UFC 230 'Cormier Vs. Lewis:' Top 3 Fights To Watch

UFC 230 'Cormier Vs. Lewis:' Top 3 Fights To Watch

the next UFC pay-per-view event is pretty top-heavy especially when you consider that Derek Lewis is a late addition to this fight card where he will challenge Daniel DC Cormier for the UFC heavyweight championship of the world but besides that main event there's plenty to care about on this night of fights my name's fly-in Brian J and this is my top three fights that I think you need to watch at UFC 230 starting with number three Derek Brunson versus Israel the last style bender Adesanya this is a fight that could headline a lot of UFC events in fact both of their last respective outings were in the headlining spot Brunson is a kill-or-be-killed showman who fights with a lot of explosive offense and near non-existent striking defense but usually results in fan pleasing performances his last six victories are via KO or TKO and his opponent was awarded a post fight bonus in two of his last three defeats the general consensus is that Brunson is gonna run out out of Sanya with his chin in the air the question is can a de Sonia who was way less experienced than Brunson capitalized the oddsmakers seem to think yes the last style Bender is a three-to-one favourite in most books perhaps for good reason he is undefeated in MMA at 14 an O with 12 knockout victories and on top of that he has 75 professional kickboxing victories in just three UFC appearances he has been awarded to performance of the night awards as meatloaf says two out of three ain't bad his style is eye-catching he mixes up his rhythm and throws a lot of long dynamic attacks at a fairly high clip two things are great about this fight we might be seeing the future of the middleweight division in Otto Sonia and if not someone is likely to go night-night number two the co-main event of the evening which is a spot on this car that once belonged to dust in the diamond Poirier vs. Nate Diaz then it was Chris Weidman versus Luke Rockhold but now after a Rockhold injury the all-american squares off against former Strikeforce middleweight champion hon Aldo Jacare Souza Weidman is the former middleweight champion and he feels snubbed that he isn't fighting for the belt right now against Whitaker instead he is here against Jacare but evidently he thinks that title shot is next for him with a victory at UFC 230 regardless of if you believe the Chris is misty AF as Eugene s Robinson would say but not so PG you should know that this fight is amazing on paper Wyden is an all-american collegiate wrestler who used that grind to put away the number one contender Kelvin Gastelum in his last appearance along with many other impressive performances and he isn't just a takedown threat he also has a BJJ black belt under Matt Serra what's intriguing to me is that Jacare is a lethal submission threat with years of high-level BJJ experience and 14 professional MMA victories in that manner it would be an honor to watch these two compete in grappling exchanges in the Octagon but that's not the only place this fight could be fun both men have finished high caliber opponents via KO or TKO as well all of that adds to the rhetoric that this fight is between the former UFC champion in Weidman and a former Strikeforce champion and Sousa I've got my eyes for this one being fight of the night and number one the main event of the evening I know that Cormier verse Lewis was the obvious choice for the number one spot but I want to defend my pick a little bit here there is a sneaky thought in my mind that Louis's fights aren't entertaining but I remind myself that in hindsight they almost always are memorable you could say that his fight against him God who was god-awful which it was but everyone remembers it most of the time this man does nearly nothing right up until he decides to knock his opponent out which is exactly how he found himself in this position Lewis knocks people out and when he does it's in extremely violent fashion alright so he's here a little bit because his star is just as bright as his balls are hot at the moment will you get it on the other side of this fight this is Cormier 'he's first title defense since knocking out stipa mia chick and becoming the double champ a loss for Cormier could result in his biggest payday imaginable as a competitor being pulled out from under him the fight against Brock Lesnar that is looming and a wind could potentially mean a ton of huge fights on the horizon for the first ever double champ champ champ at the highest weight classes in the UFC / UFC commentator most of all the reason that this fight is number one is when there is a meaningful title on the line at any UFC event it's likely to be the most important fight on the car which is clearly the case in my opinion at UFC 230 if you've got a second please give the video a thumbs up and also in the comments section I want to know what you would rate this pay-per-view event on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best fricking pay-per-view event in the history of time I'm thinking like UFC 194 UFC 199 UFC 189 that type of thing those are 10 out of 10 in the rearview mirror but what is this one coming into it thank you so much for watching my friends I'll see you next time namaste


  1. Rampage was champion just before he went on an actual rampage.
    Jones has said a lot of dumb shit and done dumber shit.
    Cody’s tweets show he has said dumb shit without any inclination to stop.
    Colby says dumb unprofessional shit like its his job.
    Connor says and does dumb shit.
    The Diaz brothers say and do dumb shit.

    Plenty of UFC’s stars have had criminal issues, domestic abuse issues, etc. Lewis hasn’t done anything close to that and here, he isn’t really being serious, he is making a joke of the whole thing.

  2. You also forgot to mention though that Adesanya got ktfo last year in kickboxing. So the 75 wins aren’t that impressive when you’ve got a handful of losses

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