1. Jorge fought a really good fight and deserved that victory between him and Nate. Congrats! However, at the beginning of the fight when Jorge rushed in on Nate to duplicate the same knee strike he landed on Askren, Nate could have had a planned sneaky counter maneuver instead of completely running or walking away from that attack. The reason why Askren got knocked out is because he FOOLISHLY LOWERED HIS HEAD BLINDLY TO INITIATE A TAKE DOWN. That was very ill-advised! Never lose sight of a knee with your head bent forward. Could not a simply, small side step had avoided that knee? Jorge was open for a punch as he would had been out of position to do much else when he was in the air like that. Nate missed out on a golden opportunity.

  2. You know a man means business when he knocks you out, doesn't celebrate and doesn't look back after the deed is done. Damn Kevin..that's how you do it.

  3. It's insane how Diaz took all Jorges shots and was able to recover and still wanted to fight. He a true BMF run it back, can jorge take the same punishment??

  4. Why risk humiliation in boxing when you're riding a crest of a wave in the UFC, don't be greedy Jorge,12 rounds against canelo is a tall ask for any pro boxer let alone a UFC fighter, ask Conor McGregor ha

  5. For the first time in UFC history there is a BMF title match which was advertised as a fight between the two most violent and efficient fighters of our times.The only way this fight should be finished should be either with a knockout,a choke or when full time.We are talking about the baddest motherfucker around guys!Let these guys make it to their limits.

  6. The man is a bad dude as real as they come but come on dude CANELO will beat three different topping of pizza out of you ..

  7. "I got more stoppages this year than they have in their whole f'n career combined thats jus math" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. 1:53:30 It's like when you leave a camera in the forest to record nature and a chipmunk discovers it and starts chewing at it.

  9. Jorge: Run it back
    NAte: Run it back
    Rogan: Run it back in Vegas"
    Every goddamn fan of the BMF game in the house and at home: "Run it back!"
    Fucking Douchebag POS cuntDana: "Duh…No interest, cuz I'm in control and I suck donkeydicks"

    When can we get that clownshit out of the way????

  10. Gastelum is a bloody joke, he's a little nugget not athletic at all and he can't fight for shit….hype train derailed, good work Darren Till

  11. Nate Diaz carries about as much power in his hands as a powderpuff girl ffs it's embarrassing, fucking slap boxing what a joke

  12. Cut the bullshit. Nate is a fucking journeyman fighter and is already brain damaged more than most retired boxers. He needs to stop fighting and stop pretending he's a great fighter

  13. Mas would fuck Conor up so bad, it would be glorious to watch! Especially the build-up, Conor would NEVER dare to talk smack to Jorges face, like he did to the featherweight midgets back in the day when he knew he was the biggest guy by far come fight night… Jorge would just konck him stiff if he tried to pull shit and shit om the $$$ he loses out on. Jorge is REAL HOOD, you dont fuck with those guys if you`re Conor. And he knows it, too. Conors ego couldnt take that, hence why we`ll NEVER see that fight. Jorge is too big amd powerful for Conor, and even has a gas tank thats like twice the size of Conor, lol. He`d kill him.

  14. All these chip chirp dumbass little excuses woulda coulda shoulda ass nigga. Jorge ran yo shit all fight an would of still the last two rounds don't play that shit

  15. this was the best post-fight press conference ever Nate stole the show. Nate's going on vacation for a little while and Nick's coming back to f*** up the whole division.

  16. There was fear in Masvidals eyes and pale face from the beginning, he was scared the whole damn fight, Nate was calm and calculative, doing exactly things like a professor, and Masvidal was just full on adrenaline and reacting with force with not much thought behind it. Nate was way better in my view and was schooling him, slowly winning the fight. I'd say Nate even won the rounds, you can see the experience he has is wayy more then Masvidals. He actually schooled Masvidal. Lucky for Masvidal he had a way out, cuz that cut was there from the beginning, but when they sensed he was gonna loose. Dana white wanted to protect his GoldenGirl Masvidal and made sure it got stopped before he got stopped >:))

  17. If your strategy is partially to take damage until your opponent runs out of steam your whole career, than it's going to come with consequences especially as you accumulate scar tissue over the years. Nate lost. No rematch needed.

  18. Dana is a money grubbing back and forth lying piece of shit. I love Usman and Colby, but I hope Colby wins so he can slap Dana with the belt like he said he would.

  19. Dude, Nate is beyond punch drunk. How does nobody on the entire public forum worry about his brain. Dude needs to be paid so he can retire. With dignity. He has generated so much fucking money for Dana White and that dude just bleeds him for more fucking money.

  20. Nate bragging about the record for most stitches is equivalent to Brett Favre bragging about his most interceptions record 😂😂😂😂

  21. U know what nobody talked about is how bad Nate lost and how bad he 100% wants the rematch !! Pettis really did cut him in the same spot that shit honestly shouldn’t have been stopped look at the conor fight how bad he was getting lit up conor went dead trying to take him out nobody can say the same thing wouldn’t have happened with Jorge !

  22. Reporter: How’s it being a new father?
    Diaz: That aint got nothing to do with fighting this is war You gotta kill me!

  23. Astonishing video production, i enjoy it to much .. Record-breaking part is 0:41. I uploaded first twerk, Pls check it out and say am I good ❤ 💯 ❣

  24. Conor is a low life scumbag drugger that can't fight taps like a bitch all the time, i think he has lost it since his wife has been getting screwed by his best friend!! Conor only made it because Dana paved the way for him, and we ALL know Nate beat him in the 2nd fight just like he did in the first!!

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