Vince McMahon MISSING From WWE Extreme Rules 2018! HUGE Jericho Match! | WrestleTalk News July 2018

Vince McMahon MISSING From WWE Extreme Rules 2018! HUGE Jericho Match! | WrestleTalk News July 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News,
I am Luke Owen. Headline: Jeff Cobb Signs With Ring Of Honor? On a recent addition of Wrestling Observer
Radio, Dave Meltzer mentioned that all-round great guy and suplexing machine Jeff Cobb
would be “starting soon” with Ring of Honor, reported to be at the Atlanta show
on July 21st. Well, a few news outlets reported this as
Cobb signing with ROH, which isn’t the case. Cobb took to Twitter to say, “For the life
of Pete, I didn’t sign with them”. When someone said to him that Meltzer reported
he had, Cobb replied, “Ummm no he didn’t, people need to read closely or perhaps go
to the source?” Headline: WWE Pulls Corey Graves T-Shirt Someone who is officially signed to a company
however is Raw and Smackdown Live commentator Corey Graves. Last week WWE Shop unveiled Graves’ first
t-shirt in WWE – which bears his trademark catchphrase “Shut Up Saxton”. The shirt was expected to be a hit among fans
– who took to Twitter to demand one – but a quick search on WWE Shop today for the shirt
will bring up zero results. The “Shut Up Saxton” shirt was pulled
from the store on Monday, and while there is no official word on why, Graves revealed
on Twitter: “Sorry guys, no #ShutUpSaxton shirt. Out of my hands. We tried.” While some might be quick to point the finger
at Byron, point out that he and Graves are actually good friend behind
the scenes. Headline: Alpha Club vs. Bullet Club And speaking of t-shirts, Chris Jericho debuted
his Alpha Club t-shirt during his two-show appearance for New Japan in January this year. While it was originally a funny play on Jericho’s
Alpha vs. Omega match at Wrestle Kingdom 12 and Kenny’s Bullet Club stable, it has since
become an actual team. On a recent episode of Being The Elite, The
Young Bucks – or is it the Bucks of Jericho? – joined forces with Y2J – or is that Y2Jackson?
– and their first match has now been officially announced. On the latest episode of Being The Elite,
the Bullet Club team of Omega, Marty Scurll and Cody faced off with Alpha Club and revealed
that a match between the two teams couldn’t take place on land, or in the desert, or in
space, or in a box, or even on a peninsula – but it can take place at sea on Chris Jericho’s
Rock N Wrestling Rager. Ring of Honor’s Twitter account also posted
a video of Jericho promoting the match. Once in a lifetime? Yeah, heard that one before. Jericho also shared a poster for the match
on Instagram, which looks pretty rad. There’s no word on which day the Alpha Club
vs. Bullet Club match will take place, but it will likely be a main event. Headline: Extreme Rules Match Card Changed And speaking of main events, the originally
reported main event for this past Sunday’s Extreme Rules was set to be Roman Reigns vs.
Bobby Lashley. However it has since been reported that on
the day of the show, several of the wrestlers in the back petitioned and lobbied for Seth
Rollins and Dolph Ziggler’s 30-minute Iron Man match to go on last as they could put
on an excellent match and send the crowd home happy. That didn’t quite happen however, with the
Pittsburgh crowd instead deciding to chant along with the countdown clock during the
match – booing the production team when it was taken down – and cheering louder than
any other point in the match when it came back up. Rollins himself slyly commented on the crowd
on Twitter, and PWInsider are reporting that it was nearly very different. According to the site the Rollins vs. Ziggler
Iron Man match was originally planned to open the show rather than close it – with the card
being changed on late Sunday afternoon to The Deleters of Worlds vs. The B-Team opening
instead. But whoever made the call to make the change,
it might not have been the head honcho himself. Headline: Vince McMahon Missing From Extreme
Rules Vincent Kennedy McMahon has missed various
WWE business occasions as of late such as the negotiations for the Fox TV deals or even
the conference calls about them – even being absent from the WrestleMania 35 press conference. In fact his only public appearances were the
Saudi Arabia show and the announcement of the Australia super-show later this year. And when he was asked about it on PWInsider
Elite, Mike Johnson revealed that Vince wasn’t at Extreme Rules either – presumably leaving
Triple H in charge. “Vince was not at Extreme Rules last night. He was in Florida, and was in regular communication
with Triple H and the other officials, but he was not physically there.” Johnson speculates that Vince believes that
“the machine is something that can run on cruise control” and that he trusts people
like Triple H, Road Dogg and Michael Hayes will “right the ship from careening too
far off the course.” Adding: “At his age, he’s probably taking
a step back. But when he is there he’s very hands on and
even when he’s not there he’s gonna put his two cents in the PPV – he’s just not going
to have final say as he’s not there to enforce his will.” Cody Brookes counts down his top 5 Hardcore
Champions of all-time which you can check out over at I’ve been Luke Owen and that was wrestling.


  1. I’m sure I’m gonna get slaughtered for saying this but I don’t really get into all the Young Bucks hype

  2. I hope the crowd reaction to the main event doesn’t make them think it might as well be reigns in that spot since the crowd is gonna crap on it either way




  4. Why didn't the wrestlers lobby to get the Aj Rusev CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH to main event 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  5. It sounds like all we need is Vince to just not be present the night of the show because then plans can change more likely for the better?

  6. the iron man match opening probably would've been better. by the end of the show the crowd was probably burnt out. should've put aj and rusev in the main event instead. cut out some of the less important matches – like reigns vs lashley tbh – and the crowd might've been more receptive.

    but then again, it was pittsburgh, so getting the crowd to not be obnoxious is a tall order.

  7. See Triple H should not TAKE OVER WWE after Vince, he and Steph don't know what the fuck they are doing. Let Shane run WWE, where the fuck has Shane been at? He need to come back now.

  8. My sources to Vince McMahon is he probably has health issues if he wasnt available in none of those events physically cuz if everybody knows wwe is Vince's baby and he wont let nobody run his business…. so I'm assuming it could be health issuers.

  9. Vince was probably home watching old videos of when Roman reigns received pure cheers(2014) and eating ice cream and crying 😂

  10. IMO the product is just frustrating now. I know complaining in the comments section here doesn't do anything but its really disappointing. I want to enjoy it, its not even a matter of my favorites losing or anything like that. Majority of the scripted segments are bad, A lot of the matches are bad or boring and the story line is garbage.
    I know especially on the internet you'll get the typical response "dont like it dont watch it" and while that isn't false, we WANT to enjoy it. we WANT to watch

  11. The Iron Man Match should have opened the show and the WWE Championship should've been the main event. The way the iron man match was booked was absolutely terrible and it's a no brainer as to why people tuned out of that match.

  12. When I saw Alpha Club Vs Bullet Club this morning on BTE I thought "tickets still available might have to look into this cruise as it looks awesome"

  13. Does any news outlet other then pwinsider have any journalists or sources? Everything seems to be other Meltzer or Mike Johnson from pwinsider.

  14. Vince just doesn't look well nowadays. He's probably, quite wisely, taking things easier as not to overexert himself.

  15. Vince shouldn't be near the business anymore I hope when he goes to do the xfl it's a major success so he does get bored and comes back to ruin more talent

  16. How about we put the most important title on the main event for once? Don't remember the last time the WWE championship or AJ Styles main evented a PPV

  17. That's cause fans aren't stupid they knew there where gonna be high notes and burn the clock moments during iron man match. Shawn and brets match was 30 mins head holds and rear neck holds then 30 mins wrestling in that order. They fight today would of been called the same and you would 9f heard a lot more from fans since fans have changed to more interaction

  18. Cities that shit on the product don't deserve to have the product in their city. Especially when there are TONS of other cities with fans who aren't interested in just trying to get themselves over but are there for the actual show. Sure, people will say that the fans can chant whatever they want, but why would WWE want to return to a town that goes out of it's way to make the product look bad? Just as an example, just about anytime they're in Detroit, Roman gets more cheers than boos (sorry, Roman haters he does, if you don't like it don't cry here, just boo louder.) Go to Chicago though and they hate Roman with the passion of 1000 fiery suns. I love the city of Chicago, but why would WWE return there if the fans there are ruining a VERY EXPENSIVE television show by booing at whoever the office pushes (and that's the real reason he gets booed….because fans are aware that the office likes him….it's the exact same reason the same people that boo Roman also thought Daniel Bryan's Occupy Raw was an actual real life thing and not just another segment.) This isn't about Roman though. It's also about beach balls and Randy Savage and CM Punk chants. It's all 100% disrespectful to the hard and DANGEROUS work the talents in the ring are performing. There is no appreciation from supposed "hardcore" fans anymore. Go get in a ring. Stop writing an idiotic response and go get in one. Now take a sunset flip bump. Just learning that one simple move takes hours and hours and hours to perfect. No one appreciates that now days. But have some idiot do a flip over the top rope and everyone goes bananas, says 7 stars, and thinks the talent is amazing as long as they aren't on the main roster….even though anyone can throw their body over the top rope with enough core strength and muscle. Here are a few tips on how YOU, the fan, yes you, the idiot reading this….because only wrestling idiots would read this far…can enjoy the product more.

    #1. Stop reading spoilers. You complain and complain that Raw is predictable. Stop reading spoilers. It may still come across as predictable but it won't no where near as much. And you damn well know it. So stop being stupid and spoiling shit for yourself. Did you intentionally go out of your way and read spoilers before watching Star Wars? Probably not. In fact it probably pissed you off if someone gave you spoilers. If you're a wrestling fan then you should feel that way about wrestling too.

    #2. Stop saying talents don't have talent. As stated above even the simplest of moves take hours and hours to perfect and some takes weeks and weeks. Saying someone (we'll use Roman just as an example again) doesn't have talent just because you happen to think someone else is mega-talented is stupid. Of course a guy like Roman doesn't perform like AJ Styles does. Guess what, neither did The Rock, Stone Cold, or Dusty Rhodes. Just because one person over here is extremely talented doesn't mean the other person over here didn't put in all those hours or weeks to become talented at something. You can't deny someone else's talent just because someone else is very talented. That's stupid. What's stupider (is that a word even?) is that YOU ARE A WRESTLING FAN! Defend that shit! Don't shit on the product. Everyone else does. Who else is going to defend it if the fans won't? And if the fans won't then don't be shocked when it eventually goes away. I am by no means telling anyone that they should cheer anyone they dislike. Boo whoever you want. But don't trash the wrestlers in a breaking kayfabe sense. Because then you're just trashing the business as a whole. And that does nothing but ensure wrestling's demise and push away people who might have otherwise started watching.

    #3. Remember, you don't have to be an expert when talking to other fans. You don't have to out-smart the smart marks. It's OK to just be a fan. My kids are in this business. I've even announced a show for TV. Only once but I did. And guess what…I am PROUD to be a wrestling FAN and I am PROUD to be a MARK for this business. I don't claim to be an expert and I have far more invested in this business than most reading this. It's OK to be just a fan. You'd enjoy the product a lot more if you'd stop searching for reasons for it to be bad. Maybe search for some good reasons. Hey that Bobby Lashley/Roman Reigns match may not have had a bunch of flips or blood or whatever, but that bump Lashley took when Roman threw him from the ring looked painful as hell (and it probably was.) I'm not a fan of Alexa "Disney Channel" Bliss but hey, she has some really entertaining facial expressions that always make me laugh. You don't have to always look for the bad. You can mention good things you like because you're a fan. It's OK to be a fan. You don't have to pretend to be all edgy and cool by hating on what you watch. Because we all already know you aren't edgy or cool at all….because you're just a wrestling nerd like the rest of us. And we can smell our own.

  19. vince didnt wanna be around to deal with the fallout from the hogan shit as well as that terrible card and confusing booking in many spots.

    all jokes aside this could be good…. or damning in regards to hopes ppl had once vince took a step back.

  20. Vince wasnt at extreme rules – no wonder how roman reigns wasnt in the main event and why he lost !!!!

  21. Vince, unlike Steph and HHH, is a heel a love to hate, and I really hope this isn't the result of ill-health.

  22. somebody needs to fly me up to wherever cool britishland this is and make me a part of Wrestletalk (added that to my dictionary). Id be a weapon against cultaholic (unless they recruit me first). Ive got the charisma of bray wyatt and the immense amount of pro wrestling knowledge needed and a awesome British accent (thank you Doctor Who)

  23. MELTZER strikes out once again!🤡
    LUKE….Stop quoting him so damn much!You Guys are big enough now to develop your own sources!
    Carry on mates.👊

  24. What are we gonna do without a senile old man running the show?!? Maybe we can start ACTUALLY enjoying Raw & Smackdown more!

  25. Die Vince die. Die Vince die. Die Vince die. Please just die Vince because obviously that’s the only way we will get a real wwe again

  26. Stephanie just tweeted a huge announcement that will change raw in history for July 23 2018. My guess will be: KARMA IS BACK!!!

  27. Vince hasn't looked too well in the face his last few TV appearances…and I think he might be losing weight too. Comparing him from when he announced Angle as GM and now, he seems unwell. Hope he's alright

  28. I'm sure triple h and the crew is getting experience on running on their own since Vince is getting up there in age and won't be around much longer. So its great they r doing it on their own

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