UFC 238: Reactions To Huge Comeback In Henry Cejudo vs Marlon Moraes, Valentina Brutal Headkick KO

UFC 238: Reactions To Huge Comeback In Henry Cejudo vs Marlon Moraes, Valentina Brutal Headkick KO

[Applause] if you give a shit to him [Applause] we have Mexico I delivered in two different sports two different weight classes in the UFC I think I believe I am the greatest combat athlete of all time this just solidified that and pound for pound dan you Molly could knock me out he has a power to really hurt me and he did hurt me he didn't finish me but he hurt me I would remember that do for the rest of my life and so will he it was a scrappy it was a scrapper I respect him I knew he was gonna be a hard fight but we went out there and I got the victory man it was it was it was the will to win the will the will to die man and that's exactly what my philosophy in that fight was it's a bruise I mean I married icebox wonders what you want me to say one of the most brutal chaos we have ever seen while she was like going to the floor I still was thinking that maybe I didn't know how deep it was only after the referee stopped the fight and I went to my corner I saw that she's not getting up and then I start to sink but it's a very first moment it's difficult to think about it you are not doing this kind of ko you will get this kind of chaos and no one wants to get it that's why we are trying very hard to be better than our opponents if you give a shit turn end


  1. It really wasn't that huge of a comeback. He lost 1 round. Big deal. The announcers get too invested in one fighter based on looks or who they think will win/want to win. Same thing happened in Chookagian fight. They were so obsessed with hyping up Calderwood they didn't even notice Chookagian was winning the fight until the very end. They put too much stock into calderwood's mosquito leg kick attack, as if that was some huge thing in that fight. Granted, Moraes was doing real damage with his kicks, he had a nice solid first round, but come the fuck on. It wasn't by any means "over" because of that

  2. All these dudes talking p4p. A reminder to you idiots. Jon Jones has only defended all comers in his division. Never whined. GSP fought every single 170 savage and never whined. These guys win a belt now a days. Then go for 2 and never defend the division. Henry your fuckin miles from thst. Khabib the same deal. When GSP won the strap the second time. He fought everyone in his div till he retired. That's a p4p tupe of fighterbb

  3. I like the music. Reminds me of WWF in the 80s on Sunday morning when COCO B Ware, Andre, Hogan, Jimmy Snuka, Ricky the Dragon and Jake the Snake.

  4. I was hoping it would happen, Amanda Nunes is a meme now. She opened her big mouth and said Valentina didn't hit hard. Only to have her destroy Eye by knockout and have her struggle to regain consciousness.

  5. Someone tell McGregor that cejudo has way more accomplishments then him….we can start at defending a belt, or maybe having a gold medal….

  6. My new go to channel. MMA World is garbage now. Ads all over, and on a 7 minute video they had Kenny Florian for 4 minutes of it. Seriously! Never forget where you come from. They forgot.

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