What Really Happened at UFC 235 (Robbie Lawler vs Ben Askren)

What Really Happened at UFC 235 (Robbie Lawler vs Ben Askren)

Robbie Lawler vs. Ben Askren now what really happened in this fight very controversial fight very explosive and gritty contest between Ben Askren and Robbie Lawler and it wasn't a shock when Ben was gonna do he said he was gonna do wrestle Robbie Lawler and went through the pressure now I'm gonna get to the stoppage but what I want to go over first is what happened before the stop is so Ben actually came out that he was gonna take Robbie Lawler down like he said he was going to Lawler came in with a jab which got deflected naturally because been asking wasn't the opposite stance he's able deflected with his lead hand but Lawler was stepping on the outside and masking in his left straight but but I was able to see that coming he went in for a double leg under the left straight very good reaction from Ben Askren Susan for the double but because Robbie Lawler dropped his right hand when he threw the jab in this case it was beneficial usually it's not he's able to naturally drive under the under hook and fight the position and eventually able to sprawl on top of askin were then asked to try to get over he tried to get the back of Lawler lager grabbed onto the head of a screen which has caused him to not control the body of Askren at all allowing a second to move around but as long to start turning with a scream he was finally able to grab onto the right arm and start pulling Askren in front of him but Ashman was able to hook with his right leg in between Lawler's to keep the position but this is preventing him from getting the back of Lawler which is what he was trying to do in the first place so he kind of stuck himself here and Lawler's just moving him forward in front of him inch by inch until he stumbled forward he tripped which also caused Ben Askren Istanbul 4 because the momentum of Lawler's weight suddenly moving so rapidly and as and grabbed onto the head and around the arm of Lawler and he put a lot of weight on top of Lawler so Holly went full WWE mode man grabbed her on the leg of a screen lift him up and angle slammed him I mean we're talking about Street W reference here and start laying some crazy ground upon I mean you have to give Matt a screen the credit he took some massive shots from Robbie Lawler that most guys would not have taken I mean look like he went out a couple times on the ground there and then we move a little bit forward and ben asher was able to shoot in against the cage on robbie lawler eventually get him to the ground he hooks onto the outside as he's going for the double leg and just drives him to the ground he was able to get wrist control and he was able to pass over the guard Robbie started stand up he at technique and try to just get up from the bottom and that's what Astron tried to snatch onto the rear naked choke but he never got in the hook so Robbie law was able to maneuver around a little bit with his body asker had no control over the body of robbie lawler which then this turned into a bulldog choke because of Lawler's actions he tried to turn over and asking just kept on the grip and if you know about been asking you see some videos of him squeezing watermelons and stuff he has a ridiculous grip truly olympic-caliber grip here now here is when the controversy kicks in ribulose starts putting his arm around peniston's head but asking has a nice s grip on and Lawler's arm falls like he went limp now we all have to admit that looks very strange that was the trigger for herb ting to start looking to step in right but right after his arm falls you do see a move his arm forward so now it gets a little bit tricky and then all of a sudden you see Herb Dean step in and he stops the fight okay from real-time from the original camera angle it looks like a legitimate stoppage until Rob Euler stands up and he starts arguing the finish so it's very understandable for the viewers to believe that this was a legitimate stoppage that Lawler seemed to be out of it right there and Herb Dean stepped in at the right time but then we have to look at the next camera angle populaires arm falls okay he moves a forward just a little bit urgh Dean comes to check in he grabs Lawler his arm and what does Lawler do he pulls away from her Dean look Herb Dean loses grip of Lawler Lawler's arm is still up and he pulls it away from herb Dean and then what you see after is he see Lawler move his arm back and then forward and he gives a thumbs-up to Herb Dean then he puts his hand back down and not in a manner like he was out of it and then Herb Dean steps and he stops the fight and Robbie Lawler is upset of course no it's a tough job man it's messy I understand it's hard to be in that situation for herb Dean but when you simply look at it you grab the guy's arm and he pulls away from you and he gives you a thumbs up and then he puts his hand down slowly I mean you must know that the guy's not out of it right I know there's the argument that what could have Robbie Lawler do but that's a speculation but we do no longer seem to be fine right his arm falling the way it did that was a little bit fishy it looked like you went limp but every action after he seemed fine right it's a tough place to be man it's tough place to be for a guy like Herb Dean to be a rep for that kind of fight but looking at the stoppage Lawler seemed to be fine it did seem like a pretty bad stoppage and her Dean was able to feel Rabi loggers arm he pulled away the fact that he's pulling away reacting at all turb Dean's signals it should automatically tell the ref that it's fine just let it keep going right so you got to keep an eye at all times if you have to constantly keep checking on Lawler you have to do that but if he's still in the fight you can't really stop it now I don't know if they use the replay because they use the replay for the John Jones fight I wish they did use the replay for this fight I think it would have been a little bit more justified so hopefully it was able to clear some things up and I hope you guys enjoyed the breakdown if you didn't make sure you over to thumbs up if you are my content make sure to subscribe leave a comment what your thoughts on on this fight and on the stoppage and again thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video


  1. Late comment but for those confused about my stance on whether Robbie was going to go out or not; I do think that Lawler would've eventually been choked out given the time left and Askren's squeeze, as I said in the video.

    This breakdown is not about "if Robbie would've been out," it is about the stoppage itself and whether Robbie would've been out, is irrelevant to that. Even though this seems logical, it isn't objective as we have seen many incredible things happen in MMA. Because of this, I don't focus on the speculation of "what could've happened," I focus on the stoppage itself. Both fighter's stocks have risen from this fight.

  2. Naw I still think it was an appropriate stoppage your arm doesn’t go limp and he was making no advances

  3. Askren is a bad man, huge Robbie fan here but man after seeing what he did to the watermelon good thing the fight got stopped. We all know Robbie wouldn't have tapped.

  4. It is probably not safe to let him continue fighting if he was out when he dropped his arm, he came back to it with the thumbs up, then he could have been put out again. So since he dropped his arm he looked out, then came back to it would it be right to let him keep going and get brain damage from going out again?

  5. This fight sums up America as a whole! Your a bunch of winey little bitches who cant admit when you are wrong !! Trump is what you deserve you bunch of self centered ingrates!

  6. What really happened?…..Lawlor got chocked out by Askren in one…..that's what happened.

  7. I feel bad for both of them, and the decision should be changed to a No Contest or something to that effect.

  8. I know what happened herb checked Robbie hand and looked at askrin and back at Robbie herb missed Robbie thumbs up with that 1.5 seconds watch the secound angle in real time

  9. It's pretty simple it isn't a armlock when the worse that can happen is break there arm his choking him when what's the worse that can happen if left to long hmm death serious refing needed

  10. Kinda sucks. The fighters will try and relax their bodies in these situations and it seems that can warrant a stoppage if they don’t clearly let the ref know they are ok. Would have been nice to see a real finish in this fight.

  11. 100 percent he went limp ( pass out ) even if for second or two. Deans response was fast within a second two of the limp noodle arm. C H O K E D B A B Y !

  12. Lawler was out . I think he is an honorable guy, so I don't think he knew it himself.
    Massive respect to Lawler for not berating Herb Dean , he knew it was a decision made to protect him and not some bs like others.
    I'm sure Robbie will wear the belt again.

  13. Tude show it in real time not frozen photos of what you're saying, in real time it looks like his arm is limp, there's no effort for defense

  14. Herb did a great job good stoppage That bulldog choke puts immense pressure on the neck and obviously it’s very easy to judge the stop when u have the ability to actually pause frame by frame so things can clearly be seen. So if lawler did pull his arm away from herb it was done while both fighters bodies were also moving so in real time Herb dean did a great job he was not concerned about lawler going out but more having his neck crushed


  16. He was getting choked to death anyway, I don’t agree with the early stoppage but damn his head was getting crushed to pulp in that bulldog

  17. You have to remember, you are pausing images. In Herb's POV, everything happened very fast. Yeah, he pulled his hand away, all the movement in the images only took seconds. I am a Lawler fan, I think it is an early stoppage but I dont hold it against Herb. And Askren can rip Lawler's head. It is all good. Safety first.

  18. I don’t think we can conclude that was a thumbs up based on these images. Yes his thumb is extended, but a “thumbs up” is a communication. It’s unclear whether he was communicating or if his thumb came up as he was moving around. Especially hard to tell since we see only one frame. That said, it also seems inconclusive whether he was unconscious for a moment (maybe he was), in which case the fight should have been allowed to continue.

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