Vince McMahon DONE With Star, Corey Graves APOLOGIZES, AEW Star UNHAPPY & Deletes Tweet – Round Up

Vince McMahon DONE With Star, Corey Graves APOLOGIZES, AEW Star UNHAPPY & Deletes Tweet – Round Up

what’s up guys welcome back to the
channel so it’s rounding up all the latest in pro wrestling and today we got a lot
to talk about middle of the week and there’s already controversy and
apologies flying left and right that probably doesn’t even mean much also
coming up we’re talking WWE confirmations regarding starcast special
WWE Network event this Sunday aw superstar deletes controversial tweet
and seems to not be too happy with his booking in the company right now Cody
Rhodes reveal some of the future plans regarding aew reports of Vincent man
unfortunately already being done would a real superstar and massive push just
being canceled before we get into that and more though you already know elbow
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nonetheless let’s dive into it and round it up and let’s start off with a hot
topic of discussion as of late with something that I didn’t even want to
talk about because of how unfortunate the whole situation is cuz it shouldn’t
have happened to begin with and I am referring to the Corey graves in
Maranello situation over the weekend so just to catch you guys up to speed
Maranello allegedly went home from Survivor Series before the show due to
comments made by Corey graves on Twitter the night before during NXT takeover
wargames and now Corey graves is publicly apologizing for all of this or
at least trying to do so if you guys watch Survivor Series then you know that
WWE claimed Marwan Allah was not pressing on commentary like my Phoenix
and Nigel McGuinness to represent nxc because he had blown his boys out at NXT
takeover wargames the night before however Maranello Perley left the show
over a tweet from Corey graves on Saturday night that said the following
just for the record guys I know you wouldn’t know it but there’s actually a
WWE Hall of Famer Bear Phoenix and a former Ring of Honor champion Nigel
McGuinness on commentary I imagine that they will have a lot to offer he also
commented on the number of Chicago rap references may during the takeover
broadcast saying that they were far far too many according to sources
Corey graves wrote those tweets to play into the brand warfare element of
Survivor Series and the Smackdown announced her plan to bring them on
commentary in a joking manner when he was joined by Maranello
at the desk the following day all of this led to Maranello not only deleting
his social media account and also having to miss this week’s television show as
for Corey graves he apologized on his own podcast this morning indicating the
following on a personal note I needed to address something this past Saturday
doing takeover wargames event I sent out a tweet it was an unpopular opinion as I
often do with the intention of just stirring up a little controversy maybe
have something fun to talk about on TV or here on the show it was maybe not the
most professional way to go about things and it was never meant to offend or
disrespect or disparage anybody that was never my intention if it was taken as
such I apologize deeply that was not my intention I would never intentionally
cause anybody undue stress especially a co-worker so I apologize and quote as I
mentioned before a full blown unfortunate situation this is obviously
almost like a scripted apology from Corey graves when he is apologizing by
saying sorry if somebody was offended by it which means it’s not an apology that
he actually means you don’t go up to somebody and punch them in the face and
then right after say I’m sorry for punching you in the face if it hurt like
that is not how work obviously he was unprofessional about it so I guess it’s
good that he realized that hopefully is something that he learns from but the
big issue here is that if you know you have someone like Maranello as your
co-worker who has been struggling with mental health issues and is why openly
about it and is a role model to anybody who suffers from that then you shouldn’t
just be tweeting something out to cause some controversy for commentary on the
next day dude you’re behind an announce table focus on the actual storyline that
is going on television and advance the storyline don’t make it about you
trying to get something out of the other commentator in the boof the irony of all
of this is you got somebody like Corey graves early on in the week tweeting out
a message along the line of social media has made everyone think that they can
just go online and say whatever they want without getting punched in the face
and then at the end of that same week he go town and contradict the hosts
statement just for the sake of him quote unquote stirring up some controversy at
the expense of his own coworker just absolutely ridiculous all throughout and
I apologize if I sound like I’m ranting here but with mental health being
involved in this whole situation and me on a daily basis working with people
that have the same type of issues it really got to me and I wanted to talk
about it moving into some other and using some confirmation directly from
WWE this upcoming Sunday we’re gonna be getting the one-hour special WWE
Starrcade live event just like the previous two years is gonna be shown to
us on WWE Network or at least not one hour of the show and so far three
segments have been confirmed for it it was just announced that a special
edition of the ko show will be taking place and Kevin Owens the special guest
for the segment will be none other than of course WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair
the one-hour WWE Network show will begin at 7 p.m. Eastern Time with two other
matches already confirmed a fatal 4-way for the WWE swimming tag team titles as
we’re gonna be having Alexa bliss and Nikki Cross vs. Charlotte Flair and ROH
Women’s Champion Becky Lynch versus Sasha banks and Smackdown woman Shannon
Bailey vs. WWE women’s cycling champions Oscar and carries Ain we’re also getting
a Last Man Standing match rusev versus Bobby Lashley where Lana
which doesn’t really makes much sense after what went down on Monday Night Raw
with rusev getting arrested and also him still having a restraining order to stay
away from Lana but is the WWE we are already used to having illogical things
happen on the show moving into some other news and some of the ladies
regarding aew to start off the week we had joy
ginawa taken to Twitter on Tuesday night and making a very interesting tweet that
has since been deleted joy janella noted that he did not get on his flight to
Chicago for this week’s dynamite epistle and said that aew so official aren’t
answering his phone call he wrote the following didn’t get on my flight for
aew dynamite I’m not going nothing was addressed about the way I was eliminated
from the match last week I’m losing all of the steam I created on my own through
14 years of hard work right these runs and answer the phone as I said joy
Janelle hadn’t deleted the tweet shortly after there’s no word yet and if this
was part of an angle but him having to delete it was probably not a good sign
it might not be out of the possibility that maybe he’s not too happy with the
current position in the company that’s when you look at it he really hasn’t
received much focus over the past few months
he worked some matches which ultimately ended up loosing just like the dynamite
doesn’t battle royal last week getting eliminated by Sunspear during a
commercial break and yes this is more than likely a work but I’ll keep you
guys posted on it cuz it should be interesting to see where it leads to on
to some other quick news órale wrestling executive vice-president
Cody Rhodes discuss how iew will handle its pay-per-view schedule going forward
and more specifically specified this question because we’ve been wanting some
answer during the fan morning show with Jeff and Big Joe Cory Rose stated the
following regarding their pay-per-view we are alone form and we work backwards
we are going to do four major pay-per-views a year allow the war not
in full gear and one unnamed we will probably announce within the next two
weeks that is how wrestling used to be the
Golden Age of wrestling in the 80s and even the late 70s you look at the finale
and you work backwards we never want to be week to week
that is almost arrogant if you think you can do this week to week especially with
young kids that we are responsible for now like the lucha Sorrows re hoods of
brick makers we are responsible to them now
want to do it all loan form and discipline without going hot shot or
week-to-week definitely a complete mentality than
while we see from WWE right now which is not a bad thing at all moving into some
other news and switching it back to WWE it looks like Vince McMahon is already
done with an up-and-coming superstar on Monday Night Raw and we’re talking about
Alberto querido so this week on Monday Night Raw
we had AJ Styles set to defend his United States Championship against Kyrie
Joe the match was made a week ago and it was even advertised the whole week
however right before the match even started we have on vertically you
attacked by Cao Anderson and Luke Gallows
instead it was Ray Mysterio who took on AJ Styles the match was made after Ray
Mysterio defeated Jim McIntyre Randy Orton ricochet in a 4-way match early on
in the night so it didn’t even involve the primary number one contender WWE
just completely put to the side anything that they had for America radio and
while according to the wrestling or server Vince McMahon seems to be done
Wilbur took away Joe the former 205 live star will more than likely stop
receiving a big push on Raw and stop being placed in championship matches
they indicated the following business done Wilber Takahiro for the time being
he is giving him the sandrich Alexander treatment like you’re still gonna see
him on TV I’m sure he’s gonna win here and there but it is going to be exactly
like sandrich Alexander he got a few weeks besserman thought he wasn’t
getting over so because of that he is done honestly someone expected reports
but not necessarily that surprising because we are talking about Vince
McMahon and this is WWE zone four because they book the kid who has
massive potential by the way they booked him for five weeks ray to come out there
and get either beat up by Karen Anderson Luke Gallows and AJ Styles or loose
match against AJ Styles himself so when you do that week after week after week
of course sooner or later he’s just gonna come out there to crickets and
that is exactly what happened this week he came out he was doing his entrance
and nobody almost care about it and that’s
because creator booked him into that corner over the last two months
meaning that in a couple of weeks just like sandrich Alexander he’s probably
just gonna be chasing the 24/7 championship I do hope that this doesn’t
happen but the only way that WWE can fix all this stuff is to stop putting him
again guys like AJ Styles that he is not going to defeat if you’re not gonna give
him the United States Championship then don’t put him to challenge for the title
to begin with it makes no sense it’s illogical and I’m sure they know this
but they still manage to do it just like that and it’s a bit frustrating because
Monday Night Raw has the most youngest talent right now and WWE just doesn’t
seem to commit I’m putting them over for just longer than a couple of weeks
anyways guys that is what I got for you in this roundup episode if you enjoyed
don’t forget to elbow drop and hit those notifications for much more when there
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  1. Can Vince seriously just retire. I'm sick of his stupid decisions. This is why AEW is going to succeed and WWE continue to lose. The only way WWE will survive is the day Vince retires or dies I'm sorry to say. Back in the attitude era Vince has done some extremely great decisions but now he's just terrible and ruining the best up and coming superstars, yet he wonders why everyone wants to leave his company. Duh because Vince you seriously suck.

  2. I'm sorry but if Marallo is gonna be a pussy I don't care for him. People will have their opinion is he gonna quit when someone who isn't hired by WWE calls him out? Mental issues or not if you have issues you should step back and take care of that rather than focus on being famous. Just my opinion as someone who suffers from PTSD Depression Anxiety and Asthma.

  3. 1 Vince is right about him he is not that good to me
    2 aew I dont care for pay per view because I am 50 buck for a show that I don't care
    3 nxt did it before aew

    4. Nxt is getting better then aew week by week and nxt have less breaks

    5. Cody Rhodes need to this k before he something remember Wcw did that same and look what happened l

  4. I took that very offensive what Corey graves said, cause when it comes down to mental jokes it’s not funny it really push the button of people are struggling in life with it, corey got lucky cause you don’t want mess with a mental person, and what my friend did there was he did what I call being professional and that’s walk off before things get ugly, and end up in jail, much respect to you ranallo your a true man, and your not alone 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  5. If the restraining order is just for Lana, then the last man standing still makes sense. If Lana doesn’t need to be there like Rusev does for his employment, she is putting herself within that distance so what happens falls under (I forget the exact words so let’s just say) putting ones self in a potentially dangerous situation. And it is also not unheard of some people that have a protection (restraining) order to attempt to setup the other person for being in violation of said order. So in the end (either way) Rusev will be in the clear.

  6. Personally I think that Corey Graves should learn how to do his job before he criticizes a coworker about how they do their job an example of mr Graves typical job a quote from Survivor Series at the start of the main event, and I quote " now if Raw wins this match it will be all tied up between all three brands." The worst part about this is at the time he made this comment the score card was being flashed on the screen with Raw 1 win, NXT 3 wins, SD 2 wins. Now I ask you how can adding 1 to Raw make a 3 way tie? Somebody needs to go back to school and learn 1st grade math

  7. Im so confused like how can you book a superstar to have a championship opportunity every other week and fail to win everytime and expect to get over

  8. No this is old news….the fiend news was reported 4 hours ago by wrestledaze, with the rest of the news reported at least 12 hours earlier by other reports.
    Is there anyway to get the news faster?

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