whats up in pro wrestling host mr cool

whats up in pro wrestling  host mr cool

hey folks what’s up
this is mr. cool and what’s up and pro-wrestling so how’s the baby doing
today if you notice a little bit I got a Luis to be face today give you a
different look for one day this kid you know everything
hey we got like breaking news folks that and WWE roll you know v you know we
thought it’s gonna be Kurt Angle’s son but guess what it’s shocking news folks
it ain’t gonna happen it’s the game it’s gonna be the fifth member of WWE Raw
that’s where I thought that shocker I had get you scratching their head that’s
right folks I can’t believe it Triple H is the fifth member of WWE Raw against
the smackdown on the Survivor Series ain’t that shocker folks Wow but I can’t
believe what’s going on Wow some shockers or not and on top of that like breaking news that Neville might be
coming back to WWE after all folks that’s right he might be coming back
after all they’re in Tulsa now so cross your fingers you don’t know well what
happened folks but as far as right now yeah it’s a shocker that he might be
coming back former WWE star Jack he’s be called Jack Swagger they found the hell jack Hager and he’s
officially signed with Bellator yeah a shocking piece will be end up complete
pleading into the heavyweight division and yeah that’s
he’s a former W star ever everybody known Jets
Jack Swagger he’s gonna be he officially signed with Bellator and he’s gonna be
complete in competition with in the heavyweight division I wish him good
luck over there and former Impact Wrestling star gunner is in now the new
NXT star thing that was called Chad lael and so he’ll make his debut so
folks still shocking news about what’s going on with Triple H being now the new
as far as I had a new member of the WWE Raw in Smackdown and it is officially
also to that Shane McMahon has made official that John Cena will be doing
the team so folks hanging on your shoes folks this is gonna be a good match
coming up the pay-per-view us Survivor Series coming up Sunday you don’t want
to miss it so what are you what’s going on with
other news and different things Impact Wrestling they’ve had a there they had a
decent i guess program but he’ll be that’d be coming on Thursday I think
it’s a 8 o’clock thing mistaken thanks dad o’clock and so gene check it out and
see and what’s going on and look and we’re still giving away the Royal Rumble
tape thanks 2013 they mistaken yeah we’re gonna be yet still give that out
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something but well you like on the promo content of the program or the channel
and we appreciate you all we love you but my heart hey I love doing this the
show for you all if you have any questions about parole wrestling just
let me know man I’ll give you the best I can and appreciate you but don’t we it a
lot to share and subscribe and we’ll give you more updates of
wrestling one comes out but breaking news folks that the game is back triple
H is the fifth member of W you raw again smackdowns well they just said is there
a new guy John Cena so we’ll see you next time and don’t forget we’ll have
our program so becoming Monday Wednesday and Friday

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