UFC will try Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor at MSG in November, Ben Askren to steal Colby title shot

UFC will try Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor at MSG in November, Ben Askren to steal Colby title shot

[Applause] Justin Bieber he tagged you in a tweet and he wants you to set up an MMA fight with Tom Cruise what I'm gonna tell you something interesting okay so obviously this think about lots of people will you know talk about fighting somebody in the UFC and things like that whether it's NFL players or celebrities or whatever it happens a lot so obviously I saw it like everybody else did and you know I didn't pay much attention to it the thing with you know it picked up a lot of steam and it was everywhere I'm not gonna say any names but I'm just gonna tell you that I got a phone call from a couple of real guys who said that they really do want to do this fight and they believe that Tom Cruise would do the fight and I told them well I'll tell you this if that's true if that's true and everybody involved in this thing really wants to do it we can talk wow so you would actually assuming that Tom and all their people and Justin Bieber you would actually make this fight in it haha and let me tell you what I'd be an idiot not to make this fight okay do you feel like there's an actual chance that this happens knowing what you know I didn't think the Floyd Connor was gonna happen and it did so let me tell you what anything is possible these days anything is possible but there's a lot of money end up and promotion I think to be had here will you do your Dana White we work your Dana white magic and try to make this happen that would be the easiest fight to ever promote in the history of my career not for wind yourself and you are undefeated like I said and on quite a roll and I'm just curious if I can ask a fighting question if you don't mind do you plan on sticking around on 135 or was that just you know because I feel like 145 is kind of there for the taking for you what are you thinking yeah you know maybe somewhere down the line maybe after a title shot here there but we're willing to do something like that but 135 is is definitely home for me I just I feel great at the way before all this happened did you know when you would you think he fights this here um yes who do you want to see him fight if it was up to if he comes up to and says coach who should I fight the world is my oyster III always loved the Diaz trilogy you know I've kind of said that from the start right that's yeah big I'm really looking forward to seeing how it looks in in in his the fight that's coming up that would just be as a fan very exciting just engages in as a kind of reminds me is that similar style of yeah we can take it tremendous men to punish me and keep coming forward honestly like if it's if it's if it's Conor you know excited and motivated and pushing himself hard it doesn't really matter all that much to me they're all anybody in the UFC at the level that Connery fighting are good opponents have different challenges you don't have a strong preference if you're gonna put a gun to me I'd be a bit BDDs really okay that better be for me and that one seemed to be sort of training in the right direction but then of course I don't know what happened I think there was a miscommunication of sorts but perhaps when he returns msg Diaz that's the one that I'm really looking if he beats Pettis I feel like they'll try to do D as Connor at MSG in November well I appreciate you doing this in the midst of your sort of you know get-out-of-jail-free moment when did you have that surgery it was on Thursday so early Thursday morning I had the surgery so I'm about I guess four or five days out of surgery I would say yeah so it's you know surgery number three it's been rough this one actually though I will say I have an extremely positive mindset about it I've been here I've done it before the surgeon was amazing and everything it's been the smoothest surgery so far so um you know I'm actually feeling feeling good okay why did you need the surgery yeah so everything went fine with my first break like where I broke my arm the first time so I broke it that first time at surgery surgery failed broke it again how you know had surgery the second time this one I bought in January beat Rachel awesome bitch was sparring the week after and I fractured in a completely different spot in my arm I fractured around the place which happens I guess and it yeah it sucks and I went you know a month or so before I even got through his old stock that was fractured I knew it was it hurt extremely bad I went to my husband's fight for Bellator you know traveled a little bit and then I got the phone call and I was like I knew my arm was broken unfortunately it didn't heal correctly they thought it was going to heal you know the way a normal bone should but because I wasn't casted there was too much movement at the fracture site so my arm I got another like a hyperplasia non-union something like that and that's yeah where we are now and so you said this is your third surgery all on the same arm third surgery all in the same arm a two on the same spot and then one in a different spot so this is the third plate I've had in my arm feeling good though you know I think that also it's the reason I posted all those like nasty pictures of my arm on Instagram I wanted people to see like I'm not sure it's not just a broken arm like I'm going in to have my whole arm basically reconstructed and this is the third time I've gone through this whole process and it's like a legit injury it's not like it easy you know just put a cast on it and you know fix it type thing I've had extreme trauma to my arm but you know at the same time it is just the arm I'm so thankful that I did it you know O'Mara I should provide for like poor sage Northcutt and fractured his entire face this is just an arm this is like you know it's just an arm I've been here before I've gone through the whole healing process before and I'm gonna be right back at it I give you myself extremely busy which is great so that's gonna you know keep my mind preoccupied but I actually think the surgeon said I should be back training 100% in 12 weeks you are a fighter or someone who wants to start training in MMA listen up my name is Phil darou I am the head performance coach of American Top Team I trained some of the Elite MMA athletes in the world such as Dustin Poirier King mo Lawal Frankie Edgar Junior dos Santos Edson Barboza and you wanna yenge a check going to MMA gyms or hiring a personal trainer can get extremely expensive over time so if you want to get a shape and train using the exact program of the top MMA fighters for an affordable one-time price check out fight ready in the description below use code MMA central to get 20% off your final purchase I hope to see you on the inside just [Applause]


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  2. Seriously who gives a fuck about celebrities? Maybe that’s why there’s so much depression in the west, bc people sit around glorifying celebrities.

  3. Tom would NEVER do it! The mans is in his late 50s! Come on dana… Didnt you say you wouldnt fight oscar because you were 54?

  4. Wat you mean "try" nate and conor? Like an exhibition? Small tourney or try like, if conor wins its official and if nate wins, well, yall were just testing things out…?

  5. Conor isn't fighting Nate that's worse then fighting khabib Nate put alot of damage on Conor in both fights he fought khabib and took one good punch and then got tapped

  6. I'm not even hating if they have Tom Cruise vs Justin Bieber,, that's a fuckton of money the UFC can make there

  7. Ahhha haha uuhhh ahahaa aaah… Tom Cruise vs Justin Bieber. YEEEESSSSS! Im part of the the cool online community now!!! OMG!! Ha! Take that Mr. Saunders, and you said Id never amount to shit, ya loser

  8. Who would want to see beiber v cruise, they're not fighters, one of them is a brat and the other is the size of a pea,quit This Circus crap give us real MMA fighters like Ferguson v khabib or McGregor v Diaz.

  9. I love Askren, but even though he won in the eyes of most it looked like a clear defeat. He can't come in on his first fight which is barely a no contest and then think with another win that puts him above the rest.

  10. sage northcut should retire.I don`t wanna see him fight.NOW onto the real shit.Tom cruise vs Justin bebier

  11. Honestly who cares about Paige. Of all the high level mma out there. She’s the McDonald’s of mma.

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