Vince McMahon's WWF Twin Towers & Ted Turner's WCW Skyscrapers – The Occult Hidden In Plain Sight

Vince McMahon's WWF Twin Towers & Ted Turner's WCW Skyscrapers - The Occult Hidden In Plain Sight

for those our have followed wrestling over the years to understand that Ted Turner investing man were supposedly bitter rivals Ted Turner holding world championship wrestling WCW and in Vince McMahon only WWF later on WWE first let's take a look at Ted Turner's WCW and the logo here for Monday nitro that started in 1995 airing on the TNT network that he owned understand before there was Monday nitro WCW basically aired on WTBS on a Saturday day didn't get much ratings compared to WWF wrestling at the time then Ted Turner launched WCW Monday nitro had a primetime slot of course Monday night taking a look at the angle that was first pushed when they went to Monday nights and that was a new world order wrestling angle and understand this was all about getting this spotlighted in primetime TV and of course you have the black and white for Freemasonry to take a look at some of the New World Order wrestlers and you see the devil horns you see hulk hogan h h 488 and you see him here with the basically mocking christ with his arms out like this called the so-called jesus pose as you see here wrestler scott hall also known as razor ramon doing the jesus christ pose all mockery of Christ just like Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails doing the same exact pose and of course Nine Inch Nails refers to the Roman nails used to crucify Christ take a look at more of these images here of the New World Order and wrestling and they just so happen to incorporate the devil horns with the New World Order agenda of course all connects and all relates also taking a look at again Hollywood Hulk Hogan's tights and you see the lightning bolts which of course is a reference to Luke chapter 10 verse 18 in the Bible where Jesus beheld Satan falling from heaven as lightning now getting back on track when it comes to again Ted Turner and visit man even supposin rivals they're pushing the same exact agenda now I showed this before going back to 1989 with the Terra king of Macho Man Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan being the mega powers going against a team the dream and the Big Boss Man again all about the twin towers and predictive programming with that let's take a listen this clip with these interviews and understand these are just actors they are fed these lines it's not from them so that needs to be perfectly clear they're not they're not in the know they have no idea they're basically useful idiots when it comes down to take a listen as I showed before with these clips the mention of Jesse Ventura of course suppose a true speaker he's all part of mystic man he's part of WWF and also a part of WCW as you see here also connected to Ted Turner but this show airing on truTV which tetra also you understand how they're all connected supposedly working against each other but actually all working together as a group pushing the same exact agenda of the new world let's take a look here I find very interesting again with attacked him called the Twin Towers there was a tag team that came out in the WWF in 1987 called demolition interesting enough here let's take a look another image of demolition now these two tag teams faced off against each other every time they faced off demolition beat the Twin Tower so the name demolition for this tag team going against the twin towers this is no coincidence it's all again predicted programming take a look here from WWF TV from 1989 as I showed before this placard demolition will topple the Twin Towers there's a little bit of a close-up now I'm gonna make a connection again when I talk about how they're all working together with Ted turn and visit man pushing the same exact agenda it all makes sense let's take a look at this tag team now taking a look at Ted Turner's WCW version of the Twin Towers they were called the skyscrapers with dangerous dan spivey and Sid Vicious now let's take a look at the opening here for this clash of Champions as it was called in WCW which aired on live TV and this was the intro before the actual wrestling match again at the clash of Champions and you'll notice the Twin Towers with the skyscrapers the reference to the team of course I'll take a listen and I'll point a few things out after again like I said his name is dan spivey and mean Marc last name being callous understand the reason they devised the names for these two dan spivey is Bing his real name but the recently incorporated him as part of this team Spivey is 33 in Pythagorean numerology now with mean mark again let's take a look here him as a singles wrestler mean Marc you get to mm four thirds return the M sideways just like Mickey Mouse Minnie Mouse Mad Max Michael Myers Marilyn Monroe and this goes on and on with all these fictitious names with the MM 4:33 so you understand what's taking place here so both wrestlers the two skyscrapers are 33 and with the Twin Towers construction starting in 1968 and the towers coming down in 2001 just so happens to be 33 years out I find this pretty interesting as well here take a look at this promo before the match with the skyscrapers going against the road warriors hi ray now you'll see here while you're paying attention to the road wars tag-team you look right behind them now let's get a little bit of a close-up of this logo here you understand what's taking place when you get here you get the road worse and you get these looks like thorns basically there are two threes understand what's taking place here with those behind the scenes understand the Booker at the time was actually in 1989 it was a booking by committee and one of the Booker's was well-known Satanist kevin sullivan here with his wife at the time Nancy Sullivan better known as the fallen angel or later on as woman here you see here fall an angel just more images of Kevin Sullivan you see the satanic lightning bolt you see his tag team here or his group I should say in Florida Championship Wrestling the reference of the guard need him with the snake and you'll see here this image basically only to the white of his eyes which represents demon possession the X on his forehead which is a symbol for Satan now understand another person involved in the WCW booking committee was a man named Jim Cornette taking a look here at his hand signs you understand was taking place these are all he's definitely a Satanist and knowingly or unknowingly like I stated with Freemasonry it's basically Satanism in disguise and this man is a well-known atheist and just taking a look at one of the TAC teams that he created when he was the book or the owner of Smoky Mountain wrestling these are called the heavenly bodies and taking a look at the symbolism you see the upside-down pentagram the lightning bolt you see the star with the extended part there you see also the Saturn symbolism as well understand Jim Cornette in the connection with a visit man see here they're working together and of course for those know about Smoky Mountain wrestling Vince McMahon in Jim Cornette had a working relationship where WWF wrestlers would appear on his TV matches let's take a look you're going back in WCW again going back to the skyscrapers you understand everything they do there is a reason they just don't pull things out of thin air take a listen to the finishing maneuver of the skyscrapers the finishing maneuver is called the powerbomb got the skyscrapers and you got a bomb reference now I find this interesting as well with this promo for a pay-per-view by WCW wrestling called wrestle war take and listen to the lyrics basically this promo again for the pay-per-view boredom from a place time for God plan to reduce skyscrapers to parking lots that tanking being the road water so again people singing these promo the person singing the promo song they were given lyrics those are behind the scenes again the Booker's Jim Cornette people like Kevin Sullivan again it all comes from a higher source you know and I'll get into that right now again when I talk about Ted Turner just take a look here a tetra are being interviewed by Mean Gene Oakland on WCW [Applause] [Applause] programmer Stan what's taking place Ted Turner those behind the scenes they understand there's millions upon millions of wrestling fans they're gonna air this on TV they're not gonna have wasted motion they're gonna have programming in wrestling just like they have in music just like they have in Hollywood every aspect of our society everything see on TV for the most part is all about shaping informing society now understand before Ted Turner owned WCW is owned by Jim Crockett Promotions now let's take a look here at this logo you see the occult hidden 666 in plain sight understand Jim Crockett himself he was a freemason as well so again to be propped up in this world to make it on TV you must be part of this club finally again the connection with Ted Turner and visit man they worked together before Ted Turner actually owned WCW again with Jim Crockett Promotions when he purchased it in 1988 prior to that Viswa command actually had dealings with Ted Turner and headache time slot back in the early 80s where WWF had a time slot on TBS but due to fans complaints the fans in the South preferred their WCW wrestling so WWF program didn't last too long again this shows you how basic meant intention or supposed enemies we're working together now understand as well the occult of 33 with Ted Turner as I mentioned many times the highest degree and the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry that H Christ was crucified and the understanding why Ted Turner has the CNN center on the 3rd 3rd parallel in Atlanta Georgia taking a look at the inside of the CNN center which is 33 as well for CC 33 and you see the ball our programming as well now let's get back to this Rick man in WWF which is now WWE with no II for a reason as I stated before you get to 33 this is why they eliminated the e there's no e in the WWE logo now interesting enough as well they have Raw and sickness work on opposites get raw backwards you get war so Raw is war is a slogan that Vince McMahon uses I understand here the occult of 33 let's take a look at more recently with WWE programming hidden 33 in plain sight with this this little skit with r-truth and Goldust about pizza and I believe a reference to the Flat Earth take a look now watch this here keeps talking a little bit skip a little bit forward and will you see play it right about here so you can see what's taking place there you go 33 in plain sight the pizza a reference to the Flat Earth like I've played many times in my previous videos showing the flat or symbolism with WWE programming just another one here again with 233 now a connection with this McMahon in WCW I find this pretty interesting he ended up buying the company WCW for 2.5 million dollars now here's the thing this is from WWE's official website there was another company that offered much more but was turned down with WCW executive vice president Eric Bischoff and his group they offered 67 million dollars to buy WCW and they were turned down and they also offered five million dollars down which I find very interesting considering visit man paid a total of two point five million dollars compared to the 67 million dollars offered by Eric Bischoff's group it's pretty obvious physics and is pretty high up in the totem pole when it comes to freemason he has more pull than Eric Bischoff and all this money with his group and try to purchase WCW you Oh people don't understand how the matrix works every part of the matrix that includes celebrities athletes even pro wrestlers are used or under contract so they utilize them as far as no controlled opposition fake news stories and what and I just take a look again Hulk Hogan's real name is Terry when he calls in to the Alex Jones Show he states Alex Jones states he's from Georgia he says Terry from Georgia you're next so again understand was taking place I'm gonna play that clip now again just for the new viewers a link in here it's Hulk Hogan's voice 100% understand he's not going to have the same exact voice as TV as a pro wrestler where it's exaggerated as we call it when he calls into the Alec social take a listen let's go to Terry and Georgia you're on the air go ahead we have a court the NDAA which is you know totally unconstitutional but they don't they don't follow the Constitution anyway so it doesn't really matter the problem that I have is is a judge you know says hey we're not going to know this is not as not constitutional except this this is not for the American people and then their lawyers go around turn around and overturn it right away the problem that we have is that information is the speed of light and with that information like back in 1776 information didn't travel like this now to understand the connection with Alex Jones Hulk Hogan and Ted Turner of Time Warner just take a look at this photo from years ago back in the 90s who Ted Turner of course owned WCW wrestling Time Warner have you seen Ric Flair Hulk Hogan as well now you see Jesse Ventura who recently had conspiracy theory TV show on truTV understand truTV is a Time Warner production so you see that connection with Pro Wrestling when Jesse Ventura was also employed with WCW now take a look here you see the masonic hand sign understand what's taking place here now let's take a look here at Alex Jones when he was Bill Hicks this is obviously Alex Jones he's had some cosmetic surgery done but this is him again the Time Warner CNN connection I'll listen to this clip here and you will hear a police man was talking to one of Alex Jones employee Mike Hanson who looks at his ID and how Mike Hanson explains to the police officer that he works for Alex Jones and the police officer says it says on your ID card Time Warner so you'll understand the connection how they're all connected you don't understand how the matrix works never going to get it it's that simple you all right there right there you work for Time Warner Cable right there is that you work for I work for Alex now and so do you work for our Escom it's a web site in and again to understand the connection with Hulk Hogan and Alex Jones and with Ted Turner understand the entire New World Order gimmick with WCW wrestling you see the black and white Masonic colors you see the black and white beard people can't understand what's taking place is beyond me people come to my channel trying to dispute things they have no idea what they're talking about they're only half awake at best and again take a listen to this voice comparison with Hulk Hogan once again and during radio shows he's going to disguise his voice a bit they don't want to make it too obvious but it's definitely Hulk Hogan 100% the problem that I have is is a judge you know says hey we're not going to know this is not constitutional in order to survive in the world you know you have to adapt with the environment just like a cockroach or a crocodile that's been around for millions of years you have to adapt the environment oh yeah of course the NDAA which is you know totally unconstitutional financially I wouldn't be able to stay in the game women I quit or tap out are the problem that I have is is a judge you know says hey we're not going to know this is not it's not constitutional

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