Unexpected WWE Booking For Lana Lashley Wedding! Shocking WWE Return! Wrestling News!

Unexpected WWE Booking For Lana Lashley Wedding! Shocking WWE Return! Wrestling News!

Here is news for December 31 2019 We’re starting off this New Year’s
Eve video with news from Monday
Night RAW, as Liv Morgan has finally made her
return to the red brand in
explosive fashion. After months away, as well as several
vignettes, the former Riott Squad
member reemerged during the wedding of Lana and
Bobby Lashley, which had plenty
for fans to talk about. During the ceremony, Lana proved
herself to be a bridezilla, telling Lashley that she is the
greatest thing to ever happen to him, but when the preacher asked if
anyone has any objections, a
queue of people formed. First off was some random guy who
claimed to be Lana’s first husband,
before she married Rusev, who warned Lashley that Lana will
betray him, but received a
chokeslam for his troubles. Up next was former WWE Superstar
Kristal Marshall, who was in a
real-life relationship with the Destroyer from 2007-2010,
but she was quickly disposed of by Lana. Finally, it was the turn of the
returning Morgan, who spoke about
the love of her life being in the ring, but when Lashley said he doesn’t even
know Liv, she made it clear that the
love of her life isn’t Lashley, but Lana
instead. A brawl quickly broke out between Lana
and Liv, which gave Rusev, who showed
up in his best Joel Gertner bowtie, to appear from inside the cake and
beat up Lashley before the pair
could actually be married. It was a truly explosive end to the
decade on RAW, and though it’ll
be interesting to see where WWE go from here regarding
the alleged Lana-Morgan relationship, as Stephanie McMahon has commented
in the past about more LGBTQ+
inclusive storylines, though WWE doesn’t exactly have the
best track record when it comes to
accurately portraying LGBTQ+ people. Hopefully, this time will be different,
and though many fans hoped that
this week’s segment would be the end of the Lana-Rusev-Lashley
love saga, it seems this angle is
only getting bigger from here. Though it’ll be interesting to see how
WWE handle this new storyline
between Liv and Lana, two people who aren’t too thrilled
about the angle is Sonya Deville
and Mandy Rose. On Twitter, the former MMA fighter
said that her mind was blown by
what she had seen, and Rose replied saying “No words”
as well as a slightly sad looking emoji. In the past, there has been talks of
a similar angle between Rose and
Deville, the latter of whom being the first
openly lesbian Superstar in WWE history, but despite the angle being teased
in the past, nothing materialised. In fact, the company is now teasing
a break up for Fire and Desire
on SmackDown, as it seems the tag team doesn’t
appreciate an angle they concocted,
go to other Superstars. Both Deville and Rose will be able
to let their fists do the talking
soon though, as with the 2020 Royal Rumble
less than a month away, the third ever Women’s Royal
Rumble match is already taking shape. After the first contest was won by
Asuka in 2018, and the second
by Becky Lynch this year, neither woman will be in the match,
and this week, Charlotte Flair
made her intentions clear, announcing herself as the first
participant in the 30-woman contest,
before proceeding to beat the woman with the longest
cumulative time in the Women’s
Royal Rumble matches: Natalya. Despite spending over 50 minutes
in the 2019 Rumble match, as well as eliminating a record 5
people in the single match, Flair
was the last woman eliminated this year, and would love to add another
huge accolade to her career, which already includes 10
reigns as women’s Champion. We mentioned that neither Asuka
nor Becky Lynch will be in the
match next month, as on RAW this week, The Man confirmed that her match
against the Empress will take
place at the Pay Per View. This will be the second time the
pair have faced off at the
January staple, as it was Asuka who retained the
SmackDown Women’s Championship
over Becky at this year’s event, and since then, the Japanese
Superstar has had The Man’s
number every time they’ve met. With Lynch’s RAW Women’s title on
the line this time, The Man cannot
afford another loss against Asuka, and if she does, the Kabuki Warrior
could be going by the nickname
Asuka two belts from now on. Speaking of The Man, Becky will have
her hands full when she meets
Asuka on Pay Per View, but there may not be many more
appearances from the current RAW
Women’s Champion after that. On Twitter, Lynch said that her
contract with WWE is coming
to an end soon, and it sounds like she hasn’t re-
signed just yet. In the same tweet, Lynch said it was
amazing what the company will offer
her now that her contract is ending soon and to be fair, we can’t see the
company parting ways with Becky
anytime soon. Arguably the Superstar of the Year,
The Man’s 2019 has seen her win
both the RAW and SmackDown Women’s title at WrestleMania, headline
both the show of shows and
several Pay Per Views, as well as become the biggest female
star outside of the company in decades. With that in mind, the WWE would be
very foolish to let Lynch go after all
her success this year, and fans can expect plenty more
trashtalking from the Man for many
years to come. Back to RAW now, and after Randy
Orton suffered a knee injury at a
Live event over the weekend, the Viper spoke candidly about
what happened during the
three-hour show. Appearing on crutches, Orton said
there’s a chance he may have to
retire due to the injury, much like Edge did in 2011, and
that somber comment caught the
attention of AJ Styles, who mocked the Viper’s injury. Unfortunately for the Phenomenal
One, this proved to be his downfall,
as after offering Orton a free shot, the Apex Predator dropped Styles
with an RKO, revealing that his
knee was fine, and that he had faked the injury at
the Hershey Pennsylvania live event. We have to admit that Orton got us
good with this ruse, as we even
covered the injury on yesterday’s
news video, believing that it was real, and it’s
refreshing to see that after
nearly 18 years on the main roster and over a dozen world titles, the
Legend Killer still has some
tricks up his sleeve. One man who knows all about
facing off against the Viper is CM Punk, and though the Best in the World
hasn’t been in a WWE ring for
nearly 6 years now, Punk did return to the wrestling
world this year as part of
WWE Backstage. After several weeks away though,
Punk has confirmed his next
appearance on the show, as he revealed on Twitter that he
will be on the January 21st
edition of the show. Since his shocking return to WWE in
November, Punk has been sporadic
in his WWE Backstage appearances, but has been very vocal about the
storylines in the company, both
praising and lambasting several angles. When asked about a possible return
to the ring, Punk admitted that it is “a bridge that is gonna have to be
built”, but until then, fans can enjoy the Best in the
World whenever he appears
on Backstage. This isn’t the only Punk news that’s
happened though, as whenever
the Chicago Made Superstar isn’t making his voice heard on WWE
Backstage, fans can usually find
him doing the same on social media. During last night’s final RAW of 2019,
Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe
brawled with Seth Rollins and the Authors of Pain, leading the Prizefighter
o dive to the outside, landing on
the heels and security. Punk didn’t take to kindly to the spot
though, and on Twitter said that
this particular spot should be left in this decade,
even daring the company to do so. Punk’s reply certainly got fans
talking online, and one fan even
pointed out that Punk himself did the very same spot against John
‘Bradshaw’ Layfield on the June
30th 2008 edition of RAW, when he defended the World
Heavyweight Championship
against the Texan. Responding, Punk pointed out that
the same spot he had used was
done over 11 years ago, and said the fan had proven his point
about the dive to a crowd on the
outside being overused. It’s doubtful that WWE will actually
stop using the move just because
Punk says so, but once again, it’s interesting to see just how
critical Punk can be about the WWE despite working alongside
them with FOX. We’re going back to RAW now,
as the final three hour show
of the decade had a lot more to offer than
what we’ve already covered. In the opening of the show, Kevin
Owens spoke about his issues
with Seth Rollins and AOP, and even blamed the trio’s
attack on Rey Mysterio as the reason why Rey lost the United States title
to Andrade on Thursday inside
Madison Square Garden. As Rollins came out to plead his case
that this isn’t his choice, but
something he has to do, the trio were ready to give another
beatdown to owens, before Samoa
Joe made the save to end the segment. In our first match of the night, fans
saw a rematch from WWE: TLC, as
Aleister Black faced off against Buddy Murphy. Despite an impressive showing by the
Australian Superstar, it was once again
Black who emerged successful, after levelling the former
Cruiserweight Champion with Black Mass. After asking Lana where his wedding
invitation went, it was time for Erick
Rowan to add another victim to his list, and this time, it was Francis Kip
Stevens turn to feel the pain. Despite
being trained by Mikey Whipwreck, Stevens put up very little fight against
Rowan, and after trying to see what the colossal Superstar has been
carrying with him, was flattened
for his troubles. After Charlotte Flair picked up her
victory over Natalya and fans saw
Bobby Lashley getting ready for the wedding, it was time for tag
team action, as the Street Profits
faced off against the OC. After reminding fans that the OC
has beaten the RAW Tag Team
Champions the Viking Raiders, Ford and Dawkins reminded the
crowd that beat Gallows and
Anderson in their RAW debut, and once again picked up
the win this week. With multiple wins over the OC
and a truly impressive year
since being called up to RAW, the future seems bright for Ford
and Dawkins, who could soon be
in the hunt for the RAW Tag Team titles. Speaking of Tag Team Champions,
former RAW Champions Curt Hawkins
and Zack Ryder met Drew McIntyre in a handicap match this week, but
even the numbers advantage
couldn’t save the wrestling figure
enthusiasts. Being demolished before the bell
had rung, Hawkins and Ryder
put up very little fight against McIntyre, who pinned both
men, ending the decade in a major way. After the Orton-Styles segment, it
was time for another squash match, as new United States Champion
Andrade made quick work of some jobber, but after brutalising the poor soul this
assault caused Ricochet to
make the save. Despite his noble intentions, Ricochet
was no match for Andrade on
this occassion and after hitting the hammerlock DDT,
El Idolo picked up his second huge
win over the past week. With the final RAW of the decade
ending with the failed wedding
of Lana and Lashley as well as the return of Liv Morgan,
this edition of the red show
ended in a very unique way, and we can’t help but wonder how
RAW will be shaped over the
next 10 years. And finally we’re going back in time
now to the year that’s been, as it’s safe to say that 2019 has
been a unique year for the WWE. From the departure of Dean Ambrose
to AEW, to the arrival of new belts like
the 24/7 and Women’s tag team titles, the past 12 months has been a
rollercoaster ride, but has led
to some great matches. On WWE.com today, the company
listed their top 25 matches fans
need to see, and though we won’t go through
them all, some definitely stood out. Just scraping on to the list at number
25 was Roman Reigns and The
Undertaker teaming up to face Shane McMahon and
Drew McIntyre at Extreme Rules, whilst the last man standing match
between Bobby Lashley and
Braun Strowman at the same event came in 23rd place. Interestingly, the Women’s Elimination
Chamber match to crown the inaugural
WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions
came 18th, 10 spots behind the Men’s Chamber
match that came 8th. Though fans may have hated the
finish, the Men’s Money in the Bank
ladder match that saw Brock Lesnar waltz in and take the
briefcase for himself was deemed
the 6th best match of 2019, far ahead of the first-ever women’s
WrestleMania main event,
which came 9th. Becky Two Belts became Becky
Two Spots on this list, as her Hell in a Cell match against
Sasha Banks took second place, but it was ultimately Kofi Kingston’s
emotional WWE Championship
win at WrestleMania that took the top spot, being deemed
the most must-see match of
2019 by the company themselves. Do you agree with this choice though?
What do you think is the best match
in WWE of the past year. Leave a comment below, don’t forget to
give this video a like if you enjoyed it,
and as always, thanks for watching.


  1. Even though I didn’t really like her bathroom typical promo clip, I’m just glad that she’s back… and can we all be grateful that she returned before the new decade? No one cares about the Sister Abigail gimmick, you all have been trolled this entire time. Plus, with Liv’s style this can be a split personality gimmick of her to let everyone know this is the real her…. a blonde colored crazy diva.

  2. I didn't expect the last WWE show of the decade to bring a lesbian angle into the mix… but still, this angle needs to end.

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    A repainted crappy house is still a crappy house.

  4. Wwe is so outdated..ppl say thats what wrestling is and has always been..as if pro wrestling is the only sport that doesnt move with the times and evolve

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    WWE should bring back the Attitude Era so they don’t go bankrupt because it seems they’re heading that way

  6. Nobody wants Charlotte to win the Rumble… SASHA BANKS or Shayna Bazler should win.. WWE should really cool on Charlotte for a while and stop giving her every accolade. Plus what she did to Kairi shouldnt be overlooked

  7. Dude the wedding segment had to be the WORST segment in pro wrestling history 🤦‍♂️ literally the most painful thing to watch

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  10. To all who work on these vids – from host to catering – 'Thank You' for another year of content!

    (myss4tune since 2016)

  11. I don't watch wrestling much any more but it is nice to hear CM PUNK is coming back to RAW I didn't see the match with Undertaker and Roman Reigns vs Shane McMahon I am a fan of the Undertaker and Roman Reigns there's no don't who won the match the Deadman and Reigns

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