What Happened After RAW Went Off Air Today! Triple H On WWE Backstage ! Wrestling News!

What Happened After RAW Went Off Air Today! Triple H On WWE Backstage ! Wrestling News!

Here is your news for
November 26, 2019 We’re starting off today by
looking at Monday Night
RAW, as fans got treated to a special dark-match
once the show had finished. After Kevin Owens left the ring
following the main event, Drew
McIntyre appeared and leveled the
Prizefighter with a Claymore. Facing SmackDown’s Universal
Champion Bray Wyatt in a
cage match, McIntyre tried his best to topple the Fiend,
but got very little offense in. With the arena bathed in red
light, The Fiend demolished
McIntyre for the majority of the match,
pinning the Scotsman after
a Sister Abigail and Mandible Claw combo, that
send the crowd home happy. Though RAW ended in a big
way with an appearance by
the Fiend, the three hour show also kicked off big time, thanks
to the alleged locker-room
leader Seth Rollins. Coming out to yet another mixed
reaction, the Architect was
bombarded by CM Punk chants, which
Rollins acknowledged, saying: “I tried to get him here. He wants
to sit in LA,” Rollins said, “and
talk about a change that he’s too afraid
to make himself.” This didn’t go down well with the
Chicago crowd, who booed
Rollins heavily for what he said, as it seems a
match between the two is
looking more likely. Rollins has spent the last week
trying to get a feud going with the
Best in the World, and this latest response comes after Punk
criticized Rollins’ social media
blunders on WWE Backstage. Adding to the teased heel turn of
the Beast Slayer, Rollins hosted
a “Town Hall” meeting with the entire RAW roster, and Rollins,
seeing himself as a locker-room
leader, took center stage. What followed was one of the
best opening segments for
RAW in a long time as the former Universal
Champion blamed everyone
but himself for the poor performance at Survivor Series,
as RAW scored just one point. Upon his targets, were Randy
Orton, as Rollins called the
13-time World Champion the weak link of the men’s team,
and also went after Charlotte
Flair for not being the last remaining member of the women’s
team, comparing her to her Hall
of Fame father. Saying that AOP talks tough but
never does anything, Rollins
finally alienated the entire locker room by berating
Rey Mysterio, the most universally
beloved Superstar for failing to beat Brock Lesnar,
despite using a lead pipe and quote “help from your
stupid kid.” In a bit of storyline brilliance, Rollins
repeated to himself “I’m just trying to
do the right thing,” as it seems the pressure of being the
top babyface on RAW has finally
caused the Architect to crack. After the meeting, Kevin Owens
would stay behind the stun the
loudmouth and a match was set for the two
in the main event. Teasing a feud between the two,
the match itself was pretty good but came to a screeching end
when the AOP crashed the party. Despite Owens’ best efforts to fight
them off, the Prizefighter was
quickly overpowered, and the show ended with two curb stomps by
Rollins, who interestingly wasn’t
attacked by Akam and Rezar. WWE has done a fantastic job
building to a heel turn for Rollins,
as unlike with Roman Reigns all those years ago, the company
is paying attention to what the
crowd has to say. Also on RAW, Humberto Carillo
got another shot at the US Title,
but the young Cruiserweight only got down the
entrance ramp before he was
attacked. Being battered by the OC, all it
took was one Magic Killer on the
steel steps to keep Carillo out for good, as Ricochet, Randy
Orton, Drew McIntyre and Rey
Mysterio all appeared afterward. With Humberto’s body still warm,
the four quickly campaigned for
their own title matches and after a fatal-4-way, it was
Mysterio who earned the
huge opportunity. Despite a combined age of 86,
Mysterio and Styles did fantastic
in the ring, as from the action in the ring, to the OC getting tossed
from ringside, a ref bump and
Orton making the save, this was one of
the best matches of the four-day
Chicago weekend. With Rollins’ criticism still in his
mind, Mysterio proved everyone
wrong this time, defeating Styles to claim the US Title, and
celebrating with his son in a true
feel-good moment. Though the Mysterio family is
closer than ever, the ordeal
between Rusev and Lana is only driving the
two further apart. After hitting her soon to be ex-
husband with a fake pregnancy
and divorce papers, this latest restraining order should’ve kept
the Bulgarian from the building,
but that didn’t happen. During a match between Bobby
Lashley and Titus O’Neil, a wild
Rusev appeared attacking his wife’s new man,
and putting Lashley through
the announce table. Later getting arrested for his
actions, it seems this storyline
isn’t ending soon, but at least it gave for some
good action this week.

Now whilst NXT won Survivor
Series last week, the real
winners were the Network subscribers who stuck around,
as they saw the first episode
of the Broken Skull Sessions. On the show, Stone Cold Steve
Austin interviewed the Undertaker,
allowing fans to see see a different side of the Dead
man, who spoke about his
friendship with Vince McMahon, as well an epic story of partying
at Cypress Hill. After the success of this, PW
Insider is reporting that WWE
now wants CM Punk for a future episode, and if true,
it’ll be very interesting to see
what he has to say. Since his return, Punk has
remained solely on WWE Back
stage on FOX, and didn’t even hint at appearing at Survivor Series,
as the Best in the World has stayed
retired since 2014. Speaking of WWE Backstage, the
show continues to grow after its
shaky start, as tonight’s episode will feature Triple H, who
will speak about NXT, Survivor
Series and more. Whilst having the Game on is a
huge scoop for Renee Young and
Booker T, fans shouldn’t hold their breath if they’re expecting an
altercation between the WWE’s
COO and the Best in the World as the WWE on FOX twitter has
confirmed Punk won’t be on the
show. For everyone asking about Punk’s
WWE Status, Triple H has confirmed
that there’s been no talks about Punk re-signing with WWE, though
the door has been cracked open
for a return, despite a few hurdles. With all the trash talk of Seth
Rollins, it seems a match
between the two seems likely making a deal between Punk
and WWE imminent. As the old saying goes, never
say never in wrestling, and
whilst there was a time when another Punk match was
impossible, it now seems a real
possibility. From WWE to AEW now, as the
decision to host a special Bash at the Beach edition of Dynamite
continues to cause issues. A report by Fightful select reports
that many in WWE are trying to
find a way to stop the name before Chris
Jericho’s cruise, saying: “Some within WWE weren’t happy
with AEW promoting a Bash at the
Beach and there’s talk that they may
attempt to take action to stop it.” Whilst Bash at the Beach may be
a WCW term, the name is owned
by Cody Rhodes who also owns various other
names based on nostalgia. WWE own the name ‘The Bash’,
which they’re claiming could be
confused with Bash at the Beach, but to be fair, the
company hasn’t held a Bash
Pay Per View since 2009 as it was replaced by Fatal
4-Way and Money in the
Bank the next year. Speaking of AEW, last week’s
Dynamite hosted a Dynamite
Dozen Battle Royal which was won by MJF and
Hangman Page, but the big
talking point of the match was the appearance
of Billy Gunn. MJF eliminated the Hall of Famer
to gain a lot of heat, but according to Fightful, the issues were with
Gunn himself. Their report reads: “There were comments about
Billy Gunn using his WWE
name on AEW Dynamite — more in
the sense of displeasure among WWE as
opposed to something that
would lead to legal action.“ It’s unlikely that WWE will take
AEW to court over Gunn working
their show, but in this current climate, and the legal issues with
Bash at the Beach, it seems
anything is possible. Back to WWE now, and the back
lash of Corey Graves’ comments
made during this past Saturday’s TakeOver
event continues to be felt. During the show, Graves mocked
Mauro Ranallo, for what he saw
as talking too much and this isn’t the first time Ranallo,
who suffers from Bi-polar disorder has been ridiculed by his fellow
commentators. After Graves’ comments, Ranallo’s
condition flared up, but it seems the savior of misbehavior isn’t
apologizing at all. On Twitter, Graves said it was
more conducive to be mad than
wrong, implying he was helping Ranallo, and shared a meme
saying the sun, the moon and
the truth can’t be hidden. With this being Twitter, Graves’
comments led to a barrage of
his fans sending insults to Ranallo on Twitter, causing
the commentator to deactivate
his Twitter and not work the Survivor
Series announce team. On Wrestling Observer Radio,
Dave Meltzer said that the WWE
wasn’t happy with Graves for his comments, but decided not to
take him off commentary, and
that they are sympathetic to Ranallo and his
condition. Graves must have heard what
Meltzer said, and responded
by calling him a false narrative pushing liar,
daring the journalist to give
him a call. Graves’ actions certainly haven’t
made the WWE look good, as
Ranallo’s condition is well-known, and the critical
tweet by his co-worker that
caused countless fans to verbally attack him is
the last thing they need. That’s not to say Ranallo is
immune to criticism, but surely
if Graves had a problem, he should’ve addressed it in person,
rather than posting it online for
the world to see first. In response, Meltzer said that
after three days, Graves could
at least apologise to Mauro and show some remorse,
rather than doubling down on his
controversial bad attitude that has got him in
this mess in the first place. This didn’t go down well with
Graves, who sarcastically
responded by saying his phone isn’t ringing, and alleged that
Meltzer would make a rumor
story about this as well. Mauro’s good friend Frank
Shamrock has been very public
about his beef with Graves after his comments, but after making
the valid point that social media has made people too comfortable
with running their mouths, Graves
responded in his standard troll fashion, asking
whether Shamrock had gotten
that post approved by Meltzer and asked why Shamrock and
Meltzer didn’t meet him face to
face to discuss things like men. Of course, the irony and hypocrisy
here is that had Graves taken his
own advice, and discuss his issues with Ranallo’s
commentary, this whole situation
could have been avoided. It may not be Graves’ best idea
to insult the former UFC Middle
weight Champion, as Shamrock said that that was Graves’ tweet,
not his, and asked him to stop by
the next time the WWE is in LA.
Going after someone with a
mental health condition, and
helping lead countless more to attack that same person, has
unsurprisingly not gone down
well with many wrestling fans as the hashtag #F**kCorey
Graves, has been popping up on social media over the
past few days. Fans will just have to wait and
see what Graves has to say
about this on After the Bell, but its unlikely that the former
NXT Tag Champion is enjoying
this public shaming. This also isn’t the first time Graves
has got in hot water because of
what he’s said and done, but it looks like he’ll
be okay, whilst Ranallo is still
scheduled to call the action this
Wednesday for NXT. And finally today we’re focusing
on the remaining news from
Monday Night RAW as the post-Survivor Series
edition of the show had a
lot for fans to digest. In women’s division action, fans
saw a rematch from Wrestle
Mania 34 as Charlotte Flair battled Asuka
in an excellent matchup. After chasing Kairi Sane into the
crowd, Flair turned her attention
to the remaining Women’s Tag Team Champion, and
though the Queen nearly had the
match won on multiple occasions, a distraction by the returning Sane,
and green mist by Asuka sealed
the win for the Kabuki Warrior. In tag team division action, the
AOP tried to prove themselves
after Seth Rollins’ scathing words earlier in the night, with a dominant
victory over Curt Hawkins and Zack
Ryder. This isn’t the first time these two
teams have come to blows, as
the resident figure collectors were supposed to challenge for the
RAW Tag Titles last week, but
were stopped by the Superheavyweights, who have
made a habit of demolishing
the former champions. Andrade kept up his winning ways
once again on RAW, by picking
up the win over Akira Tozawa in convincing
fashion. After facing Rollins last week for
the chance to captain Team
RAW, it seems the former NXT Champion is taking the
Architect’s comments to heart,
but it’ll be interesting to see what this new Rollins has
to say about his old rival. In another dominant display, Erick
Rowan destroyed another local
competitor as it was Kyle Roberts turn to
feel the wrath of the former
Tag Team Champion. To Roberts’ credit, the hapless
jobber did try and take a peak at
what Rowan has been carrying around for the past few weeks,
but this only infuriated the
Bludgeon Brother more. Dismantling Roberts with an
Iron Claw, Rowan eventually
got the pinfall victory, and remains to be the only
person who knows what is
under that burlap cover. In a shocking appearance, Matt
Hardy was in action, as the last
time fans saw the Woken one, he and his brother Jeff were
vacating the SmackDown Tag
Titles that they’d won from the Usos. Unfortunately, a severe leg injury
forced the pair to relinquish the
titles without ever having chance to defend them, but Matt
showed little ring rust in his very
first match back. After seven months away from TV,
Hardy showed up in his classic
Team X-Treme attire showing no hints of being Broken
or Woken, but came up short
against Aleister Black. After the match was finished,
Black came face to face with
Buddy Murphy who once again challenged the
former NXT Champion to a fight,
but was sent flying by the Dutchman with a
jumping knee of his own. Claiming that Murphy is owed,
the feud between these two
is growing nicely, as fans will have to see what
comes next between WWE’s
self-professed greatest secret the and the Ominous Man
from Amsterdam. It’s clear that Hardy was being
used to help build the budding
storyline between Black Black and Buddy Murphy, but
how do you feel Hardy will do
on his own? Leave a comment below, and
as always, thanks for watching.


  1. Understand Rollins is pissing everyone off but cm punk joined fox, not WWE. He's not coming back and of you think he is your stupid!

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  4. really, REALLY sick and fucking tired of hearing about mauro crawling back into his safe space. corey did nothing wrong. if this pussy thinks he is above criticism then someone should advise his weak ass to just go for a darwin award and let the rest of us live without his crybaby ass headlines. he does it for attention and you idiots encourage this pathetic behavior.

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