Unexciting WWE PLANS For WrestleMania! Vince Lifts BAN, Star Will RETIRE If Traded To RAW – Round Up

Unexciting WWE PLANS For WrestleMania! Vince Lifts BAN, Star Will RETIRE If Traded To RAW – Round Up

what’s up guys welcome back to the
channel as always covering the latest in pro wrestling and we’re starting the
week and the last month of this decade strong talking about all the latest
coming up we’re discussing the latest reports regarding Brock Lesnar’s
WrestleMania 36 plans backstage news regarding the upcoming
pay-per-view TLC superstars already getting ready to exit the WWE this week
man finally lifting an unexpected ban superstars revealed that they will quit
if they go from NXT to roar Smackdown and much more recent news before we get
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updated on all the latest let’s go ahead and dive into it and to get this started
let’s talk about the latest regarding Matt Hardy as last week we had him made
his WWE television return losing in a match to Buddy Murphy Matt Hardy has
been out of regular in-ring action after Jeff Hardy went down with a knee injury
after WrestleMania 35 so it was a surprise that he was finally used even
though WWE should be using him on a weekly basis it was previously reported
that Matt Hardy’s WWE contract was ending in March of 2020 p.w Insider is
now reporting it will end in February of 2020 and the biggest point of contention
is how Matt Hardy will be used creatively going forward so that isn’t
two or three months from now what can WWE do to have it resigned with the
company because something that Matt Hardy could easily do is go to the Indy
scenes or go to any other promotion and just become the main topic point of that
company and be the most everything if creatively he has all of the control the
two sides are WWE and Matt Hardy are said to be not far apart on the
financial aspect of the deal but Matt Hardy wants to make sure he is in the
right place and used properly as this could be the final deal of his wrestling
career the report also noted that man has been very thankful to WWE for
bringing both himself and Jeff back to the company’s rest
Selenia 33 over the last few weeks though man has put out his free deadly
series on his YouTube channel which you guys should go check it out and in it
Matt Hardy simply trying to bring back the broken brilliance there has been
hidden away for a couple of years now it is without a doubt a series that he is
doing just in case he doesn’t resign with the WWE not only is getting people
talk about it but it sets him up fairly well to bring back the broken Matt Hardy
persona outside of the WWE come next year so to say the least it looks like
WWE is an a testing period right now and let’s see what they do with him heading
it to the next pay-per-view TLC or the next major one the Royal Rumble and you
guys already know the one solution to all of this is to give Matt Hardy some
creative control because I’m sure he will have some creative idea if the
creative team themselves doesn’t have anything for him by the way we’re
talking about Matt Hardy how in the world is it that the writers don’t have
anything for him just knowing how over he is and how much fans really wants to
see him on to some other news we just mentioned TOC and that is going to be
the next pay-per-view for WWE and that’s off right now there’s a couple of
matches be reported to take place at the event one of those being a fairly
obvious one stipulation match between Roman reigns and Baron Corvin we have
rumors a couple of weeks ago indicating that WWE was trying to bring back a dog
collar match maybe all of that is changing direction but regardless these
two are said to face each other WWE officials are also planning Charlotte
and raw woman champion Becky Lynch to team up and challenge for the woman’s
Tag Team Championships at the event which clearly took Becky to Bell once
again we had rusev versus Bobby Lashley supposed to take place in a Last Man
Standing match at the WWE Network special this past weekend WWE Starrcade
but that didn’t go down and based on how that segment won we might be getting
Bobby lashes versus rusev in a Chairs match as that has been the main focus as
of late between these two superstars another superstar that hasn’t been used
as much that is Lou Harper has ever since WrestleMania 35
former Intercontinental Champion a request that his WWE released publicly
on Twitter with aew debuted just a few months later WWE decided to not let
Harper leave the company instead a knee injury time on to his current deal
his most recent appearance was he throw away one as he was added into the battle
royal at the crown jewel event to top it off he has not been seen on WWE TV since
the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view the latest on all of this outlook Harper
could be leaving the company before the summer of next year and his recent
trademark activity might suggest that he is preparing for the axis PW Insider is
reporting that Luke Harper filed to trademark the name Brodie Lee which was
the name that Harper use on the independencies for many years before
joining WWE in 2012 moving into some other news and were talking the latest
in regards to Vince McMahon what do you guys know he always won things to be
done the way that he wants and because who he is he also can’t dictate that it
worries ban and there’s nothing anyone can do about it then again they can
always try to change his mind and it looks like that just happened with a
certain word Dave Mouse who was recently asked if this woman took the ban off of
the word wrestler for years at the second W in WWE apparently didn’t stand
for wrestling and appears that Vince McMahon has lifted it this ban even when
a certain superstar charming in on all of this as – wowzer comment on the whole
situation saying you’re welcome everyone as he appears that he is taking credit
for the ban being lifted it is worth mentioning though that WWE Superstars
are still going to be referred to as just that superstars because this was
Vince McMahon ultimately once moving into some other news and the latest in
regards to Brock Lesnar’s WWE WrestleMania 36 plans these are of
course early reports to do keep that in mind
previously we indicated the fact that Brock lesner is gonna be out of the WWE
more than like to the Royal Rumble so he isn’t a bit of
a hiatus right now even though he is holding the WWE Championship the biggest
Idol in the company we don’t know why he’s going to be doing at the Royal
Rumble but fast forward to WrestleMania 36 and we are talking about reports are
are not as exciting according to talk sport one of the plans will see a
rematch from crown jewel Brock Lesnar versus Kane these two competitors of
course have a story history with each other dating back to the UFC during
Brock Lesnar’s UFC run Kane would defeat Lesnar for the UFC heavyweight
championship I seen early on this year though Brock Lesnar got his payback a
crown jewel so if we were to get a third match between these two guys it will be
viewed as the rubber match as they both have they went between each other there
is no doubt that Kane is going to be in another WWE match we don’t know if it’s
gonna be against Brock but these possibilities are still there
considering the fact that he is straining heavily at the WWE Performance
Center over the last couple of months even after having his match with Brock
Lesnar regardless though based on what went down I would like to see a rematch
but I don’t want to see it at WrestleMania I just want Brock to face
that courage superstar that is on television on a weekly basis so that he
could actually give us a better quality match and a better story than what’s
already told there are another plan on the table though and that is Brock
Lesnar being involved in a different type of special attraction match taking
on Tyson Fury so we got MMA versus boxing in a WWE wrestling ring certainly
a bit something different and Tyson Fury first match in WWE against braun
strowman was a bit better than Kane so that might be a bit more interesting but
again for Wrestlemania I’m not necessarily sure if it is exactly what
the fans want it is worth mentioning though that recently Tyson Fury did a
teasing match with Brock Lesnar saying that if they went face-to-face with each
other he can’t flatten Brock lesner in 30
seconds I don’t know if that will be the case but very interesting words to say
the least WWE might be building for
this already and on the last piece of news are for this round the former NXT
champion Tommaso Champa made an appearance on Lilian Garcia chasing
glory podcasts where he talked about his lack of desire to go to the main roster
whether that is raw or Smackdown in fact he says some very interesting words even
stating the fact that he is willing to retire before doing so due to his love
for and exceed and knowing how much time he has left in his wrestling career he
indicated the following I have a little one at home and my schedule is better
and then exceed then it would be on the road and I had neck surgery and I’m not
freakin stupid I get that my window is smaller than it was and my bump car is
sticking and I just look at it like if I’m doing 200 plus days a year on the
road with Raw and SmackDown or I’m doing a manageable load of 30 to 50 matches
would nxe so I can’t do four years of that in the time I do one year with Raw
and SmackDown so how long can my career grow here as opposed to going there now
it’s becoming thing where I have legitimately vocalized to them that if I
have to go to raw Smackdown then I’m going to retire certainly some
interesting words but the good thing is that NXT has become its own third brand
so the possibility of Tommaso Champa staying there pretty much forever is
high up but if there’s something that we know about the WWE is that visit man
ultimately makes the final call so if he sees that Tommaso Champa has a lot of
potential for Raw and Smackdown he’s gonna call him up whether he wants to or
not which at that point if Tommaso Champa doesn’t really want to do it then
he’s gonna have to wait to the contract run ciao anyways guys let me know your
thoughts down in the comments below if anything that we ended up discussing
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  1. "brock lesnar got his pay back at crown jewell"….yeah that scripted match with a predeterminated outcome sure as hell showen cain whos boss

  2. I completely understand tommaso ciampa has wanting to stick around in NXT, but truthfully I can't think of anything left for him to do there. Other than the North American championship he's done it all on that brand

  3. I am hoping a praying that brock will go bye bye forever I know what he can do is go to new Japan pro wrestling and be a champion there

  4. Wwe tries to ruin you if you have potential to do anything anywhere else.maybe even have one of their favs buckle bomb you into retirement!

  5. uhm you ignored abit of what Ciampa said, he said if he was taken to raw and sd he would quit wrestling and take up a backstage role

  6. Wow we live in a world were wwe has nothing for Matt Hardy but there have everything to write about Baron Corbin #Strange

  7. The hardy boyz will be inducted in the wwe hall of fame as part of the class of 2020 and will be introduced by fellow hall of famer Lita according to a leak circulating in the web

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