Undertaker on his WrestleMania classics: The Broken Skull Sessions (WWE Network Exclusive)

Undertaker on his WrestleMania classics: The Broken Skull Sessions (WWE Network Exclusive)


  1. Streak matches in wrestlemania 25,26,27,28 were the greatest wwe matches of entire wwe history..Undertaker is the GOAT😘😘👍👍

  2. There's only one thing Triple H wouldn't do if he's thinking about his Hall of Fame career. It goes like this he wouldn't let his ego into an career threatening match. Unlike Shawn Michaels that ended his career like that.

  3. WM 28 End of an Era Hell in a Cell Match hat the biggest two count kick out moment in Wrestling ever for me it was when Taker kicked out of th Sweet Chin Music Pedigree Combo… that was insane!

  4. And it went all down the sewer when he fought lesnar and if that was not enough he lost to roman reigns -_-… i m not saying losing against lesnar was a bad thing but they hardly had any build up to the story like they had with hbk and hhh

  5. SyedArsalan Asif Ýes Ronda Rousey Ýes Pakistan 14th the Next is on Monday Tomorrow night Raw tonight and no nights in Comingsoon is 🤔👱‍♀️?

  6. watched the entire podcast
    it was just awesome
    you will get to know a lot of things about the dead man
    A legendary conversation of 94 mins approximately.

  7. only one episode of Stone Cold's Broken Skull show to cover Undertaker's 30 year career is not enough. another episode or part 2 must be made with Taker.

  8. Wwe is my best child hood and Undertaker is my favorite man I was think when he's old he retire but dang he retire until he turns 100⌚

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  10. For those of y'all who kept saying No Views but many likes, FYI there are 10 thousands of views when y'all commented. So please, make sure y'all sober when you type something accurate.

  11. Undertaker is the GOAT

    Unfortunately he’s not the only GOAT, he’s nested in the top 5 with Austin, Rock, Hogan (position number doesn’t matter here, they’re all all-time greats and GOATs), and the 5th is matter of opinion (can be Bret, Ric, Hbk, Macho Man, Sting, Andre, etc)

    But either way, imo, Taker is on the Mount Rushmore of Wrestling

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