper they haven’t been watching their careers. Bennett couldn’t wear Harpers jock strap let alone be better than him in any capacity 😂

  6. Whether or NOT ANY of the released Talent ever goes to AEW remains to be seen. IF ANY of them make a difference wherever they wind up is ALSO debatable. WWE and AEW are top heavy with talent. WWE is unfortunately burdened with creative writing that ISN'T up to the task. Since the released Talent wasn't being used much, it's a cost cutting measure.

  7. I’m glad Luke Harper got his wish, he’s a tremendous talent who just wasn’t being treated well or used very well. Wherever he ends up I hope he isn’t put on a shelf like he was in wwe.

  8. All the distinctive tattoos that Sin Cara got these past couple of years is going to make it hard for them to even attempt to put a new guy in that mask

  9. WWE is a joke now i've been a fan for almost 20 years and haven't watched any of there shows at all this year due to lack of creativity and ignorant stories or rivalries that go no where at all way to go WWE stop worrying about AEW and make your product better…….otherwise people will stop watching
    Get rid of Vince

  10. EC3, Mike Kanelis(except Maria), Ohno, Foxx, Usos/Naomi (showed up on ROW), Alexis, Zayn, Alexander (plus his guy was ACH), Dana Brooke, Gulak, Kendrick, Lucha House Party, Charlotte w/ Andrea, Askua & Kari, Nia Jax & Tamia, Bobby Fish, Lashley, Lars Sullivan, Ember Moon, Xavier Woods, Dio, Velveteen Dream, Dolph Ziggler, Rhode, Morrison, Lana(Can't keep her mouth shut) w/ Rusev, Rousey (she bigger than WWE, that baby cliche is a front), Revival, Hawkins and Ryder, Fashion Police, Eric (Viking Raiders) & Riott Squad, Daniel Bryan, Natalya, Heavy Machinery, Ricochet, and Alister Black

  11. Who is the obnoxious dueshebag narrating this? I love how everybody keeps harping on"people are begging for their release,people are begging for their release"but they just keep mentioning the same 4 or 5 over and over. If everyone is so unhappy and just dreaming about the day they can sign with Cody and The Bucks how come no one else ever gets mentioned?

  12. 😧…Mike Kanelis bigger than Brodie Lee!??…😂😂😂 Wtf are you getting your info from!!! Also, WWE gave Brodie a 90day no compete, which means he can't make an impact right of the back!!! He has to wait 3 months, because they knew his potential which iOS the reason they tried to keep him longer in hopes that he changes his mind!!! You don't even see or hear from Kanelis much…

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