Undertaker Returns 2019 ! Sasha Banks New Look! Cain Velasquez On Brock Lesnar! Wrestling News!

Undertaker Returns 2019 ! Sasha Banks New Look! Cain Velasquez On Brock Lesnar! Wrestling News!

Here is your news for
October 18 2019 We’re looking at the Wednesday
Night War to start off today and AEW has defeated NXT
for the third week in a row. According to Showbuzz Daily,
AEW was able to outshine
the yellow brand once again though both shows continued to
see a decline in viewers for
their 8-10pm broadcasts. The latest edition of Dynamite
drew 1.01 million fans, down
from last week’s 1.02 million possibly due to a playoff baseball
game pre-empting the TNT feed. In the 18-49 demographic,
Dynamite got a .44 share,
another fall from past episodes Things weren’t much better for
NXT, as the black and gold
brand lost about 78,000 fans who watched last week,
with the recent show getting
712,000 viewers. In the coveted 18-49 demographic,
NXT fell to a 0.2 share, being the
30th best show for the night. Whilst AEW may be winning the
Wednesday Night War, the
continuing fall of viewers is a worrying sign, and with both
promotions set to compete
against the second game of the World Series between
Washington and either New
York or Houston don’t expect this trend to
end anytime soon. We’ve got some Seth Rollins
news now as whilst we reported
on the story a few days ago, the WWE have
confirmed that the Architect will only compete against Bray
Wyatt at Crown Jewel. In a WWE Now video, McKenzie
Mitchell announced that Rollins
had been pulled from Team Hogan, who will face Team
Flair on October 31st at Riyadh,
Saudi Arabia. There’s currently no word on
who will replace the Universal
Champion for the Hulkster’s team, but
expect that, along with the
identities of the rest of Hogan and Flair’s squads,
to be revealed in the
coming weeks. One Superstar fans shouldn’t
expect to see at Crown Jewel
is Sasha Banks, who is set to return to TV tonight
on SmackDown after a few weeks
out of action. Not only that, the Boss will be
revealing a new wig, and it
looks pretty interesting. In a post on social media, Savis
David of Gypsy Loc showed off
the new do, saying: “Full lace glow in the dark wig is
on the way Sasha Banks.
Adding final touches.” It’s clear that Banks, who was
moved to SmackDown in the
recent WWE draft is looking to make an impression
on the blue brand, but this
news has also made us wonder what Naomi will
think, as glowing in the
dark has been her thing in the past, though she hasn’t
been seen in months. Tonight’s show won’t just be
about the Boss’ hairdo though,
as head of Crown Jewel, four teams will battle on tonight’s
show, ahead of the Largest Tag
Team Turmoil in history. On SmackDown, The New Day’s
Big E and Xavier Woods will
team with Heavy Machinery to face Robert Roode and Dolph
Ziggler, as well as the SmackDown
Tag Champions The Revival. This match comes ahead of the
Largest Tag Team Turmoil in
history, which will take place at Crown Jewel and will, according to
WWE at least, determine the Best
Tag Team in the World. It’s an accolade all the teams will
no-doubt be aiming for, and given
that tonight’s teams could possibly face each other in Riyadh,
it’ll be interesting to see if they
can co-exist tonight. Tonight’s SmacKDown will also
see a huge 6 pack challenge
which will determine the next number one contender
for SmackDown Women’s
Champion Bayley. The recently heel-turned Bayley
captured the title on last week’s
show against Charlotte Flair, and will be looking
on as Carmella, Nikki Cross,
Dana Brooke, Lacey Evans Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose
battle for the opportunity to
take her title. Of those six women, only the
Staten Island Princess knows
what it’s like to have held the SmackDown Women’s Title,
and it’ll be interesting to
see if Carmella will be able to square off against
her real-life best friend. Though the new Bayley captured
the title during last week’s draft,
that wasn’t the only surprise the brand extension saw,
but not every Superstar is happy
about what happened. One Superstar who is particularly
ticked off is Sami Zayn, who fired
off a tweet about how ridiculous he feels the choice
of Shinsuke Nakamura and
himself was. The two former NXT Champions
were picked in the third-round,
and the Canadian Superstar was particularly
unhappy about Roman Reigns,
who hasn’t held a title in a year, being picked
over himself and the Inter
continental Champion. Responding, the Big Dog issued a
challenge to the King of Strong
Style, and tonight’s show will see Roman face Nakamura
for the IC title, a belt Reigns
last held in January 2018. Tonight’s episode of SmackDown
will be the first Official show
under Bruce Prichard, as the new Executive Director of
the Brand has replaced the
recently-released Eric Bischoff. More news from the draft now
as though the selections may
be over there are still plenty of free
agents up for grabs. Recently, WWE confirmed that
the Authors of Pain will be
heading to RAW, which makes sense given the fact that the
former Tag Team Champions
were already on the red brand. There are still a handful of other
stars, including Matt Hardy, The
Usos, Naomi The Ascension and The Colons,
who remain undrafted, and
fans will just have to wait and see when, or if the WWE
gets around to addressing these
remaining names. We’re looking outside of WWE
now, as New Japan Pro
Wrestling’s parent company recently purchased STARDOM,
despite the deal almost going
in another direction. During Wrestling Observer Live,
Bryan Alverez revealed that
WWE tried to purchase the women’s wrestling promotion,
but when STARDOM wanted
to know what WWE’s plans were, the Sports
Entertainment Juggernaut didn’t
have an answer. Alverez said: “I was told that STARDOM
wanted to know ‘what are your
plans if you buy STARDOM?’ WWE didn’t have any plans —
I know that’s stunning if
you’ve watched WWE television — and as a
result the deal fell through.
That’s what I was told.” WWE may have a lot of money
and some big goals, but it
seems there was no big plans for STARDOM, other than
for them to be taken under
WWE’s umbrella. Recently, it was reported that
WWE tried to purchase the
NOAH promotion as well in an effort to launch their NXT
Japan brand, and given that
two huge Japanese promotions have turned them
down, we can’t help but
wonder where WWE will go from here in their
efforts to extend their reach. It’s clear that WWE is always
looking for ways to spread
its influence and the company recently
announced that they will
be entering the previously untapped market
of gambling machines. According to reports, WWE is
teaming up with BluBeri to
develop a series of officially licensed slot games,
that will feature WWE Super
stars and legends alike. Superstars who have been
named for the project already
include Roman Reigns, John Cena, Triple H, Ronda Rousey
and Becky Lynch, whilst legends
like Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan
will also soon be lighting up
casinos and gaming establishments
all over. One man who knows all about
taking a chance is Cain
Velasquez who recently retired from UFC
to join WWE as a Superstar. This week, the former UFC
Heavyweight Champion shared
an image of him training at indie wrestler B-Boy’s Level
Up Pro Wrestling School in
San Diego, ahead of Velasquez WWE debut match at Crown
Jewel, where he will take on
WWE Champion Brock Lesnar. It’ll be interesting to see what
offence Velasquez has in
store for the fans in Riyadh on October 31st, as the former
UFC Champion used a handful
of Lucha Libre moves in AAA, and could very well
surprise a lot of people. Velasquez, who said that he was
quote “putting in work today”
at the school also sent a warning to the
Beast, saying that whilst
he’s beaten Lesnar before, this time it’s about family. These two behemoths will face
off at Crown Jewel on October
31st, and will be a huge talking point for WWE’s
new podcast, After the Bell. The new show, which will premiere
on October 30th, will be hosted
by Corey Graves and promises an “edgy” and
“unpredictable” look at WWE
TV, with a press statement saying: “Hosted by Corey Graves, “After
the Bell” is an official WWE
podcast that gives you a provocative look at the latest in
Raw, SmackDown and NXT.
Featuring exclusive Superstar Superstar interviews, “ATB”
examines the world of WWE both
between and beyond the ropes in a way that’s as edgy and
unpredictable as Graves himself.” This podcast will be the first
official show in WWE’s partner
ship with Endeavour Audio which fans may recall as the
podcast platform that the
Bella Twins have used. The company has also revealed
who Graves’ first guest will be,
a man who knows all about being edgy and
unpredictable himself, 14-time
World Champion Triple H. This isn’t the first time WWE
have tried something like
this with Graves who hosted an electric chair
segment on RAW earlier this
year, which fans will probably remember for Sami Zayn name-
dropping AEW after being
dissapointed with the crowd. We’re going back in time now as
though The Undertaker didn’t
have a great time the last time he competed in Saudi Arabia, it
seems the Deadman is in a
much better mood now. Footage has recently come out
of the Phenom taking part in a
huge parade for Riyadh Season and this has, of course, led to
speculation that the former
Champion will have some involvement with this month’s
Crown Jewel event which will
also happen in Riyadh. In a translated tweet from
Wrestling AC, the video’s
caption read: “Footage of the emergence of
the legend wrestling Undertaker
in a parade Just a few days ago”. Looking at the video, it seems
WWE had their own float in
the parade, complete with giant versions of the Under
taker and Roman Reigns, and
it’s clear the WWE’s deal with Saudi Arabia isn’t
slowing down anytime soon. And finally, we’re moving from
Saudi Arabia to the UK, as
the WWE has confirmed that A-Kid is coming
to the NXT UK brand. Whilst WWE confirmed the news
during the latest installment of
the show this isn’t exactly new news, as
due to the show being taped
in advance fans already knew he was
wrestling for them. With that said, these aired hype
videos almost certainly confirm
he has signed a contract with the company,
and given Kid’s tons of ability in the ring, this is a huge
get for NXT UK.


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    Esp if Sasha banks goes through another one
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    As wish went to AEW instead

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