We are storming Area51 [MEME REVIEW] 👏 👏#61

We are storming Area51 [MEME REVIEW] 👏 👏#61

👏👏 Meme review 👏👏 We’re back, baby. Just for one episode, then we’re back playing minecraft, okay? Just gotta get these memes out of the way. then, we’re back playing minecraft. Okay? Okay, let’s do this. These are all gonna be a week old. *laughs* I’ve been busy! September 20th. What are you doing? That’s right. Raiding Area 51. Everyone who is something, is gonna raid, Area 51. According to this Facebook group event. eight hundred and FORTY– What?? –thousand people are gonna raid area 51, that’s crazy! “Storm Area 51. They can’t stop all of us” That actually makes a lot of sense, like what’re they gonna do, If a million people shows up? What are they gonna do? Okay? Finally, we’ll see all the cool stuff like anime tiddies and stuff *laughs* “We all meet up at area 51 alien center tourist attraction and co-ordinate our entry.” Okay. “If we all naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets.” WHAT?? I mean I can’t argue with these facts it truly, truly *laughs* amazes me. Here’s some visual representation of what that would look like [phat jams] ( Subtitle by *I am HeRe*in description at bottom)(watch my any video for 2:40 min. please) God damn, it’s going so fast too Like what is the government sitting on in Area 51? Think about it! Finally we will know! No more BS! “Me and the boys, September 20th,” “storming Area 51.” [eletric guitar] “And on one day, for no particular reason, we just felt like storming Area 51.” You know, probably just like 10-15 people like this will show up. OR Everyone shows up and it’s awesome Come on Gamers! we’ll drop the Nene in front of the guards So stupid… “When you get into area 51 and see a nether portal” WHAT?! *laughs* That would be awesome! It’s just like Stranger Things and Minecraft combined. Oh my god!!! :Area 51 guard: ma’am. I can’t let your son inside” “Karen: It’s a manager time.” Who’s the manager of area 51 has anyone ever asked that? Has anyone pulled that card yet? See there’s a lot of ways to attack here There’s a lot of options but most importantly what are we gonna get out of this? Just think about the possibilities! like, “how I’m pulling up to area 51” “how I’m leaving” in a Halo Warcraft carrier That’s awesome. Imagine just pulling up to that in Burger King that would be sick! Or, you could pull up to area 51 and you can leave with an alien girlfriend Okay~ I can tell a couple of you are like really getting into this. Okay? Alright, well I keep going then alright Area 51, will have cat girls, you know that Elon Musk is gonna be there He’ll be handing out flamethrowers to everyone *laughs* also guys, make sure That you don’t forget to put down your bed in front of an area 51 so that you can respawn in case you…go bye-bye me finding out my incognito browser history in a– Oh What? Wut? but…I’m incognito?! awww That we need to storm–okay, I’m signing up. We need to storm it now Wait. Grandayy made it in?! Oh my god. How did he do this? I’m freaking out! where the anime? where are the anime Grandayy?!?! WHERDAWRRWRR?!?! This better be good. Okay. Alright. top secret. Okay You’re really dragging this out Grandayy (so are you with this video) This better be a hot minecraft girlfriend or else I’m not… Alright I’m out “300,000 US teens stepping on line mines trying to see some alien ti.. ALIEN TIDDIES?! WHAT?! Okay. Now I’m in come on guys! *laugh* “Government: sees people are going to infiltrate area 51” also the US government: Do you see? F**kin’ laughing mf!? *pewds laugh* Not funny. Did not laugh. oh god, not this *sighs* What my alien I snuck out of area 51 sees when I tell him how to turn on a light switch “???” *unamused laugh* Bing bong bing bing bing bong “more ???” Yeah, I think it was good time to take a break area fifty–not No, no I’m not watching this I’m not watching this. September flights to Nevada skyrocket American airline flights to Nevada an all-time high wait this an?.. *laughs* It’s happening boys book your tickets now, come on Dude, there’s a Del Taco in area 51 how epic is that? All right. I’m going I don’t know about you, but I’m going. the 16 people who show up. There you go, it will be 16 people, area 51 three hundred– I can’t believe– it’s already almost tripled. Jesus. *laugh* “The genetically mutated prototype soldiers the US government has been working on.” “us inside area 51” We do have to think about what we actually do inside There’s gonna be many bosses and battles. “When you manage to storm Area 51 and find the aliens, but you also end up finding something else.” Anime girls! with cat ears!!! so kawaii desu neko-chan nya “me and the boys escaping area 51 in fresh new whip” Dude, this could be us! Obama, Trump, a freak ton of us coming to clap those alien cheeks! Consensual, of course “when everyone wants to storm area 51, ” but they forgot that someone already did that “In 1992” *laughs* ah sh.. That’s beautiful. I forgot about that mission 10 out of 10 meme. Well done. Okay, so– oh yeah, that makes sense Here’s the battle plan. The anti-vax kids will go first, Naruto runners go to the side. Okay, and the rest of us sneaking safely *laugh* Can’t wait to see the awkward photos of teenagers dress up in their Naruto costumes going like “haha this is cool right?” *laughs* Well done guys 👏👏 area 51 meme gets a… eight… Minus five. Okay. Cool next meme 👏 👏👏 TrUmP! trump memes trump met up with Kim Jong Un again. That’s pretty epic anytime there’s news in the world now, the only thing that matters are the memes let’s get real here. So trump meets kim jong un I don’t know why I don’t know what they talk about All I know is the memes “my mom listening to my story,” “me explaining funny story” “my mom turning it into a lecture” “Me realizing I shouldn’t have told her the story” *laugh* ( ( What?! ) ) I thought this was only my mom *chuckles* Sorry mom. I don’t want to throw you under the bus, but apparently every mom does this *laughs* “Me. my little brother showing me his minecraft house.” “”it’s made of dirt”” hahaha Minecraft memes are so much better now that I play minecraft I just had to- have to watch Jojo. Jotaro! “The guy who tried before me. me having just open a tight jar.” “”I loosened it up for you”” Why does he look like that? What is that face? How do you just get that face? You gotta give him props for having the best resting face I’ve ever seen ME–*laughs* Me explaining how, combining similar formats will make the meme do better my mom. my therapist. well played. there was also some really good photoshops of a… uh.. Trump taking the first steps. *laughs* I Play minecraft. So I understand this and I did.
(so proud of you Felix) OH Trump was doing it as well! with the what’s the level of double-crossing here? Jeebaleeba hop over and it’s yours Wow, thanks. Bro leveled one. Dude. Trump is about to get epicly powned. It was a great horse Yeah, but we killed him. I didn’t know president Trump and Kim Jong Un really cared. Thanks guys. Not only Notch, Mr. Beast have blessed this minecraft series. now President Trump at Kim Jong Un. Thank you very much. Thank you very much guys. I appreciate all the support👏 Thank you👏for all👏the support👏 on the Minecraft Let’s play series. It’s been a really epic time. I👏rate👏this👏meme👏 hmmmm [higher pitch]
ahhhhhhh [glissando]
mmmmmm [constipated]
ehhhhhh! 👏 Next👏meemee👏peepee👏Tiny’s peepee👏 BAthWaTeR?!?! gluglugluglug *satisfied* ahh~ Did you know? that Belle Delphine sells bathwater? ((wut??)) So many news outlets picked up on this like this is the talk of the century SHe’s sElLing bAThWaTEr wHat? and they all sold out. li– I know you’re all just pissed off that you didn’t get a chance to buy one gamer girl bathwater But you really have culture people here like lushsux asking the real question. Did you pee in the bathwater by any chance? Like when is gamer girl peepee coming out? when is gamer girl peepee Poo-poo coming out? Okay, let’s get real here. let’s ask the real questions. I don’t want to drink water. That’s disgusting I could die I’m wanna drink gamer girl peepee. Poo-poo. That’s what I’m talking about Imagine drinking gamer girl peepeepoopoo while doing the stanky leg. I’m pretty sure you would become immortal or something like that Disclaimer, this water is not for drinking– you know damn well people are gonna drink this *laughs* Come on *laughs* Now this is more of my kind of bath water. I mean if you want to buy del-Belleville-vabe whatever. This is what I want This is what I want over 50 people have reportedly contracted herpés After drinking back water. I don’t think that’s how it works. But okay. Alright *inhales* What? Pyrocynical drank it oh my god. That’s so embarrassing. Pyro! Pyro, you have herpes now He’s got herpes That’s awesome “Stop posting the Belle Delphine bathwater herpes story” It’s from a joke account and you can’t get herpes from drinking water. I should know. I already finished two bottles You just drank two bottles?! What are you crazy?! What are you-what are you nuts? wait Thanos drank bathwater? Yo Yo Yo ho ho Herpes juice? (it’s better than Jilly Juice) Okay, I’ll slurp give me that herp, lemme slurp, bruh. “We’re talking finite. rare. limited edition.” chicken farm water shipped straight to your front door” woah chicken farm water prometheus. gamer girl bathwater. *laughs* But when is gamer girl pee coming out? normal people, H2O Gamer. gamer girl pee. Oh wow that’s accurate I think it’s fun–like- she’s clearly trolling. I don’t know why people are so mad about this I feel like if you’re mad, you’re equally bad as the people who buy it unironically (ooo burn) That’s just my take on it. Oh too pretty just the state of society. It that people drink bath water Like no, I hope not. Oh god remember to enter code pewdiepie when you buy your gamer girl pee water and you can get 10% off. tastes delish. I rate👏bathwater meme👏as 2. It’s not good. Okay, guys! it’s been meme review. It’s been fun kinda weird to be back and doing different stuff but minecraft come out tomorrow And if you want to be a real gamer we have new Minecraft gamer merch for gaming week, exclusive we got Joergen Beautiful long sleeve, real tribute…to Joergen. We also have Sven shirts protec at all costs *laughs* Check it out. Support channel. and as always thanks for watching. Have a nice day No brofist. because I am. what?! you never play tuber simulator?! pffsst
You know, it’s fun right? I’m not supposed to give my opinion, but give it a try
and then you can tell me if it’s good or not
Not convinced yet. Okay. I’ll cut you a deal, the game is available for free and that’s a great price!


  1. Q. How many people can 1 person with a van full of ammo & a few automatic rifles,(or worse) SHOOT in the middle of nowhere with no security?

    A. Not as many as 3 people who do it together.

    God forbid.

  2. When people ask why I won’t miss a single day of school till September 20th so I can take the day off
    Me: Cause I wanna watch all the live-streams.


  4. For Minecraft Raiders:

    I will take my enchanted OP full diamond, enchanted trident, obsidian+ender crystals, totems of undying, TNT, blocks, enchanted bows, crossbows, arrows, snowballs, eggs, golems, redstone pros, ender pearls, ender chests filled with shulker boxes filled with OP stuff, withers, beds, enchanted golden apples, food, MODS, HACKS, COMMAND BLOCKS and ADMIN CONTROLS.

  5. No offense Felix I hate to be I hate everything (Alex) but this meme shows to me how much of downfall of a species we are yes people want to know but who knows what is in, hell there could be a something hostile that could make the world see it's demise just wanted to point out but maybe I'm being an old sport I'm just warning people hate to act like vsauce warning things

  6. One thing ya all dont know about area 51 is its Abigail feresten home and she is still there if u dont know whats abigail experiment,search it

  7. Unconscious Invaders : wake up.

    Invader 2: hey you, you finally awake, you was trying to storm Area 51, right? Walk right into that defense force, same as us, and that Naruto runner over there!

    Us Army: Shut up back there

  8. Got my self a Armoured pick up truck keep version and..now I got a gun liscence..got some medkits..made myself a Pubg looking helmet out of gallium..that's all..pals register here -_ Say #RAIDAREA52 AND ILL ADD UR NAME – also comment


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