Undisputed ERA ready for challenges ahead: SmackDown Exclusive, Nov. 22, 2019

Undisputed ERA ready for challenges ahead: SmackDown Exclusive, Nov. 22, 2019


  1. UNDISPUTED ERA BAY BAY, one of the best and dominant faction ever, it's a shame that there are been no possibility of seeing The Shield vs Undisputed Era, it would have been a Awesome feud

  2. I like the " UNDISPUTED ERA "…But What " The dominant faction "…..what happens ADAM COLE if you face the real most dominant faction """" THE SHIELD👊👊👊 """"…..?

  3. First, dx invades wwf then bulket club invades new japan and now undisputed era will be the reign of terror to take over the show both red and blue and yellow brand. This is a new isis threat kick off

  4. Undisputed Era could be the Modern Day 4 Horsemen if WWE understands what they have.

    Well I'm sure Triple H does… it's Vince whom I doubt.

  5. This group deserve it all. They battled on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and have matches Saturday and Sunday. Pure talent

  6. The Shield will always be the most dominant faction in all of wrestling. Not The Undisputed Era yet. To be the best u need to beat the top teams. The O.C., The Shield, Balor Club, and so on

  7. I wish we could have a flashback to 2003 Survivor Series and have an ALL CHAMPIONS traditional Surivor Series elimination match. The Undisputed Era: The NXT Champion Adam Cole, NXT North America Champion Roderick Strong, and NXT Tag Team Champions Bobby Fish and Kyle O Riley vs. EVOLUTION: World Heavyweight Champion Triple H, Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton, and World Tag Team Champions Batista And Ric Flair. THAT WOULD BE AN EPIC MATCH!!!

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