1. Am I the only one who thinks these face offs are cringy and forced 90% of the time. These are all pointless lol.

  2. Blatantly obvious that Antonina 'Iron Buttocks' Shevchenko  will beat Roxanne 'Fart In A Trance' Modafferi but will be interesting to see how good and confident Shevchenko looks in there!

  3. Из всей банды я как то за Штыркова только переживаю!

  4. Islam dirty cunt Muslim is going down and gonna wish he took a fight with Kevin Lee so was atleast relevant for a second

  5. So everyones gonna forget the fact that Magomed Mustafaev is fighting? Guys a beast and Islam
    Makhachev, Shivchinko, Pavlovich. Stacked Card.

  6. Блин класс ный фэйс. Ребята в в бою все скажут а то надоело негатив и грязная болтовня.

  7. Does anyone in here know why they have the co-main event with a bunch of no names. This main card is trash 🗑

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