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Here is your news for
February 25th 2020 We’re starting today with news
from WWE’s relationship with
Saudi Arabia, as though last year’s show featured
the first-ever women’s match in
the country, it was the trip home that got
people’s attention. Whilst a mechanical issue was
blamed for the Superstars
being stuck in the Middle-Eastern nation for an
extra day, it was later reported
that issues between Vince McMahon and the Saudi
Royal Family, as well as the
airplane staff needing to go to sleep as they reached
their limit of working hours
were also a factor. Whatever the real reason is, it
was clear that the Superstars
weren’t happy about what happened, and on this
week’s Wrestling Observer
Live, Bryan Alverez commented on Superstars not
making the trip this time, saying: “Far less people are going to
Saudi Arabia which means the
last time they went to Saudi Arabia — remember the
last time they went to Saudi
Arabia and they had that issue where they were stuck
for 28 straight hours and a
bunch of the wrestlers talked about how they’re never
gonna go back and I listened
to people go ‘It’s just a mechanical issue, it’s not a
big deal — nothing’s wrong
EVERYTHING IS OKAY!’ Well, here we are it’s the next
Saudi Arabia show and
coincidentally a bunch of those people who one of whom’s
wife used the words ‘hostage
situation’ to describe it they low and behold
aren’t going back, but hey —
it was just mechanical issues, everybody.” It was Karl Anderson’s wife who
described what happened as
a hostage situation, which may be a factor why the
former RAW Tag Champion isn’t
making the trip this time. In addition to Anderson, his OC
partner Luke Gallows also
won’t be attending, and neither will big names like The
Revival and Mustafa Ali. Aleister Black also won’t be
attending the show, as some
of his tattoos, which are of a religious nature may not
go over well with the Saudi
crowd, and both Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens also
won’t be attending. Whilst Randy Orton won’t be
attending Super Showdown
this week, it won’t be because he has any issues
flying out, as the Viper doesn’t
have any problems competing in Saudi Arabia, but
his limited schedule means he
won’t be competing. Once again, the WWE’s deal
with Saudi Arabia is making
headlines for the wrong reasons, and whilst the show
now allows female matches,
the controversial deal continues to cause plenty
of bad press. One name who will be competing
at Super Showdown is Goldberg,
who will take on the Fiend for the Universal
title this week, but he might
already be looking at the end of his career. Despite their being rumours of
a WrestleMania match for the
Hall of Famer, nothing has been announced
yet, and Goldberg himself
has spoken about a possible retirement match,
outside of the U.S Speaking on the Total Slam
Podcast, Goldberg, who is
of Jewish faith, said he wants to have his final match in
Israel, a nation that has huge
significance to him. He said: “I’m considering my retirement
match in Israel. As a matter of
fact, my agent and I talked about that a minute ago
and that’s a big topic of
conversation right now, so its something we’re going to
consider.” Given that WWE doesn’t travel
to Israel for shows, it’s likely
that Goldberg’s final match might happen somewhere
else, but for now, fans will have
to wait and see just when the Hall of Famer’s
last match will actually be. Speaking of Goldberg, one man
who certainly isn’t a fan of the
former universal Champion is Matt Riddle, who
has continued to troll the
WCW star online. After Goldberg recently compared
the King of Bros to a booger
stuck in your nose, Riddle returned in kind on
Twitter, sarcastically wishing
the Hall of Famer luck in his upcoming Super Showdown
match, and described himself
as his Booger Bro. Although there was a time that
it looked like this real-life beef
was going to lead to a match, there’s been no
reports on this potential
encounter for quite some time, as Riddle recently captured the
NXT Tag Team titles with Pete
Dunne. Goldberg isn’t the only veteran
that Riddle has targeted, as
he’s also spoken about wanting to retire Brock Lesnar,
but it may be best for the
Original Bro’s career if he keeps quiet, as these comments
have reportedly drawn the ire
of Vince McMahon From one name of NXT to another
now, as Beth Phoenix has done
big things on the Gold brand’s commentary
desk, but now the Glamazon is
making her return to RAW. On next week’s show, Phoenix
will return to the red brand to
give an update on her husband Edge, who is
recovering after taking a
Conchairto from Randy Orton on the January 27th RAW,
which followed the 2020
Royal Rumble where Edge came out of retirement. The Rated-R Superstar himself
is set to appear on the March
9th episode of RAW which will emenate from the
Capitol One Arena in
Washington, DC, where he will also give an update on his
condition. As always, the card is subject
to change, but next week’s
show will also feature the return of United States
Champion Andrade after his
30-day Suspension, as he will team with Angel Garza to face
Humberto Carillo and Rey
Mysterio. The four stars are certainly no
stranger to each other, as it
was Andrade who won the US title from Mysterio last
year, whilst Garza defeated
Carilla on Monday’s RAW. Also on this week’s show, Aleister
Black was able to defeat Erick
Rowan for the second straight week, despite
a pre-match attack by AJ Styles. This attack clearly angered the
former NXT Champion, as
Black will face Styles on next week’s show, giving fans
plenty of reasons to tune in. Before next week’s RAW though,
the WWE will host Super
Showdown this Thursday, but the company has
made a slight change to the show. During this week’s RAW, the
commentators promoted
the upcoming gauntlet match, and whilst Rusev was
shown in the graphic, Tom
Phillips made sure to mention Rey Mysterio instead
of the Bulgarian Brute. It seems Rusev has been pulled
from the match, though the
WWE’s graphics team didn’t have the time to fix the
picture before it was put out
on live TV. It’s unclear why Rusev was
pulled from the match, though
there have been plenty of reports saying that the former
US Champion and the WWE
have been disputing his contract, though there is
time for him to re-sign before
his current deal expires. With that said, it’s possible that
Rusev is one of the names who
are refusing to travel to Saudi Arabia, and given
the issues from last year’s trip,
it’s hardly surprising why the Bulgarian,
as well as plenty other Super
stars, are hesitant to return. We’ve got some Hall of Famer
news now, as Sunny hasn’t
had a great time lately, as she’s been incarcerated
since March 2019 following
a bench warrant connected to a DUI arrest. It’s been previously reported
that Sunny’s attorneys were
petitioning the court for a release, and according to the
PW Insider, these attempts
have been successful. At this time, the original Diva is
slated to be released from jail
on March 25th, over a year after her incarceration,
and hopefully this time behind
bars will encourage the Hall of Famer to make
better life choices from now on. Now, last week’s SmackDown
saw plenty of action during
the two-hour broadcast, but one star who was left
hurting was Shinsuke Nakamura. Competing in the Symphony
of Destruction match, the
King of Strong Style required staples after being
slammed onto a grand piano
by Braun Strowman, but according to Bryan Alverez,
Nakamura wasn’t the only
star who left the match worse for wear. He said: “Well, [Nakamura] was bleeding
everywhere and got stitches.
You know that all four of the guys in that
match — I don’t wanna say
hurt — but, banged up — maybe I can say
hurt, but not injured I forget
what the terminology is. All four guys had
something bad happen to them
in that stupid match.” Whilst WWE’s gimmick matches
can sometimes be unpredictable,
the company should have probably predicted
that grand pianos aren’t built to
be used as weapons, a lesson that Shinsuke
Nakamura has learned the hard
way. Onto WWE mechandise news
now, as the WWE has had
countless items for fans of all ages to buy, but not every
piece of merch is a winner. Recently, a WWE child’s costume
of Brock Lesnar made the rounds
online, as fans were quick to point out that the
Beast’s sword tattoo on the
tiny foam body looked a lot more
phallic, than the company
probably wanted. Whilst the costume set used to
come with a replica WWE
Championship, the title is now gone, and former 24/7
Champion Alundra Blayze
quickly asked her followers on Twitter if they saw
what she could see. In response, Heath Slater
agreed that he got what she
meant, and the One Man Band wasn’t the only person to
notice what Blayze was saying. Hopefully, the WWE will think
more carefully on their
merchandise next time, or they’ll risk more kids dressing
up in costumes this Halloween,
which adults won’t exactly want to see. From RAW to NXT now, as Finn
Balor has done some big things
since turning heel and rejoining the gold brand,
and the former NXT Champion
recently reunited with another ex-holder of the
gold. On Twitter, the self-professed
Prince of NXT tweeted out a
picture of himself with AEW Superstar Pac, who fans
will remember as Adrian
Neville in WWE. Together, the pair were part of
the formative years of the gold
brand, and whilst PAC remains in AEW, this picture
will no doubt lead to speculation
that Balor could be joining the All Elite
company in the future. And finally today we’re ending
with the results from Monday
Night RAW, as the road to Super Showdown and
WrestleMania 36 ran through
Winnipeg. Returning to his home country,
Kevin Owens opened the
show up by confronting Randy Orton following the
attacks on Edge and Matt
Hardy, and though the WWE were reportedly concerned of
the Winnipeg crowd chanting
for Chris Jericho, Owens and Orton got the crowd
being vocal for the Rated-R
Superstar, setting up a match later that evening
between Orton and the
Prizefighter. After Angel Garza defeated
Humberto Carrillo and
Ricochet defeated Luke Gallows, WWE Champion
Brock Lesnar appeared
alongside Paul Heyman, who spoke about the Beast’s match
with the highflyer this Thursday
at Super Showdown. Up next, Aleister Black was able
to defeat Erick Rowan despite
the OC’s pre-match attack, whilst Bobby Lashley
returned to his winning ways
by defeating R-Truth, just days before both men
enter the Tuwaiq trophy
Gauntlet match. During the Women’s Elimination
Chamber match contract signing,
RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch had
plenty to say about all 6 of
her potential WrestleMania opponents, leading to a brawl
with Shayna Baszler, who has
been a pain in the neck for the Man, literally,
since her RAW debut. When Angelo Dawkins faced
RAW Tag Team Champion
Murphy, it was Seth Rollins who gave Dawkins the DQ win
thanks to his interference, but
Montez Ford got in on the action, defeating the
Monday Night Messiah in a
singles match of their own. And in the main event, Randy
Orton picked up the win over
Kevin Owens, though it was ultimately the referee
who was the deciding factor. Fast-counting Owens’
shoulders to the mat, it was
later revealed that the ref in question is a disciple of Seth
Rollins, though this faith in
the Monday night Messiah didn’t cause Rollins
to save him from a beatdown. Instead, Owens nailed the ref
with a Stunner and drove him
through a table, as the referee will probably think
twice about who he puts his
faith in from now on. Though this is when the
cameras stopped rolling, the
action didn’t win in the Bells MTS Place, as Drew McIntyre
competed in the show’s dark
match. Defeating Seth Rollins in
singles action, the 2020 Men’s
Royal Rumble winner also delivered a passionate promo
that got the fans behind him,
as the Scottish Superstar continues to send a
clear message to his opponent
at WrestleMania 36, whoever that will be after
Super Showdown.

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