Undertaker RETURN Rumored! MAJOR Alberto El Patron & GFW Update! | WrestleTalk News Aug. 2017

Undertaker RETURN Rumored! MAJOR Alberto El Patron & GFW Update! | WrestleTalk News Aug. 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News,
I am Luke Owen. Headline: Undertaker Return Rumored Roman Reigns and John Cena are set to take
each other on at WWE’s No Mercy next month, a match the company are billing as ‘WrestleMania
worthy’. At one point, Reigns vs. Cena was rumoured to be a WrestleMania main event,
with the franchise player of the last 10 years taking on the franchise player for the next
10. Those plans have since changed, so the question is now: who’s next for Roman at
Mania? PWInsider have speculated it could be a big
returning star like Dave Bautista, a celebrity-based encounter or possibly The Undertaker in a
rematch of their WrestleMania 33 main event. It had been reported by The Wrestling Observer
prior to Summerslam that Undertaker would be in New York for the weekend, and The Dead
Man was even spotted by several fans at the airport the day before the Biggest Party of
the Summer. Although Undertaker didn’t interfere in Roman’s Fatal Four Way main event against
Braun Strowman, Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar – like some thought he might – PWInsider are
reporting that Taker was working out in the ring before the show. They then speculate
that this could be for an in-ring return match against Roman Reigns. Another possibility is that Taker was there
to film motion capture for the upcoming WWE2K18, however Dave Meltzer notes in the Wrestling
Observer Newsletter that this wasn’t the case. “Undertaker was in New York for SummerSlam
weekend but it had nothing to do with 2K Sports or the video game… [it] would have been
impossible as you need an elaborate studio set up for that and they didn’t have one
in New York.” On Jerry “The Burger King” Lawler’s
podcast Dinner With The King – because which wrestling personality doesn’t have a podcast
these days? Subscribe to ours, by the way, by searching ‘WrestleRamble’ on your podcast
provider! – Jerry mentioned that Taker was there to be scanned for a video game, but
not for WWE2K18. “He may have been there because they were doing scans for a new game,”
Lawler stated. “Everybody that was on the show that night, myself included, had to be
scanned. This company, it’s not the 2K people, it’s a different game that’s gonna be coming
out next year. So everybody had to have their face scans and their body scans.” The Undertaker’s retirement at WrestleMania
33 was possibly the most memorable moment from the entire show, as The Dead Man did
his sad striptease in the middle of the ring [8], broke character by kissing his real-life
wife Michelle McCool and then left to have much needed hip replacement surgery. But as
we all know, wrestling retirements don’t last forever. Just ask Mick Foley, Terry Funk,
Dusty Rhodes, Curt Hennig…[fade to black]… Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Taryn Terrell, Petey
Williams and Ric Flair – get well soon Nature Boy. Xavier Woods Injured
Xavier Woods has confirmed reports that he is indeed injured, tweeting:
It’s an MCL sprain. He seemingly picked up the injury at the Smackdown
house show on Monday night, when he landed awkwardly off a Tornado DDT, immediately clutching
his left knee on the ground. On Smackdown Live the following night, he accompanied his
fellow New Day members Kofi Kingston and Big E. for their match wearing a knee brace and
holding a sign reading ‘it’s sore’. His recovery time is estimated to be around
four weeks. Headline: Alberto El Patron’s GFW Return Former GFW Champion Alberto El Patron was
suspended from the company on July 27th following at an altercation at an airport with his fiance
Paige. Although he was cleared of all charges, the company felt that El Patron didn’t handle
the situation well, and the star missed the last set of tapings leading into GFW’s biggest
show of the year Bound For Glory and was stripped of his championship. However, we now have
an update on when he’s scheduled to return. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter,
Dave Meltzer is reporting that El Patron is heading back to GFW this coming November – the
same month Bound for Glory takes place. Meltzer adds that he will come back as a heel, mad
at the company for suspending him and stripping him of the belt – which would play into Jim
Cornette’s comments on recent episodes of Impact. Are the Bellas returning to wrestling? And
what did myself and Oli Davis think of this week’s Raw and Smackdown? Click the videos
to the left to find out more. Press subscribe and support WrestleTalk on Patreon. I have
been Luke Owen, and that was wrestling


  1. Let undertaker fucking retire milking the fuck out of him. Bring back batista wwe and daniel bryan fanboys fucking ruined his return.

  2. Lames vs BOO Cena what a FOOK'N joke I'm glad I paid $100 for watching MAY vs MCG. I came out winning $1800.00 form all these bum UFC fans.

  3. The undertaker is now passed it. Can't we have a new young undertaker, or some new demon new born from undertaker to take over the mantel

  4. If I was in control of WWE, I would do a storyline where Undertaker summons his character into a new body. The new body, a younger new Undertaker, will begin a new streak and take over being the lord of darkness. Meanwhile the old Undertaker can retire. I would favor this big time.

  5. We don't want the Dead Man, We all want the Alive Man!

    Dead Man=Luke "The Man who I don't like" Owens

    Alive Man=Oli "The Best" Davis

    Clap Clap

  6. Taker needs to stay retired. He's got nothing left in the tank. He shouldn't be jobbed out to anyone else, nor should anyone be jobbed out to his at this point. No one has anything to gain.

  7. It was awful watching undertaker limp around and become very slow. He's a shell of himself. Bringing him back is a horrible idea

  8. OH fuck, last night I fooled many people by saying that taker will return at no mercy.I xommented it on a recent video wwe made on the undertaker.Now it is going to be true😂😂😁

  9. Undertaker better not fucking return. He is THE GREATEST WWE SUPERSTAR EVER and has retired. He gave the world his body, blood, sweat and tears. And we all love and appreciate him and all he has done. Let the man fucking enjoy his retirement.

    If you must bring Undertaker back, Mr. McMahon…how about a female Undertaker?????

  10. Taker will return at thr hall of fame (because he will be inducted) but make a suprise return to fight someone and then announce permanent retirement

  11. No need for Undertaker to return unless it's just like as a spooky spectator or to pass his powers on to someone but not fighting lol

  12. i dont want to see him out there anymore tbh, he has a bad hip as john pointed that out and undertaker left his gear and his persona in that ring oh its true its damn true.

  13. Undertaker's last match should be against AJ styles with undertaker winning or having a draw .
    That would benefit both .

  14. The Undertaker needs to stop wrestling… That match with Roman was a train wreck and I hate to say it but it was mainly his fault. He's not the guy he used to be, and his legacy is still intact, the gloves and the hat were left in the ring, he better not tarnish it.

  15. at the end you literally spoiled the surprise for the net video I was going to watch guys I don't need to watch it then.

  16. i would like undertaker to interfere in cena vs roman match. I want undertaker to low blow tat nigga when the referee is not watching

  17. Undertaker DOES NOT need to face Roman Reigns again. he already lost to him once before. what I would like to see is a Brothers of Destruction reunion!!

  18. Is Taker a legend… Yes, Do I want to see him come back… No, in ring wise he's way past his prime and the fact that he's so banged up now. 0 interest in what he can offer besides the cool entrance

  19. Baffles me that The Undertaker gimmick didn't die a death years ago! I mean, he's crap on the microphone, the Dead Man voice belongs in an Ed Wood movie at best, and the fight sequence is almost as repetitious, and staged, as Hulk Hogan's, yet the viewing public laps it up….but we are talking about the same viewing public that is still listening to the same type of music, produced by the same type of bands as those populating the airwaves 20 plus years ago!


  20. I honestly love the undertaker to much to care if his match will be shit it if he is to old. He wants to come back then I will enjoy every bit of it

  21. The deadman just won't die. Somebody drive a stake in his heart for godsake. BTW, there's a job opening at Wrestletalk, must sound exactly like Olie Davis. Personal grooming is optional. Casual dress. Oh wait, they found a guy.

  22. I hope they DON'T bring Taker back – he just looked awful at Wrestlemania, old & slow, just sad, and I don't mean the storyline. And of course, they had to have it against fucking Roman Reigns, like anyone even wants to see him in a match at all…

  23. The Undertaker should never wrestle again. Despite the fact that the match was a little flawed 'Taker taking the L to the guy that is his spirutal replacement in the locker room; also the guy that in my opinion shares the most qualities of the undertaker on the current roster was perfect. His post match celebration of sorts was perfect. Leave it be Mark do not come back.

  24. I don't know if anyone has noticed but Roman Reigns is also referencing the ring being "his yard" a lot more in recent weeks. Seems like a feasible lead up to a rematch. If Undertaker does come back, it really could mean that he will be back again, because No Mercy isn't going to be a final curtain call.

  25. It's said that taker got a full hip replacement so his health issues is not as big as a deal as before , piper , hogan and more wrestled in the 90s after getting hip replacement surgery I m just his biggest fan and want to see him return , at least I want the 27 year veteran to go out a winner especially after giving the streak and roman

  26. Undertaker needs to end. He's already suffered a 2nd loss at WM he's one match away from bein ridiculous imo. I guess he needs to go out on a win but how many times are they gonna have him leave like it's the "end of an era" and then return. He's not special anymore just let him ride into the sunset

  27. I believe it up to taker if he wants to retired or not i met the guy bout 5 years ago he even said he love wresting for the fans and wrestlemania will always be his yard so if he want to retired he can but it not up to us it up to him. so people need to stop deciding his future

  28. I do believe Taker will return and I don't think that it will be the demon from death valley taker either I believe he will return as the American bad ass because the way it happened at mania he retired the dead man gimick so now survivor series being in his home town of Houston Texas he is gonna go that gimmick I guarantee it he won't wrestle another mania survivor series is more fitting since he did start his career with wee there

  29. Calloway will do whatever he feels is the right thing to do. He has had the hip surgery, he has been away from the heavy workouts for a while so hes had some rest. Only Calloway knows how his health is. None of you know and I don't know. He has always been protective of the Undertaker character so I trust HIS judgement on whether he should come back or not. Not the judgement of the posters here.

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