UFC on FOX 27 Predictions

UFC on FOX 27 Predictions

what's up guys here my patience for a UFC on FOX 27 happening this Saturday to be honest it doesn't look like the best card when you go by names and matchups and everything like that but how the trend goals when we see cards like this these are usually the ones that deliver a lot of people miss out on these great cards so I'm still kind of pumped for this card yeah but you only have three fights with ranked fighters which is a little interesting but I will start with the most effective versus got afraid of prep a fight which is one of those fights now this is a very interesting fight because we're actually seeing backtick back after that Darren Elkins fight that was a very strange fight an exciting fight but Marissa back think is very well-rounded very good with more time very good boxing extremely good wrestler his wrestling is probably his biggest asset but he's good everywhere he's gonna everything really good good boxing combinations were the good leg kicks were the good mixing with the striking and he's great and mixing boxing combinations with takedown his blast double his double legs as single likes those are his main weapons very explosive and athletic he's very top-heavy on the ground he's good with ground and pound him with that top-heavy pressure he gets the important to give him openings to pass and that's where he lands some big line upon a half guard side control and he's gonna gain the mount as well but there are some things about him one is cardio not his cardio but his pace he doesn't know how to pace himself that well um he pushes a little bit too hard he moves like he always explodes in everything and it gasses himself you know he saw that in during all this fight and also he doesn't make the best decisions when he has such a big advantage in one area he doesn't stay there which is kind of weird like you saw in the Elkin so I was only lost so it's a real fight you can really look at when you look at his weaknesses um he had a big advantage on the feet but he kept going with the wrestle which is very strange he gave Elkins every opportunity to finish the fight or get some kind of advantage and if he doesn't against I got a go to Fredo Pepe it could be sealed and done in any time because go to Fredo Pepe is a long lanky dangerous risk it all kind of a fighter he has really dangerous submissions on the feet you'll die for them if you give them the opportunities if you go for takedowns if you even clench up with them if you push them backwards you will jump on something if you give them that opening so that's gonna be very dangerous for backtick and he's tall 511 6 feet I believe when you saw him 500 feely hundred feels about 511 he was like an inch taller long punches leverage punches he throws everything into his punches and like I said a submission game is absolutely dangerous guillotines triangles he'll jump for them he'll set them up on the feet finish them on the ground so my person for the fight I'm gonna go with backtick I think his boxing combinations to his double legs and everything like that I think this would be a little bit too much for Pepe but I will not be surprised at all if Pepe snatches up something on him when back there goes for some takedown or something but I do see him catching back to cook a couple times in the feet so I'm gonna go back to prior decision so let me go to the co-main event Dennis Bermudez vs. Andre feely this is a really interesting fight you got Dennis Bermudez coming off a two law streak not doing too well lately the knock kalasa korean zombie and then the Darren Elkins fight seems like elegans is beating everybody well Dennis Bermudez is also a pretty good more Thai fighter but where he excels is the wrestling he leaves himself open and feet a lot especially with those overhand rights and when he lunges in with his shots and he tries to go for takedowns he loves that overhand right – a double like so nice – a single leg just it's just a great contact powerful leg kicks but he's not too much of a proficient striker he's very dangerous because he's explosive and he really commits but he leaves himself open so much and it gets a long fighter like philia he's gonna have to really watch when he lunges in with those punches but he's powerful with those takedowns he's extremely heavy on top good ground upon good submissions – if he goes that route but I think the leg kicks and the double legs or the right / hands – the double legs are gonna be the keys for him to win this fight because feely does like to keep that really long stance he doesn't check kicks that well and he's a mover you know it likes to move around a lot and feel he's tall he's a long reach more of a more Thai fighter of anything really good that jab you'll measure for those high kicks man the high kicks are really what he looks for he will throw heavy punches sometimes and that could be dangerous against a guy like Dennis Padres because Ramirez will meet him with those punches and he's really gonna getting off the center line which really likes to throw at this center line this guard is pretty good but I don't think on the ground he could really do too much there were meters maybe snatch up a triangle or something which is gonna be tough though so in this fight I'm gonna go with Dennis Bermudez I'm gonna go buy a diss I don't know why I have this feeling that hundred feelings gonna catch him on the feet I had this feeling for some reason intercepting him in some direction and then we go to the main event and the biggest fight of the card shock ray versus Derek Brunson and this is the rematch but the thing about this fight is chakra hasn't fought in a while the last time he fought I got destroyed by Robert Whittaker and I believe that's the first knockout loss of his career and he's not too young I mean he's getting up there in age I'm he's been at it for a while now he hasn't taken too much punishment he took some bye go on Mero Luke Rockhold and Robert Whittaker that's about it I mean for a long career like this he hasn't been tagged as much as a lot of other fighters amazing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu one of the best Jitsu fighters in all of the UFC but he's aggressive with it he likes to be pressuring he likes to be the one dictating the pace and the one that's controlling on top you know that's where he has the biggest advantage that's where he's the most effective really good with guarana palm really good controlling the opponent as well as pass and gets passing is insanely good it's really hard for anyone to stop him that's where he snatches off those submissions man he's go with those arm triangles he's good every submission you think of actually but the arm triangle it seems like he likes to go through those the most or their arm bars from the mount or something like that but on the figis where he's gonna have a problem he's very one-dimensional in the feet he just loves that overhand right he's a plotter he doesn't move a whole lot he just gets off the center line for the overhand right and Derek Brunson I believe is gonna time that now he's good with those double legs go with the single eyes go with pulling guard he's go with trips and everything like that but that's gonna be hard against a guy like Derek Bronson because Bronson is long and he's patient now before when they fought he was extremely explosive gave anybody an opportunity to take him down or just to catch him on his way in now he's patient with that left hand and he's an overall better striker than Jacquerie it's that left hand of his man that long left cross the long left overhand it's not just fast it's not powerful of course he explodes into that but it's precise when he commits with that left hand it's really hard to get away from it especially as of late because he's really time again now he's not just throwing it he's looking for his opening and he's just laying the openings present themselves and it gets a guy like Jacques Rey I get it's gonna be tough for him to get away from that and Bronson has insanely good rest I mean he's the guy that was wrestling with you all Romero and winning those exchanges you know it's gonna be really hard for chakra to take him down I can see him actually taking him down and if he does Derek grunts is gonna be in trouble unless he can explode right away if he gets trapped if he gets pinned it's gonna be trouble for a dirty Bronson but that patient style is gonna be hard for Jacques way to get that opening I believe Bronson is gonna start peppering out some jabs at him stay on the outside they're both not too much of movers is gonna be more of applauding if I saw I see this fight really being in the center of the Octagon and both I'm just waiting for their openings you know Jacques Rey I don't think he wants to go blow for blow with there Bronson I think he's gonna look for the takedown but maybe fake some over hands and I believe Bronson is gonna look for his opening probably as a counter so my prediction for the fight it's tough to pick because I could see both of them finishing each other in different ways of course but I'm gonna go with Derek Bronson I'm gonna go with the younger longer more explosive Derek Bronson I think it's takedown defense could be enough to ward off the takedown threat of Jacquerie and I think is striking his explosiveness and the danger on the feet is just gonna be too much for jock wait I think Jack woods gonna leave himself exposed I think it's striking it's just too far behind but I do see Bronson waiting for his opportunity waiting to see a reaction from Jacques way before he commits so I'm gonna go with Bronson and I'm gonna go by a second-round knockout with that left hand so those are my pushing those guys I hope you guys enjoyed the video and if you did make sure to give it a thumbs up and if you draw my content make sure to subscribe for my next video I'm gonna break down one of the fights of the car possibly and I have my podcasts on Tuesday so I'm gonna leave a comment below pinned questions for podcast or something like that so make sure to leave a comment below if you guys want to ask me any questions on the podcast the question was the most likes get read first and Twitter questions get read before YouTube questions if you want to tweet me just hashtag it mmm a meaty and I'll read those first so again thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video


  1. How is Godofredo Pepey 5 foot 11? He is listed at 5 foot 7, with a 73 inch reach, which is an usually long reach for someone of his height…

  2. Hey, Weasle is it possible you could analyze fighters. Like just a small video 5-10 minute of analyzing a fighters skills, what they do good, where they are best in a fight and cons and where they could improve. Love you weasle and keep up the good and amazing analyzing

  3. @TheWeasle DC Vs. Stipe has just been made official for UFC 226! Please do an analysis on this! We would love this!:)

  4. Love seeing a card like this wit ha lot of names I don't really know. Gives me the chance to maybe find more fighters to be a fan of 😀 Godofredo sounds like someone I might like. Too bad I will not be able to see him fight because where I live I only get the main card 🙁

  5. 0:13 so true man, not always but even the most stacked cards with the high key names kinda end up being boring chess match feeling out processes

  6. Rooting for Bektic!!!
    It was a hard pill to swallow when He lost to Elkins.
    He was dominating that fight

  7. It's Bektić(pronounced Bektich)… Like Stipe Miočić, Bojan Veličković, Mirko Filipović… Basicly everytime you see a Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian/any former yugoslavia fighter pronounce the Cs that have accents as a "ch" sound. Sorry, this is a MAJOR pet peev.

  8. Obviously I could be wrong but I feel like this card will have some solid, crowd-pleasing fights. Thanks for your predictions.

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