UFC 229 Preview Special with MMA Fighting's Chuck Mindenhall | OFT #121

UFC 229 Preview Special with MMA Fighting's Chuck Mindenhall | OFT #121

this week UFC 229 preview with choke men and all you top three you top three for time you top wall chap you're welcome along to obviously fight talk episode 121 this is now O'Keefe and I am joined as always by Robert Palin all right man how's things excited problem because anyone who's looking at the Stars Perico so we've already done the show yeah coordinate to the end here so yeah after talking about it man I'm more excited for op are looking forward to it and what you get paid for that proper yeah well view world and subscribe if you haven't already so you won't miss any of our future content and shows out every Tuesday we'll rob his live chats on a Thursday mm-hmm and this week he's looking for someone to be a companion on us I also check us out on iTunes or whatever you listen to podcasts Spotify and so far they're everywhere share review only fits 5 stars and this week Rob were mainly packed that's not mess around it's UFC 229 it's a great fight card great main event and we have to have a great guest yes all right so we got Chuck minute hold on yeah the man in the Hat and it's a pleasure chatting away with chocolate and we got a lot of his time we started talking about the role to UFC 229 the implications over the build-up Day After Effects we talk everything about we don't really do picks with Chuck we just talk about the event and the lead up to it and everything surrounding it and that myself and Rob we're gonna preview and predict and make our picks a UFC 229 no Brandon Dharma this week unfortunately Brandon isn't well so we couldn't come on so Brandon get well soon my man and hopefully Brandon me back next week he probably won't have Connor wins he'll still be ill and don't mind the Brendan down low into Brandon and then we're gonna end the show where we know me start the show and that's obviously for you talk quick for news you could say it's the only non UFC 229 segment on the show yes so if we quite alloyed at the start saying that's it we do talk a little bit about Roizen oh Allah so if you're not interested in UFC 229 this weekend this is not the show for ya skip like an hour in yeah you not want to listen to this whatsoever you're actually gonna find a hellish but if you're out looking forward to UFC 229 this is your place to be mm-hmm Ireland's number one podcast mm-hmm obviously if I talk mm-hmm and let's get the man in the hat' on obviously fight off you'd like to welcome back the man in the hat' Chuck men and how making must be as fourth or fifth appearance and obviously Froy talk so Chuck thanks a minute again for coming out the obviously fight talk thanks Robbie fellows and it's a big week it is a big week and that's where we want to start obviously is it the biggest week in the UFC history man I'll tell you what it's kind of arrived in a very strangely quiet way I don't know that's the way it seems to me but it's only Monday and a lot of times you know but on the Monday is when you start to feel it I feel like that's when it becomes a real thing it's it's happening on the common weekend and everything like that I started to feel it a little bit today man I'm doing you know you start to do your your preview riding and all that stuff and as I was sitting down to do that you know some hair starts going up on your arm a little bit you start thinking about it you're like I just more than anything man it feels like I think we've learned to just take it all in stride and to knock on wood and just kind of keep our fingers crossed so everything happens as it should and I kind of I feel like I'm in that that state of trepidation with it I want to believe I'm gonna see those two guys walk out but you know how it is in this game man so I'm like I'm excited but you keep it you keep it a little bit held back do you take anything from the stream like did the press conference last week it on insane numbers didn't they don't like 500,000 or something it was like something crazy like do you take anything from that in terms of how you expect this to sell oh man yeah I mean I wasn't sure how that would go I was actually in the theater and it's very very surreal as I'm sure you guys have heard I'm just kind of looking out that basket feed roll of emptiness and and connar kind of had bring his AGame just to kind of bring the energy level up in that room and he was certainly able to do it it gave you a very false sense though without the Irish udon is the pandemonium in the backdrop it gave you a false sense that maybe it was a quiet event like it was not really registering on that level but you know I'm in I'm in the theatre itself and you start to see those numbers afterward and you realize that you know it's every bit as big as you kind of thought it would be if not more I was a little bit surprised that a hit you know half a million in the stream and the numbers that MMA fighting were you know we're doing and everything like that yeah I thought it was uh let's put it this way never longer felt like it was hyperbole one that you hear Dana White saying like that this thing could you know top out a you know two point whatever million two point five I think he said that seemed reasonable at that moment and I still feel like we're just now getting into how big it's going to feel by the time it gets here were you surprised from me watching it oh it was away when I was watching a bull as I was watching it there was no what's the best way of phrasing Conor McGregor when he seems to talk to UFC he does his American Irish accent so that the Americans gonna understand them oh yeah that was gone and that press conference he was 100% Crumlin Dublin Joran that was not noticeable when you were there or did he just sound the same to you you know that's really interesting man I had not really considered that but it's kind of thinking back on it a little bit I know what you mean he certainly did strike me as a very Irish version of himself um that's just really weird though because I've never considered that he has you know tried to make his voice a little bit more easy or his easier to understand for American audience um I dunno there were certain times like when he brought you know there's a couple times where he was talking where I personally couldn't understand what he said and and from that from Matt's perspective yes I see what you're saying man but some two years away right like I know he fought Mayweather and he got a taste of an epic stage and what all that means but two years away a man maybe is maybe his roots are fully with fully back right now you're not I mean so but that's a really interesting observation because now I just sort of put it down to it he was so amped that it wasn't as much as some of it was there like the little hidden nagging pan in the inside pocket like the likes of that boy I thought it was less theater and more real like he was well you know just as well there wasn't a poster at a leader he was in that sort of mentality where he was ready to attack and the mask was down if you like yeah it was weird I know Dana white use the word dark I would say that that's the best descriptor I've heard of it because it just had like a very personal Flair like the tension in the room got very thick and I felt like as you know each time he's kind of just jumping on you know I'm on every little thing that he thinks he can get into Habib's head with you can see a little bit of agitation or you know it'd be best to actively become deaf to that like he you could see him putting through the process of like he doesn't matter doesn't matter it doesn't matter and the way kind of just kept you know just going right out of him man I mean personal stuff um you know a little bit I wouldn't say mean-spirited but you know what I mean I think he's definitely digging into his arsenal more it's more personal the bad blood is real and I thought that O'Connor was he was selling that bad blood man I really believe he was doing that and he certainly didn't sugarcoat it for anybody and you know it's it's kicked up many many little fires you know what I mean like in this whole process so um it was it was interesting man I do think I didn't think anything was particularly below the belt but it certainly had a dark edge to it I was like I came away from and thinking like wow so that wasn't the Conor McGregor's expect he actually thought maybe we'd get a little bit more of a subdued professional look a guy who's been out for a while who's made a lot of money I thought we might see him in a little bit more subdued for him especially coming off that dolly incident everything else I thought we might actually see him dial it back a bit but we got just the opposite I mean he's kicking his feet up just like normally yeah that's proper 12 he's shouting out all that man I just thought that you know he was he was cover any any lack of energy that was coming from the room itself he was making out for a man and it was it was pretty it was like it was its own spectacle on the other side of it then then what did you think of Gibbs reaction cuz he seemed quite he'll he's he's so stoical at all times I was very interested in his reaction I was like I'm not you're the one thing you want to see is is he getting under Habib's skin do we see any kind of any moment you know how these things work you start to get a gut feeling when there's a psych psychological edge in play I didn't really pick up on much of that man I I felt like he was able to kind of just you know ingest it I was I always I think I mentioned it like it's like in the cartoon swallowing the bomb and there's belch out the smoke you know yeah it was like that whatever he was thrown at him he was just like whatever take it and move on but I will say it at the end there are a couple of there were a couple of moments where I could see him looking over more and I could see is raising his voice he's trying to finally talk over corner which was not the case for the first 30 minutes of that press conference so you know how it is there you might start seeing just a little bit where he's coming unhinged just a tiny bit but I think he's ultimately the kind of guy who he roots himself in the knowledge that comes Saturday night or you know in a couple weeks from that point he was going to be able to lock the door and and be able to inflict bodily harm on him and I think that literally his mind and as this this discipline of mine keeps himself there I think that that's where he's rooted in that idea a sticking on press conferences but not the one that happened donuts coming up do you expect a similar performance from McGregor and a similar performance from khabib on tours daily that would it'll be interesting man because we saw during during McGregor's you know that four stop world tour with Mayweather you know he had a really raucous and really almost in poor taste showing in Brooklyn if you guys recall the whole you know pimp garb and everything and he came out in by the time he gets to London you know it's back to business he still was loud and boisterous and audacious and all that but he had dialed it back it'll be interesting to see because he certainly listens to critics he doesn't necessarily dance to whatever the critics are telling him but I think he listens he's well-read he understands his critics he understands the general zeitgeist he knows what people are talking about at all times it'll be interesting to see if he dials it back or if he comes on stronger he's just such a master manipulator when it comes down to a man like he can go into any situation and and turn something into a visceral event like there's something that becomes then personal not just for the between the two guys but it becomes personal between nations it becomes personal between his fans and I think that that's just the however he thinks he can achieve that the better but I feel like I I don't have huge expectations that it's gonna be just the same I at this point man I he could come in as anything for this and so this fight man I feel like I'm just kind of keeping it there you know anything you don't wanna have expectations on it I just want to go in there and see what he comes up with it's it becomes part of the fun honestly man to see what form he shows up in this is open to the public isn't it the one on Thursday yeah yes it is so this one obviously is going to have the thing that he was craving from the last one and I think obviously man two years out you guys know the Irish come to Las Vegas they take over that city man and it's it's actually a lot of fun even for me you know because you they if they recognize me I become part of there it's just the energy there is like a it's really like nothing I've experienced in the fight game so I think two years away and just given the matchup and the bad blood and all that I think it's gonna be a raucous scene madam that's the that's the kind of thing that I personally love is when you can get excited about a fight you know what I mean at that stage and to see all the people and all the belief and all the gambling and everything that's going on in between it just makes for a you know a mad scene man and that's what I'm expecting and one thing you just shout there min ago was you're at Butler proper 12 whiskey and one of the things in this foyer that I think is really interesting is like the politics around it how big is that for Conor that he has his whisky on the canvas scone and this this is like unprecedented for for anybody in MMA in the UFC everything about him is always unprecedented it's like he's the one dude who keeps moving what's precedent and what son present it was a little surprising but then I thought about it I was like you know seeing him last time at Madison Square Garden in the wee hours of that night after he'd picked up his second title you know he was talking about part ownership you know he was talking about the far-fetched nature of the next time we might see him in the Octagon and I thought that what what form would this take what would it be well you know with the UFC actually make him a part owner well how would this look well here we are and obviously he just picked up nine digits in that boxing match he comes back he's got a couple of business enterprises that we knew were coming and now one of them is sponsoring his own event and the USC to me it almost feels like this was part of the the New Deal the the compromise I feel like this was however you want to look at it was just something that they worked out to kind of put him you know like he said I'm unprecedented kind of give him the next step up from where he was before to give him that that kind of a little bit of the power you know this going on with this whole thing so it didn't surprise me and everything he's done I mean even you know I don't know how this how the proper 12 is selling in aisle I heard it was flying off the shelves you have yeah and here's just very difficult to find but I know one thing I posted a picture of this on Twitter and I'm I got a deluge of people just asking me how is it where can I get it where can I get it who puts out a whiskey that gets that kind of response man I feel like it's just the dude whatever he touches at this point man it just turns to gold so I will say that this doesn't taste like gold this is it's pretty good it's comparable though it really is comparable to like Jameson a little bit sweeter but some not bad not bad err supermarket chain that are I think that remains a ploy or the Tesco's ready I think so yeah and they literally have a sign up that says two bottles per customer yeah well not sound more dodgy off the shelves yeah it's great and you started going for 40 euros right like so that's each bottle so I mean that's that's pretty crazy man I mean he's lining his pockets yeah but again what what what a lot of people may not know is he also has set up on it that a percentage of you knows the first responders it's pretty good absolutely so that and that it's not just Irish for responders it's wherever you're blowing the bottle it goes to that place and like that's something that you know gets overlooked I think a little bit and you know guys but it's something you said about something I know what a father can do I don't know if you've ever seen the YouTube channel MMA on point the guys brought out a video there last week about the top ten things that only Conor McGregor could do and get away with and it's LITTLEST from everything from nocturnal to a press conference to constantly being late to you know jumping the cage and this I think is they need to add this to the list he's bring out his own whiskey that's gonna be on the canvas in his own main event oh yeah it's insane to think about what he does I know it but my question is is this in some way it's incredible obviously for bran McGregor both for order fighters what's like it could be put a man in here to fight this guy and his logo is embezzled on the canvas he's fighting so what does the what impact does this have for dude our fighters on the roster I mean it's always been ever since he's been kind of making up his own rules and accomplishing these things setting the bar higher and then you know leaping right over that setting the next bar higher I feel like he's been a source of both aw and resentment with in UFC fighters I mean I think that a lot of people want themselves to have the exact same opportunities but they just are not Conor McGregor I mean it's as simple as that like there's very few people and honestly it really does come down to that you that it factor that we talk about Conor McGregor's the is the exhibit of it right like he's the guy who calls the shots that you know wins the fights who you know transcends like every time expectations rise it's very difficult imagine acquiring the kind of wealth and fame he has but yet still exceeding expectations at each venture I mean everything he does he still exceeds it I feel like that that that burden alone to try to meet the thing that you set so high would it would eliminate 98% of the UFC's roster so is it for guys to do it you know it's one thing to talk to talk about the to walk the walk and to just keep doing this stuff meet each thing head-on and really just come across I mean he's had missteps obviously but he how compelling he is and who he is keeps erasing those things you keep wanting to give him the benefit of doubt you want to see where this thing goes he's perfect on so many levels of what we consider entertainment and what we consider honestly for being real the limits of a human being like what what can one human being a contest really his thing I mean at this point it's like how high can he go you just did to me whether the thing I thought that was about as high as he can go now he's doing this stuff I don't know how high this will go like if he breaks the Yossi's record for pay-per-views and all that but it really does start to fall into a different kind of entertainment it becomes like you're watching a person to see how much one man's spirit can rise into these situations and that's the difference it's like all these other guys you know it's you can go out and start your own whiskey thing you can do whatever you want but to be able to get that placement there's a whole backstory to that and obviously we've watched this thing play out man since is going back to you know you know his early fights and all that stuff so it's like just to watch him incrementally achieve each thing it's never been done everything you guys mentioned that we're done precedent that's kind of how he's been the whole way each thing is unprecedented and we're just at that next step and there's just not there fighters can get mad about it or they can try to embrace it they can figure out their own niche in they own their within the way that they think fits that they can pick up his cues but really there's nobody who's gonna be able to do he's also first you know to do a lot of the stuff so for a second person to come in and try to do some of that stuff it's it's not going to work so he's just he's all those things may checks all those boxes and that's the kind of when you're that kind of pioneer I think you do kind of inspire both resentment and envy and all that stuff you know what I mean that's the thing as well you mentioned it it seems like every time he comes back at something unprecedented in terms of like him coming back this time I think you're right I think that whole advertisement thing is probably walk on him back it's like eopsi probably got it you know bigger paycheck and whatever boy it's it's not getting down on the canvas but like what is next are you it like he's gonna be looking for something even bigger so how did the UFC getting back and like why is what's he gonna request he's not request our ownership again probably and so what do you do to get him back next time how can you go bigger than what they're doing this time part of the intrigue to this thing is just trying to imagine a world where he goes in there and just smokes up even among them a dog because where does that leave things I don't know I mean obviously we know some of the potential fights he could have but you were then it's like we have everything with him it's not as simple as just a you know matchmaking it's not a simple thing anymore it's like a very complex how big will this guy get and I mean honestly we just how compelling he's been depending on if he goes in there and does that it's almost like I honestly can't really fathom to what extent he will what his next hand will be and it really comes down to the one thing he kind of mentioned in that press conference was that he was back not so much for money but because he loves the sport and things like that this is something we haven't seen that was a little new wrinkle it's just kind of getting into into his passion again or into that side of things again rather than just the kind of materialistic aspect of it you know I mean so I think that maybe you start to go into that little maybe it starts to go back a little bit where it starts to say like I've accomplished these things now I'm just going you know it's going to be about fighting for his own passion and legacy and things like that that's a possibility but he is 100% of businessman so how he handles himself and what he's able to accomplish with a victory stay tuned I mean that to me that's a that's an exciting prospect because we I don't know if we'll ever get this again in the OC and we certainly have never had it so it's like everything he does on that level becomes massively intriguing to me it's interesting that you said that as well because I'm not sure if you've seen he did an interview with the mock life so his own like it's get basically state-run hair state-run TV from agraria boredom he's in an interview and that was a lot a lot of what he was saying in that interview was basically what you said it was it's not about the money it's about kind of legacy it's about the lover the sport that he brought up new divisions he brought 164 he brought up tyron woodley again he brought up GSB so do you think that maybe that's what he's you said that's probably what you're gonna deal with looking more so maybe 165 division or 170 rather than you know the the stake in the company he was going after yes um I do think that I think that you will you'll look for the the next hurdle because you know the dangling carrot method he used was basically whatever you would accomplish you it says something higher and you know or far-fetched to accomplish and he would do that this one obviously has come back it has its it has its um you know it has its goals and its apex as if he's able to break that pay-per-view record he will have done it again he will done something new and unprecedented ah so okay you're not sure to what extent that could be but if he does go to if there is a 165-pound division I almost guarantee you he'll be there right away for that if it's a hundred seventy pounds you could see that too just given that that's the next challenge I mean that would be you know right there at GSP fight I mean again I think that a lot of people you know it's hard when you talk about a fight like that hypothetically you can kind of get excited about it but it also there's just so many what is involved in that but if they actually signed on to fight that becomes a massively compelling fight I just think he has to have a mentally I think he has to have something he has to have a higher fertile just because he feasts on doubt man I think he loves it when people kind of doubt that he can do something and he wants to prove people wrong and so yes I think that that part of it just improving on his legacy and where he's going to leave things when he's all done it'll be some step towards that I think what I find intriguing about this is and this is how magnetic in this magnetism is Conor McGregor he's fightin can be northern metal and we have barely touched on khabib so far so we should talk about when I talk to the Dagestan well but that's what I mean like here we are where we've chatting away about corner well he put his toughest longer ahead of them on Saturday night walked it I guess I want to kill Mayweather bull when you look at like the challenge that's in front of them like is is this half the fight for for Habib as well though like because he's fighting the powerhouse not just the man standing across the cage but he's fighting against in some way a franchise in Conor McGregor is that the hair part and the big challenge and what does it essentially have to do to beat this well I think the first thing is just simplify what you just said to simplify it and say like it's just me against the man you know when he goes in there and he fights Conor McGregor to basically strip away in it that mysticism or any of that big the big scrutiny and everything that goes with it I think you have to look past that and he has to kind of Center him so I think he's really I really do believe he's honed in that way with himself who's seen him in moments uh you know I don't think that the moment is going to be very big but I don't think it's too big for him even tomorrow me know that's part of what makes this a compelling fight we saw guys honestly they would never admit it but yeah I mean you watched guys like Dustin Poirier you know in his fight I felt like he was affected you know by the time they stepped in there obviously you know guys like Chad Mendes who was kind of thrown into the situation you just think that at some point there was a lot going on that they had to try to manage I don't think that he's going to it'll be see I think it's gonna be interesting to see how this plays out over Wednesday Thursday Friday the weight cut how everything goes because there's gonna be a Matt a lot of press there man and I think it's gonna feel very big and it's gonna feel like it's the most historic thing for khabib nurmagomedov has ever done so it's like does he bring any of that in there I don't think so I really don't think so I think he's his whole quest would be to simplify and say like Mike bowl and even strip it back even further is just a double-a or whatever it's going to be and try to take him down and and dictate his will over Conor McGregor I think that it was that you have to just be as simple as that with it it could be those win this and there's a lot of people think and I he will smoke him pretty early if that does happen where does that live khabib in terms of his popularity because we know it doesn't really work like that you don't just beat the guy and take his popularity so where do you think that actually leaves khabib is he gonna be a huge star if he does smoke Conor McGregor that's a really good question Mandy I could see the reverse honestly I could see him you know because you saw guys like Chris Weidman obviously with Anderson Silva Thea know and even Holly Holm $0.20 with Ronda Rousey of course there was a lot more hatred towards Ronda Rousey I think heading into that fight then there was for some of these other guys icons and stuff like that Conor McGregor's an icon he's a very polarizing eye but I think that a lot of people who are on the outside looking in they look at Conor McGregor as the guy they see him as be Mike Tyson he's the guy that they probably feel is invincible they'd if they don't follow the sport they probably just assume that he's tearing everybody up and that there's nobody really on his level but this guy to come in and beat him if a beat goes in and beats him obviously that's going to be news for a big portion of the world like I think that's going to be the type of thing where they see it and they you know they're just believing and it's it's almost like some franchises come to die or so you know it's left off on some sour note that's not going to do who'd be no mermaid of any favors man um I honestly believe you could see a situation where if you wins he turns into a almost a villain kind of character in this whole situation where people will hold it against them honestly for kind of shattering their own delusion on how they had kind of a Burger King so I could see that happen I think he will become a bigger star I'm not sure he'll become it's not like the mojo switches like a baton though it's not like all of a sudden he's gonna be opening up his own whiskey line and but you know you know I mean he's gonna be dictating and make it and asking for ownership of the UFC it won't work like that but he may end up I mean I think you come out of it bigger especially with a win but it may be bigger in a sense think now people want to see him lose and I don't think that he's in that position just yet no do you say that actually just think and that's something that I never really thought of you know outside the bubble that work on in people don't really know could be if you don't know how how talented he is do you think that Warren that that makes this a really really as I was tough away from McGregor in terms of like what he can gain from the vs. why you can lose cause like usually when you have a champion or a challenger coming in to fight the champion it's the Challenger that wins the Challenger that gains everything I know it almost feels like he's not when you put it that way that he has a lot to lose in this this really depends because this is where the UFC as a promotional enterprise needs to build up of even among the made out this week they need to sell him as a you know this more who's coming in – you know who should win who's never lost around they need to sell those aspects to the point where it's ingrained in that larger collective I think that but when when the outside starts to really believe that there's doubt on this fight that should win the fight or is a favorite as a legitimate favorite to win the fight then it translates if they don't do that job and Conor McGregor somehow wins this fight I see what you're saying it almost feel a little bit like a travesty to a small degree because you'd be like people wouldn't realize just what a feat he just did I think that that's that's certainly a part of it I love fights like this because there are so many aspects like that perception becomes a very profound thing you have to you want everybody to meet on the same page perception wise in terms of the magnitude of something like that but I do believe it's the UFC's job to sell that magnitude for him under manga Madoff so that everybody knows if Connor gets through him there's an astonishment to that there's a continued astonishment to his feet and I think that we will that's the one of though that's one of the subtext for this week can they get can they really build that up cuz right now heading into fight week I don't feel like a bead has that I don't feel like people on the outside are really worried about him as a challenger I think they're still looking at McGregor as the tyrant because they know who he is I think they need to get could be bond the Michael amar toe cuz he's actually quoting from the years of watching him on MMA hours over he's great great on the mic and I for one would 100% boy number one bullshit vodka bully I almost gone back to that do you think then in the same way we're talking about if Connor wins GSP Woodley 165 all these type of things robbed on alloy Chacho in the week where you made your highest bracket he made a bracket almost like an old-school tournament and he got the rankings from the different way classes for 165 and and and set up a tournament bracket and you said the majority of people pick B be able to win to win it so why aren't mi opportunities available cuz me I know again as you say rob us in a bubble we appreciate what could be beers and just how good he is but surely as you said with promote in the UFC if they do not right opportunity's not there for it could be to go on and fight GSP to fight Tyron Woodley like surely they should be there well they will be I think they will be especially because at that point he will I think he ascends to a level even within this hardcore sect that we're talking about like everybody knows who's watched and fight knows how good he is yeah they know how dominant he is it's I think he'll he'll be able to achieve somewhat of that status you know with the victory here but I think in part is because you know he's been in certain fights where he's fell out of he's beat a couple guys who didn't really have sexiest names you know at weird times of cards and things like that he hasn't had honestly he hasn't had that definitive moment I know we've seen him just pulverized guy like Edson Barboza or something like that and we think it from from the guys who watch this fight you're like nobody does that that's an Barbosa that's insane how that that's astonishment but it's not an astonishment that goes out it doesn't have an antenna it doesn't go all over the world I think it's one of those types of things where this would have to be his moment and if you can a man I mean his will his style of winning is interesting because some people you know ground-and-pound is not always the sexiest thing for people to watch his his brand of ground-and-pound is very alluring I don't know too many people I know there are some people who don't like it but the way he does it that he just saps the will out of somebody and just has a conversation with the cage side people around him and stuff like that is interesting and if he's able to really do that in this situation like I said there would be a massive amount of hate that would come off with this because of all the reasons we stated but I also do believe though it puts him in that bracket you're talking about like I think because everybody will seen it also in the GSP a guy who like if you say huh be even GSP might fight you have two guys who fight similarly in terms of how they SAP the will and a fight colliding and one guy being bigger and all it becomes massively sellable and intriguing for a larger audience so there's so much like that at stake man it's just I just I find it all fascinating I think when real time that's one of the great things about a fight like this is that every little action carries such an import to history it's like every little action and there is going to dictate kind of how how how things play out on so many levels so it'll be interesting to see honestly man it'll be very interesting to see because it's impossible to really gauge what the psyche will be what coming out of it you know I mean you'll probably be able to answer this question a bit better after tourists am probably after Friday book and there was a lot of discussion around the media going into this and how how they didn't really start promoting until very recently and a lot of people thought was the wrong decision but the UFC but now in hindsight are even looking now from the press conference and then what we have coming forward the failure was a good decision that the UFC didn't like promote this week so and again it's probably hard to tell now because we still have a lot to combo what's your thought on that so we see because some reason against hearing it it feels anti-climatic that's going to feel like a failure on the UFC's party feels anti-climatic on saturday night something went really really wrong and we could we'd have to go back and actually look at the whole thing and figure out where but i honestly didn't mind it because one of the things i don't want Mike is if you're having if your pay-per-view business those of your big shows like for instance that show they just had in Dallas it wasn't the greatest show but you wouldn't want to stomp all over it by having a big press conference about this fight oh right you're just you're you know you're kind of cutting off your your foot to like you know whatever on the other side it's like you're you're you're doing detriments you're so I think that the UFC it doesn't matter so much I think that's where I'm at right now I don't think it matters so much that they kind of waited until it got a little closer to kind of get rolling with it I to me in the aftermath of that first press conference is starting to become very real very quickly it started to get legs I'm a little surprised I mean obviously we've seen them do like world tours and we've seen it all don't build up where they're going that you know into different countries and they're doing all these things well I was a little surprised initially that they weren't going to do a little more like maybe at least a couple press conferences to kind of generate that but given the may weather situation there's sometimes a little bit and this was why it's good he's come back up two years there's a little bit of overkill going on with Conor McGregor and I think that partially there might be like a a little bit of a UFC edge to that saying like hey we don't want that either you know you don't want to you don't want the point where you you're inundated with with what Connor does and you get a little bit immune to hearing his his talk and all that stuff so to me I feel like we're getting just the right amount I mean it sells itself on some level and I think he'll be no expectations like I said but I think come Thursday when they get together at that press conference man all this stuff we're talking about will probably seem frivolous because I think he's going he'll know how to sell it the thing is gonna feel big I believe as at that moment it's especially as I think ahead if you haven't even touched on the rest of the cab you won't take my time because I honestly I do yeah perlier fight and but I do sometimes when you look at a fight on paper it doesn't live up to its expectation I don't think that's gonna be the case yes I don't like the old saying of styles make fights and I think special fighters make fights and I think we've got to the the best in the business stepping in I'm sorry I can't wait to watch it I can't wait to read all the better after the fact and you're there your attending enjoy the fights and and thanks again for on I give him so much time again joke we really appreciate your talking with us here and obviously for you talk for them enjoy the fight to a man and enjoy your proper twelfth peers fellows thank you so much take it all the best yeah great I was a pleasure talking with Chuck thinks he's a better version of me with analogies yeah brilliant yeah no big fan of Chuck man my favor MMA Royer outsider not just cuz he was on yeah assembly favor I didn't say I didn't like your side you're doing that thing where you're like oh you're not picking Connor McGregor to win you obviously hate Conor McGregor hey car yeah let's let's go on to that and let's go and pick our fix and that's time about the big fights again that wasn't spoiler that that wasn't spot I'm I might pick Conor McGregor let's see no Troy color on your but yeah let's move it on and get to me and Rob's pics and let's talk the fights we're gonna cover the main just do a little spell so I can make I'll do me spell at the end so I can make it bright outside just cuz you know yeah be better if we have a bright one we on this curve you brightness let's get to a Rob UFC 229 khabib vs McGregor goes down this Saturday night in Las Vegas Nevada the United States of America Brendan domina fortunately isn't with us as we said at the top of the show to break this down for me and Rob we're gonna go this a little different rather than me in accused of being biased cuz we're Irish we're gonna look at how each fighter can win this fight Rob okay and so let's start forced I suppose wit and the champion could be no go Matt of Naga Magomedov hold it like a matter of holy butcher Habib's name that was terrible hey this could be win this fight and I thought it down hard he did a really really good breakdown of this have you watched his inside the Octagon very busy man yeah having watched Harry and I'll do a synopsis oh yeah I will this will be my watching I totally done a really good job of hooking up both sides and and looking where each coil could win and and you do have to think that for khabib to win he needs takedowns you have to think that I don't think it's hey yeah I don't think it's a case where like it's it's troika versus grappler only I don't really see des like I think it's a superior grappler versus superior striker but I still do think that could be needs takedown so in the fight and Conor is traditionally pretty good at not being taken down in most fights the Chive men that's where he was taken down and he has been taken down a few other fights and we videos tend to pop straight up and but I think it's gonna be pressure pace takedowns for the baby to win the fight if you look at say the Nate Diaz for you even the second 80s for you put in particular the four stone and the Connor had I thought you done some really good stuff in the second one and I think that may is a difficult fight for Conor stylistically anyway and not that Nate and khabib have a similar style but they do excel in certain situations in certain areas I think the pressure is similar as in Nate won't come forward and look for takedowns like that well he's always coming forward at you I think kind of had a problem with that and I think as well khabib seems like he has a great chin he's been here a few times we haven't really seen him get hit clean like if you watched a Michael Johnson when we up this is always been brought up even done hard he brought it up which is a bit surprised but like if you actually slow that down that footage down them shots barely actually hit khabib most of them hit him on like the shoulders and the arms I think was like one shot I hit him a little bit and it didn't do anything you know it Brady even wobbled him he was a bit off-balance that's a um but I think that if you have a situation where Connor needs to take a rest because the seems like Connor in the mid rounds and you even admitted himself that he kind of slows down a little bit and if you have khabib on top of you during that time I think that's gonna be a huge problem for Connor like huge problem for Connor so bail goes right Danson and now is dawn bell goes fight starts what you see here do you see could be brushing in too close the distance to get a takedown what waits just cuz cuz khabib isn't your like he doesn't shoot from where you John I mean he doesn't he doesn't do a big power double straight off and change levels and get in he tends that gets close and gets takedowns that way is that what you see again and this one I don't know actually because like coming in you could have two things like you can see two things you can see you can't really see could be striking on the outside but also if you look at the way Connor fights he loves when guys come straight up so like his coach Javier Mendez to be saying okay we don't want to do with Jose Jose Aldo I'm just running and I try to take him down straight away that's you know you could get countered that way so I don't know if you're gonna have could be it just run as I am even though that's what could be does like do you think it'd be able to be in looking at the you brought up already Chad Mendes for King he's gonna look at the chat man and go how did he get Conor down with yeah probably although that was a long time ago and that Connors game planning that was really really weird wasn't it Conor was coming forward very sure it was very short now is he had an injury and I know Mendes didn't have a full can't beat her so he slow down as well Bullock it was almost like colony we had an injury how to get him really quickly because he came forward almost like could be but like not in the same way he came back he came forward striking but like he was his hands were down he's just trying to land shots trying to put everything almost like they're the ds4 to force the SI as well where he came forward and was just trying to take out Nate Diaz really really early and he could see Connor was gas and if he didn't finish that fight in the second round I think not that Mendes what a warm cuz he was cast as well but I think it would have been a very different looking fight one thing that I was like about watching could be before he is he's a total fighter that he changes takedowns yes he doesn't just go for takedown and lose and then he'll go for it change was single he lose he resets he started does this little little jog and he comes back in he doesn't seem to get um discouraged boy not getting the takedown for him that doesn't affect them Paul in this one if he tries to get Connor is how important is it for Conor McGregor to stop that force take there and if he stops at what could be even more said I don't yet Kiev's like getting discouraged they don't think because he misses a lot of takedowns so we actually look at his takedown rate I don't know what that actually is I don't think it's great is a UFC you have me here he only has a forty forty percent yeah so he's gone for a hundred and nine takedowns Anna's got forty knowing him and bear in mind it was twenty one of them takedowns on one foot yeah that's that's interest what was that that was against your absolute I am and trio now was there was harsh I was a hardcore Jesus Christ went 21 times he told me yeah I don't think it's not gonna discourage khabib if he doesn't get a if he doesn't get takedown early straightaway but it's just weird because like I clearly think this and I said it to Brendan Brendan actually agree with me on this as well is that I don't think Abby has fought somebody with the hands of McGregor but to be fair nobody really know may has hands like McGregor so like if you look at the way strike and just the accuracy and I suppose the power as well the timing because like that Josie al don't want like you can look at and hindsight now but nobody was picking Connor McGregor did no kioku Josie aller and and that was kind of tough away as well was a bit weird because Josie Allah doesn't really do her he wasn't really um far with a strike I think that was a little bit of McGregor being in his head and I don't really expect could be teared up what could be does doula you know that's that's the weird one like you're kind of say you know khabib kind of runs forward hands down sometimes although we when he strike and use his hands were Poli but when you looking for takedowns his hands do come down obviously he's getting trying get takedowns and that's where you see the gregor trying to land the show but you know logically you think he's not gonna do that but that's the way he fights some was he gonna changed a couple of points number one do you think a lot of people have fallen under the thing member joe roblems like he looks amateurish ever his striking us off the air you think people have got that and here's a weird fact I don't think a lot of people notice 70% is again according to ufc.com seventy percent percentage total of strikes avoided could be enough yeah he Britt doesn't get here very often in comparison to Conor McGregor his avoidance of strikes is 57% no granted Conor stands and trades a lot more yeah could be bored but is that a surprising status that's something that you know you brought up in some ways that this the shots with Johnson didn't land so are people discrediting his striking defenses in knocking hey yes I'm waitin be a lovely yeah exactly know it may wear a role or hide behind ball yeah this that's a he doesn't get here ball as you said is that's just because he hasn't Fossum with destroy can a Conor McGregor I don't think he has I don't think he's fought anybody who can really strike going backwards and Brendan on a great breakdown he was like a year ago on Conor the way he strikes going backwards away and again in Dan Hardy's won this week you need to watch that because he goes into how we caught Eddie Alvarez and his his use of range and that I was absolutely brilliant and that's the best that's the best version of yeah yeah the way he showed was the way he he almost faked there was range so he true like AI think was the left hand boy lower range and then sure was like a sloppy little job but then in the next combination he just shifts himself a little bit forward to his fee and then he he gains like 12 inches of range or 10 inches of range and so stuff like that but I don't think that could be worse for anybody who has the ability to drop back and land ashore as Kabir comes in I don't think he's really fought that many guys like that you know most of the got two really good strikers he's fought and penny people have brought this up like the Edson Barboza his country destroyed going backwards because his best shots are kicks you know and that was that pressure given fits but then I also think as I said if Connor can't land like I need to be does learn that great show like khabib hasn't shown a batch in he's shown a really really good change so even if Connor does land ashore and khabib keeps coming forward you can't see an 80s looking for you that's that's the big thing about this for you isn't its he'll just kind of react to the takedown but it's also Harris could be backed if he gets hit yeah that's I think that and we'll find that out on Saturday no we will find that out I think pretty early in the fight if khabib manages as he does to all his opponents and somebody said to me you know I a he gets in there but he doesn't do much with the fifteen minutes yeah so that's that's one strong point that that could be passed here and do you think that's his gonna be his game planners in a lot of people think of Conor McGregor's gonna win it's gonna be a boy knock it with and that low and poor which could be do you think he's gonna drag him into the deep waters and absolutely drown them there and potentially go twenty forty minutes a lot of people think that Conor will quit under the pressure that could be got some is that the path to victory here for could be Norman have to get it to the ground there what he does best and basically knock the wheel at economy here's it here's an interesting thing I was thinking about when's the last time you've seen somebody Floyd Connor and imposed their game plan on them I suppose in some ways it's it's it's 90s like which one the fuck to second boy forcefully in some ways both of them I just think the second one McGregor dealt with it better yeah McGregor knew holy I can beat the shit out of you with ya gonna keep coming towards me he sort of brought that into his brawl yeah but even the same time that sort of a fight that Conor wanted so yeah yeah the second floor thought you made some great adjustments and again back to the inside the Octagon with Dan Hardy there's leg kicks where you yeah and the way the way he was stepping into range and not overextending on his left hand was beautiful I don't I think that was more of Connors game when I thought Diaz commune with the exact same game plan but Connor for tada but I can't remember the last time somebody came in and really put a game plan on Connor where Konoha petroi figured out mid for you you know I mean Mayweather like that's that's different and so I think like what's fascinating about this is that khabib we never could be wants to do in every way we just know what it is and we know what Connor wants to do and at this level like with these fighters who are incredibly talented and just unusually code MMA they can come in and do what they want to do even though there are going knows what they want to do they find a way to implement the game what do you think the argument that could be it hasn't for anybody I get it and it is to the Connors father bear guys I think that's indisputable but I do think that if you look I say top six in the lightweight division I don't think there's much difference between those six guys really think in terms of skill and talent just because you know some journalists from ABC comm that's actually real t XY Z and that has votes for daca babe is our that somebody is six not four yeah I don't think that really makes a difference I think the top six guys in their top seven boys probably all freely closely Titan and so in fairness claim and his toil could be had about 17 different opponents he doing something that I want to bring up there we started talking about how can I come in the for you he done somewhere he sat low to sorry and get ready for the take down the block to take down and Alec window is a tough veteran of the game as well tough fighter and you know was a hard for khabib to take on short notice and win he wanted well it dominated yeah board am some of that I think far away well you look at Michael Johnson he yeah and I would criticize Johnson in the past but like you look at our da what he don't already a gentleman like so yeah Connor has fought the better guys I think well you can only be what's going to exactly yeah and could be Norman it was fighting fuckin Russians and you'd have to imagine that back in the day when Kabir was coming up a lot of people probably isn't for him you know because he's a nightmare of a soil where his people saw Connor as they like a lot of people saw Connor has this overrated guy he was coming in with a milked who has a lot of popularity I can go in there I can wrestle him and beam he had a lot more people asking for that for you do you expect cars again people shit on Connors jiu-jitsu Connor is a brown belt under John Cadman doesn't give out belts just because hey you're with me x-man he gives him a coat around right so a lot of people shit on his jiu-jitsu because Nate Diaz joke to me but Connor was nearly I was on the verge of TKO there yeah and when we did see him grapple we seen him grapple against max Holloway with a blown fucking knee and his grappling looked incredible and his grappling in it was a great name I remember who done it someone's done a great breakdown of Conor it wasn't but I know Brandon Dolman but I was watching it on like UFC as well where they Don his grappling against Eddie Alvarez the little things yeah the ankle pick up against the cage and stuff like that so Eddie couldn't get the sweep and stuff do we think that Connors ability to get back to his feet is going to be a big pack and yeah stop uncle baby yeah he's gonna get taken unless like something like the jaws the other four-year it happens like that quick finish he's gonna get taken down and then it's all about coming back to his feet which I think he can cuz khabib he'll get some takedowns if people get back to their people and as you said it's that chain of the wrestling it's the deep just resets and this little jog his battles as he goes back to work exactly yeah I do think he can get up and as well nothing else broke quite a bit when you're talking to Connors problem was and the ex guard sweep against Nate Diaz as well and which is like Holly level you're not gonna see that it's somebody who doesn't know what they're doing but like I don't really think that if it gets to the floor you're gonna see Connor trying to work off his back eternal and something he might sure you know if it gets in the guard emote Roy elbows like you did against yes which would be smart but you can't see him like looking for triangles or anything like that and I think it's all about getting back to your feet and it's just icky the game plan would be fun be just fascinating what's gonna like what's the game plan on both sides so that's that's what that's what we think it could be he's gonna get it again into the ground dragging Connor into the deep waters making them uncomfortable making hell for a man and then even on the feet as well because once Connor gets tired you seen against Nate Diaz yeah he got tired and it was he was moving away he was moving away and khabib has some good shots he does have some good shows is that what we think it is gonna be high pressure of high pressure I have to try and burn the energy tacky that's where he might see the weakness that's where I yeah that's what I'd say yeah ok let's flip it Conor McGregor win the fight I think it's in it's in those little moments where Kobe was trying to get the takedowns where he has an opportunity to land um and as we were saying I don't think it was for somebody with the hands like that so I'll be very interested to see if Connor can look at what Alec went the don't not the same thing because he can't just stand there with your hands telling a job and if Connor does that and because Connors like a great striker he's still gonna get job there he stands there was hands down the front of him trying to look like trying to stop takedowns poor he's never done that against anybody you know he's fought some good rest there's not anybody to the level of could be might even Mendes poor I think it's gonna be Landin in those situations where could be but looking for the takedowns and he can do it yeah khabib comes in and he throws shots with his chin is there he hasn't been caught and usually when he's on the outside he's freely defensively sound but like that shot is there you can you can see him he's definitely open for a shot yeah and but as we said I think a chin looks like it's solid I think slow is the wrong the wrong word but he leaves openings that so many is at least as Connor exactly yeah will exploit yeah and like I think what Connor holds more than any opponent that could be he was far previously is power and short range almost like Kill Bill getting out of the car yeah like one inch punch he only needs that brief moment when khabib enters to look for a takedown he only needs that that they exist an example is the Americas brain is your Paco like if he catches cookie with that those are the ones in there the little shots that short range if I think it's huge especially I can see Connor do know it's funny like I was referred to miss Travis Browne elbows but I caught it on the form yeah but if if if kebede gets kind of I can see him coming down with these elbows looking at Connor as well I know he has to cope way poor he looked big in the arms yeah again that could be for digging for underhooks a try and Paul could be a backup as much as people question Connors gas tank I'm rightfully so because there's evidence of it you know he fades and in in the middle rounds but trying to get the takedown is exhausting as well so if Connor is constantly fighting them getting on their hoaxes I'm pulling Kirby back up and making a big walk in the grapple and leaning on could be even letting him carry some of his mass as well that can tire could be but grappling field your arms and I think I might be looking to exploit khabib get him tired create their mountains and even extend that little window for them shots yes it will tire Connor but yeah i 100% think that mcgregor is gonna be looking for short range distance shots yeah like coming in catching them coming in yeah that's that's the big happy to step off I don't think he'll put himself up against the cage I think it's fort walkers what neither his legs are gonna have to be like eels yeah as soon as could be gets a grip of him get out of there not mess with that but expect them every time that could be B if he does get a takedown it's near locked he's gone at land nasty elbows and Troy's could be open from either standing or from the bottom it's vitally important as soon as he hits the mat that he doesn't let his back hit the canvas he has to start shrimping and getting over there straight away I think he'll be doing that rolling with the likes of dill and honest and legitimate champion kavanah del I've been drilling it thoroughly so I actually don't see if you look at his well Peter queerly in the camp Peter is like a grinding wrestler soil as well again not to the level of could be more a matter of bow that's there I think is well footwork from the box and cook them into place it sounds you don't mean that getting out of there creating angles not allowing a straight set up for khabib but I really do think the the way to win this for a firm O'Connor is in them short ranges as catching could be of and as you illustrate him alluded to earlier his power gone back that's yeah there's nobody acidosis the momentum of the guy coming in you know and again it's all kind of hypotheticals and this one which is brilliant for for looking at for you and it's the reason we this for you is so intriguing is because we can say that could be has these defensive deficiencies coming forward because he's looking for takedowns boot nobody's been able to exploit it so it's all like it's all saying can Connor do this we've seen Connor do it against other guys but these other guys Erica babe but then when you look back and I still look back at all the woman and think the people now were saying oh well you know yeah but like nobody was picking that kind of finish and although just does not come in like that we still have a whole week for you know the Moines games that happen I don't know you see different you see all you actually was watching that press cups quite funny go on open an elevator with to dagestanis yeah poor damn my games it is because I think Kabir doesn't understand half of what he's saying yeah I don't think he doesn't so it's just the aggression maybe other yeah well like you know your ass to show each other I mean like chemically yeah it's like what we think it's a very what is this like yeah I don't think it's gonna get it could be bought if if you can do it if Connor can do enough to get ticket could be detroy want to punch him that's a good thing and and I don't think could be able get the corner some people are saying although Connors invested because he's being crazy Connor does this all and I'm damn Brazil yeah it's that illusion he tries to give the origami illusion that he is absolutely insane and he's coming in to take it off think both him and could be able with to Cuba's people in theory yeah 100% yeah they will be it's I don't think it's gonna be a mortal thing wrong question here where if could be you can't get to take down how does that affect them if Connor lands a big left hand I think Abby keeps marching forward what does that change in my show up I don't think it changes a whole lot because the team to McGregor would have learned a lot from the Nate Diaz for you look I was very very impressed or when he came back for that second one because the first one he landed a few shots on me and Nate wasn't moving just wasn't moving and he just continued to trial and the shots second way if you go back he dropped him walk three times two or three times to Utley remember the tail was straightening three times and he was fine he was he was grind you know and it was still those moments and that's the big problem where he got tired boy it wasn't the same fight where by the end of the fourth round McGregor was breeding heavily on a still he was more calculating I think he learned a lot from that one I know you were saying with it and because I asked question move he hits me doesn't Paulo I think the actual order for you that gives a better example of that is Eddie Alvarez yeah well Eddie Alvarez down a few times yeah just went down to follow up the ground that was not done okay exactly and that's one thing as well I think boat boys but then just like on them if you are talking about McGregor and how he'd wind I think people are a I don't say on the rate is intelligence and in the fight game because I think a lot of people give him a lot of credit for that but like if you go back and you watch the adjustments he made in the 90s for you or even even as comments after the Aldo funnyand stuff the way he was talking about like time and beats power and all listen and everyone who said this guy is a team kerlick he's not he's not this brawler is a real tinkerer and I think if he's look at the way he's developed his style it's actually quite unique because what does he do like when he strike and he's coming forward with his left hand well if you were if you were looking a sope what he generally want your opponent to do to move towards your left hand and took the guys he constantly allows them to move jobs away and we spoke about this before we overextends not left and lands it's almost like the deception of range and and he's developed that that's something he's developed he wants guys to moved with right which is completely unique for a Sopot it's not something you see a lot how many times have we seen big pointers like say Roy Nelson it was it was at one point it was a top-heavy way but how many times have you seen him chasing guys around trying on hand this big Roy how many times are you saying that he just couldn't develop that game with like there was a problem that had to be solved from McGregor is that everybody knows I have this insane left hand they're gonna move to my to my right that's gonna happen how do I fix that how do I make that work and insane macabi they know I'm gonna go for takedowns only takedowns to win fights I need to pressure guys how to make that work and they both made their styles work so I'm very interested to see how they make theirs taller Wilkins this you know what my madness is about this for you and this is mad to say this from either side but I genuinely think either one of these guys can make the order look like they shouldn't be in this yeah okay just I agree yeah like khabib can absolutely destroy Conor McGregor with wrestling it could happen and that's not under estimating are putting Conor's grappling down or you know you know it's not shit nah I'm afraid it's just like oh it's just khabib is that fucking good look at the way he mauled people yeah balls people turn of the coin McGregor could absolutely destroy could be pick him apart drop him and finish him with ground the paper and people be going holy shit and that's not the shit anka Beebe's defense but i honestly think it we could be talking about either scenario on Monday next week yeah Tuesday airs but I honestly do and that's why it for me is like what's so intriguing about this for you is there the difference in styles yeah the difference in the help our fighters approach their mentality going into a fight how they build a fight how they approach the fights everything is they're polar opposites of the era but yet they're gonna stand across from each other on side you know and I just think either could happen but Rob I'll put you on the spot yeah pick what happens I I said this all the way leading up and I haven't changed me pick I'm picking Kirby but I think a baby wins the fight and the more and more color is not going yeah the more and more the fight week goes on and it could be because like I'm surrounded by everyone who saying I'll Conor kind of weird because in Orland that's that's the that's what people are gonna say and probably reasons like especially casual fans and so I feel myself leaning towards Conor and that's probably why it's probably because of that and it's also because of the breakdown at Dan I already don't I've seen a lot of very smart people who cover the sport pick Conor now and a lot of fire that your favorite now pick Conor law of go people Paul just can't get past those little moments when Nate Diaz had Connor running backwards and I just I think if that gets that situation which I might not and why not get that situation the Connors layoffs yeah it's gonna be good for his body though for his body and tired yeah and he admitted as well that that's a problem so we if you come out on live television appreciate you said it at the press conference for May Mac he said ah the Diaz fluently come on said a couple of times he said I clearly have a problem with me card there was certain points it seems like I slow down then I get me second wind yeah so I'm sure he's trying to address that but can he address it enough to deal with somebody who has that constant pressure constant pressure constant pressure and I don't think so boy I could be completely wrong it's a it to me it's a coin flip and also Connors a big on the dog and like in terms of like if boy at this stake I think he's like a tooth on the driver something like that so it's probably warp on someone um there's actually some really good on the dogs in this card and we all just say that happen I just see Connor khabib hasn't shown you in this chin 25 minutes no I think it's good I think it'd be like a finished boy like strikes the tour around or something like that just like I thought that gonna be a mall and parting would be one of them ones where and just be able to learn the few more just few strikes for the fight to be stopped before we came on here I just watched the Mack life interview and I said here when I was and like I know I'm gonna get all your Irish and you're picking them okay seven men could be be fair belzoond best way in the planet yeah so nobody beat them and for me it is yeah 100% I'm tryin beers on bias as I possibly can in this show yeah but it's like me if I was on a football podcast I'm not a talk with a terrible man you know and whatever yeah you know in fact I'm a Conor McGregor fan I like watching Conor McGregor fleet and I just think he's a special athlete I agree I really do and I just think this is a fight that Conor has taken personal I don't think that's going to affect them when he gets in there watch the interview after you've listened to this with Connor and Remy gotten if you haven't if you haven't watched it already and tell me you don't believe what he says yeah or HC Conor McGregor horton khabib in the first round we'll finish him in the second alright I can see him being shot his shot selection I can see him getting taken down but I can see him getting back up and almost that moment where against Chad Mendes he looked and was like yeah this is it yeah now you're done and I can see him Horton khabib I can see a mixing up the strikes I can see important and getting me over there in the second round and and TKO referee pushing them off kind of like I see it does Jefferson like this that was them you can also see what you say yeah yeah like I think both sides are completely viable like I could be sitting there on Saturday no yeah after two for your hands and go Tommy I could see that happen you know it took one name there I could see that happening and there is certain guys and I think Abby has it a little bit probably not quite just yet because he hasn't really and he hasn't read or mo Connors doing so far in his career boy does those foyers who when they say so me believe it and it's almost there almost like the protagonist in a movie like he can't see them losing never get back like it's like their day that the star of the show we can't see them losing Connor has that little bit he does and it's in fairness I said Connors a special athlete and I think the same of could be yeah babe is a special athlete and boy I just think you know every fight stands on his feet that terrible old analogy but it's true yeah I can see Connor Horton could be I can see him taking advantage of them small openings and I just think nobody hits the Conor McGregor in that way because yeah be very very interested to see if Connor does land the show how could be reacts and and how well he takes it because I think if Connor is to land a good show it's gonna be you know the shot where khabib doesn't see so that could be the one that finishes and boy he takes that type of shot well I think Connor could be in trouble boy if he does wobble Kabira on something like that because I think that's like a real possibility like I really do think is a real possibility what are they we gotta go we gotta run through because time is the essence here and so your comment event Tony Ferguson Anthony Pettis and this this is a real one of a question of what-ifs as in what if our what hell hell is Tony Ferguson after tripping up over a warrior kicking a metal pole how is he coming back into this foot and it's a rich it's a really interesting one one thing I was thinking about coming into this room was that I hope for Tony Ferguson sake and for his team shaken and his fans sake that it's not Tony Ferguson come on back because this is a yeah an ideal time to come back as it is this is a perfect time for Tony Ferguson to come back he's on the card with we could be even Connor he can call it the winner and after his fight obviously he's not gonna know the winner is we can call him whoever it's gonna be and and he's back in the mix because you I also have and a few fights coming down the road worrying and Nate if that's not gonna be for 165 and he were taking on shorter hunted into the ring as well so I think it's a good time for him to come back but I just hope for his sake he's not dealing because it ah yeah and he's not fully recovered I think this is about so as I said there's a few times I think it's a fight about normal love because Anthony Pettis want somebody who will strike with him and Tony Ferguson will be crazy because I remember me and you were talking on live chat when I was doing one of the live chats and everybody just saw Tony fairings gonna absolutely rooms rewinding Pettis and we were almost when it looked when he lost a dozen party well you look what those Emporium Dustin Poirier is the G a contender and 165 potential champion Paul like for me the big question is exactly what you said is Tommy very solution back to quick and Tony Ferguson his style of fighting he gets caught he gets brought into Wars as well he's done a fantastic when Street m4 against streak and the last polar and yet the last one we seen him in real trouble was probably getting slammed overnight at that time and that's he underestimated London Anna is he on the resident and a very creative striker Anthony show Tony Perez could be and swinging with me here I said it on the thing I don't and I'm not saying it because I don't think I'm overlooking Anthony Pettis but I do just think Ferguson is the better fighter and he's so close to what he want where he wants to be and I just think there's no way he's gonna lose it this close to he knows the very next boy after him is McGregor could be if he wants either one of them and Anthony Pettis as much as you know he can great Troy come on his last four well with a choke yeah triangle choke he has the finishes but he's win lose win lose when loses last few fights well yeah I think momentum is a big thing but for me a hundred percent comes down to how quick fractions turn around but then I'm gonna pick favor yeah I'm picking Ferguson as well but you also have to look back that say to Barbosa fight where Barbosa was chin more put body kicks Anthony Pettis will absolutely love that prospect and land of vinod a who's the creative striker like Pez who can land some good shots and wobble Tony Ferguson a few times and a lot of another creative striker but he hasn't really shown to be the finisher that passes so pass gets Tony Ferguson a little bit of trouble I think that could be a problem for for Tony Ferguson again it did a few fights ago we were talking about Antony pass it's easy dawn is he you know don't in this top ten and put he's on his way back I think it's a great for you for PES I'm picking Ferguson poor man hey this is a big on the dog going into this and I'll be putting some money on I'm 100% and someone you know but yeah facial picker gotta go with Tony Ferguson there's an interesting one M OS p is the the gatekeeper of that division I think at this point probably unfortunate for him put up a good fight against John Jones Dominick Ray has a lot of people are talking about him coming into this as a real prospect and I definitely see it he's a really tall guy I think he has a like a tree inch reach disadvantage against OSP even though he's a taller guy but that's okay for him because he likes to actually fight on the inside his most his best work on the inside and if you look at his last one and it was a beautiful little short uppercu and counter which was just brilliant but he does still do to some things especially not last when I rewatched his fight with him Jared cannoneer and he does a few things where I think OSP can capitalize like he went for the single leg takedown and his his head was just there for a continent for a choke and you know they always peel off his chokes and his head was also there for elbows and shots and that's what kind of near win for so I'm gonna go with OSP just on the veteran savviness well I could see him getting finished because Reyes is a definitely a big prospect and I think he's known now at this point and I know a lot of people are talking about and I'm very interested to see how he can progress and it would not surprise me if he warned and he's known the dog so again it could be I think it was actually a big or a big favorite which is kind of interesting yeah and go check doesn't shower nope yes sometimes he looks like you know somebody's welcome up and put him in the cage and then other times he looks fucking great so it's it you know me I'm on the way one here on thing and veteran here both you know as we said the whole gatekeeper thing OSP is 15 to 8 so he's like 2 to 1 basically and Reyes is only 4 to 11 which I guess he's on it he's only a great streak at the moment and he's knocked out some good guys and they've been devastating knockouts his hands are really really good but he still does a few things that I don't like where he trolls like kicks and doesn't the sky's them behind hands and that's something I think OSP can capitalize on would not surprise me if he comes out here in the absentee recs OSP because as you said doesn't really show up sometimes but I don't know I think just based on the odds as well it's kind of saying I liked you on the dog hair like OSP in the veteran so I go OSP but I'm not hugely confident mark he was your confidence and he's back in there taking on Alexander Volkov and I think the black piece will want to entertain the fans here yeah I think so too because that last one was it was a shit show yeah he can say but a big I think a big big one here is how was it back yeah you always have that question going in don't you and Volkov hasn't been anything both impressive I think I think in some ways this is a harder fight the Front's in the garden I think some ways as well like Volkoff is very very smart he's a really really crafty foyer and be for Dillman his last one knock them out beautiful finish and you know he definitely some problems on steroids yeah I'm fine with thyroid ear although he will dispute that and I'm gonna go where Volkoff here and I think Volkov so go to pick here I think Derek Lee was if Derek lose can like land something and you know hits the floor and he can get his ground up and go and get announced because his mouth is absolutely devastating you can you can do pretty well but volkoff's you know you can fight well at range I think that will frustrate Louis yeah that's that's my point here he's just like six foot seven yeah he'd or something yeah he's like a fucking giraffe in the age but he can also play well in clothes as well so and I'm gonna go with Volkov for me Volkov wins put again another one on my heels you come from this is there a really go carried off you know it could be surprises border yeah I'll go with Volkoff and rapper to tomorrow just gonna do today Jason won't be on Heath camera there you go folks there's your invitation to come on the show and Michelle Waterson takes on Felice Herrig open up the main card you're whispered yeah so the karate hottie coming in here one for each one and asked for you eric is always a tough opponents coming out for us though but I wasn't yeah for this one again for me this is a pick'em of sorts I don't like Michelle Waterson at this way I think she's too small and Felice Herrig cooks quite a bit away to make this way and and she's a decent grappler Felice Herrig and I do think that Michelle Wars and there's a bear grappler I also think she's a better striker when she's on game and but it could be the size that the problem could be the Soyuz here Felice Herrig is big and let ik and what I'm gonna go for Michelle Waterson I don't know I don't like her at this weight but not a pic of Michelle wars and I think she's got at range I think our strike is really really good and my grappling you could say off our back she's pretty good as well so even if harry gets takedowns I can see wars and have some kind of success with sweeps and with with submission attempts but you know Sawyer's I think is a problem for Michelle Waterson she really is and I'm wait as a I'm we so add yeah but I'm gonna go out Michelle Waterson to win and the weight is 5 for 3 against 4 for 4 yeah that's weird I was saying about all hands ovince st. Preux sometimes you just doesn't turn open I sort of find out with Michelle Waterson oh yeah I mean watching her it's almost like she doesn't pull the trigger or something when she's fighting and you're like come on it was she was on ESPN kovar wasn't she as far as it astray that's the course yeah please Herrick I'm gonna pick as well isn't this one these cards so they easily go their own forever and then we're not gonna because you picked different yeah but yeah you could easily go for even five and you could go on forever yeah crazy and what may get robbed we're not gonna look forward on the main card and because a show gets edited backwards as you will see sometimes so we have a guest waiting in the wings board an absolute cracker know your fights ahead I cannot wait for this afield haven't I was really excited for the two Woodley carrot well I haven't been that excited for a UFC card in the world yeah that bomb by the way city a hundred thirty thousand or something okay yeah Lisa streams yeah yeah you need some weight for this stuff they need to look at their price and plan better hundred percent yeah just not gonna boy look so much like eighty quid or whatever it is in the States for nothing yeah great car I can't wait but I think we should talk about some order and I'm a what else happened this week it was fights to the starties bomber yeah ballot are it's all there let's move it along to your quick for news so moving on would obviously fight hock something that we normally start to share with but we had to give huge detail cars to UFC 229 so we're gonna wrap it up and finish it up this week with the obviously for you talk quick for news and a few things happen in the world this week except and a wet outside I should say away from UFC 229 yeah so this is where we have two minutes on the clock two is Amoy clock yes your clock and so lock with two minutes on the clock and we discuss and the subjects so for example all they're forcing all their force okay okay and there was plenty of MMA fights last weekend most notably Bellator 206 and Roizen 13 what's your thoughts on the big winners from those two events well Rampage Jackson is clearly on a roll for the heavyweight title and you know he's the new danger in Division I actually enjoyed that for you rampage in Mandalay yes it wasn't rampage in Mandalay from the early noughties sure how he described as like two dads that were at a already can drink pill party that were just windmill nature yeah pretty different Wanderlei was on the back foot constantly and running away from rampage and it just looked like the shots that rampage were Landin were more significant he was Horton vandal a regular day did land pull it just didn't seem to affect yeah it's always like it was it was entertained and I actually watched a Carl old house from the show and the first thing I noticed was that Vandelay he looked like a completely different guy than he did in the UFC and I'm pretty sure even his last one and he just looked completely different he looked all being in Mexico he looked old he looked like he was you know 40 odd which he is and but to be honest it was entertaining for you put their voice in the card were some really good fortune we go performance for a beautifully arranged it knee and next up is attacks name when Rory got to went for the takedown together he just now what it is Rory's Knowles just isn't yeah but anyone hits that target now it's gonna affect them please don't be the guy that says I knew this was gonna happen beforehand but I didn't expect I actually picked Rory to win I tell you would look better I didn't think I'd be dis one side I guess you you talk gay Gertrude winner boy did you expect them to be did as funny enough when you know what I was when gay guy for its gonna win well he did I'd nearly said that's the best version together massage we've seen in a long time like struggling to think of a better performance for him yeah and he made he made Rory MacDonald look like he shouldn't be in the same cage is pretty much yeah and is ground control which is funny because Brendan actually picked Rory to win but ground strikes and the tornado way that even the size difference it was there but I didn't look huge to me just look like it was it was now I mean huge huge it wasn't like crazy but yeah I talk gay guard what's next is dutifully well I don't pick up beforehand for a wrestler yeah holy but he does have a pass and striking both Jesus Christ like that guy is so talent it's ridiculous he's so talented and the way he goes to the body like he had him Hort and he only is for 14 mm a door that was forcefully wasn't over v fo e Darwin doesn't really matter and he had him Hort and he pursued the finish but he pursued a smart he was going to the body he was taking his time in the claimed she wasn't going crazy it was just a phenomenal performance boy ago he remember we had Jimmy Smith on and he was telling us about this before yeah we are Jimmy Smith on and before is forced for he was telling us that Bellator are all in discord I'm not gonna give him cons they're gonna give him really tough guys to fight and that was another proof of our amigos skill pops up yeah man you haven't seen this way shank as well people for Bill performance from him and cro cop one as well that was nasty forcely Bob sup yeah Bob's up I was in a fight I can't remember his opponents name able to he absolutely enormous karashi that's the one two enormous guys just beating the brakes off each other at times it looks like it look like Don Frye and takiyama not quite with the clinch work we're just waylynn leisure a swing and a chatter and SAP didn't top out early so that was interesting and Horiguchi for and hari Gucci for attention or something man yeah yeah big time and I think Dad yeah it was a monk a cro cop worn by cool heat Reuters fucking nasty elbow caught him open and yeah that was the wind but yeah Rosen was mad as well the UFC are changing their anti-doping policy you can take all the drugs you want now sweet now don't open violations will now only be announced after the case is fully resolved is this a change go change for the fighters common sense seems to have prevailed yeah can you imagine if in an alerting in life like you're up for a crime yeah you're guilty yeah start saving time prison there you're doing yeah I mean I didn't know be gone with you hold it is quite weird that they announced it now we can understand what they all say a violation the violation is a potential violation in the MMA community and we'd be one for a bit fuck's sake take yeah you're completely guilty until proven innocent yeah in a world so yeah backwards console so like this is this is good it's good for change you also having this brackets Sean O'Malley out of U of C 220 yeah you've seen this no no no this is crazy man very busy man am I was off today Sean O'Malley basically comments and revealed that he failed because the new policy is that they won't announce tomorrow for you so he's not gonna fight so he said that he failed they're trying to get today today whatever he failed for he said it's a tainted supplement as everyone goes all right no it can't be marijuana because and nobody change the thing where it's a prescription no no remember to change the thing where you can only fail in competition for marijuana so it has to be like 24 hours before the fight so can't be that ask me something else done what it is I think it makes sense so I am tainted yeah I think it makes sense that so it's gonna be funny this comes last or recording this Forester say now this comes last I'm gonna probably touch on this way Chuck mendenhall yeah so you're gonna look oxidized 20 minutes ago I think darkness will focus over for ya consistency yeah oh well not for you not for do list yeah but yeah it is cut 100 percent common sense oh but it's gonna be quite funny for this case exactly yes Holly off the card no that's the weird one like what's gonna happen when they don't announce someone's I hope due to drugs and there's a yeah he said boy can't tell you well it's obviously drugs Dana White says we may see John chance versus Daniel Cormier again but this time our weight class up he told TMZ the hatred is real with these two men it's unbelievable I would like to see it I think the fans would like to see it what would be interesting is we might see it add heavy weight so do you reckon Brock Lesnar is not dealing well in the a you sad a testing pill I don't know I just think it's um ya know I just think it's that Dana White once Daniel calling me to play again afterwards Cormier is adamant that he's not gonna fight after he well 40 is that right um two fights left that in potentially two fights left so I'd like to see it but I wonder if there wouldn't be as much of an appetite if if John Jones didn't fail that second test because it was fairly you know 2 fights 2 wins for John Jones he really won see the force one I did the third one so you know now that he's failed I want Daniel Cormier almost has that little you know what you were on drugs for that one he might have been on drugs for a Force One let's see what happens when you're not on drugs you know you have that little gimmick to go its I keep saying it it just embraced the he'll be the dickhead I've heard some people say died they think that a fight with John Jones and Daniel Cormier which suit I mean you call me a bear if it's a heavyweight do you agree with that one no I think these most heavyweights anyway mm-hmm I do see John Jones that yeah wait listen John Jones yeah Jax John John yeah look I think hi I'm CJ I think epi need a heavyweight probably like the only way I could seem losing as the heavyweight is if you fired someone that came Velasquez oh yeah you know that style the only thing my team does an argument to say da DC is bear a heavy weight I think we have we have plenty of evidence to at least argued I see 40 in an hour yeah he's never lost he's never really looked in trouble a heavyweight we're like heavy way he has against a few people even the ghost fight was kind of closed early on so like I think you can argue that DC yeah he's also Jack that's insane unbelievable yeah and just you know you pick things up you put them back down again you pick them up you put them back down again you just keep getting bigger and bigger the way it works Bellator MMA continued to raid and pillage Bombers ranks with the appointment of former Ballmer CEO Dave green as the head of Bellator Europe Bama fighter and reality star Aaron charmers is currently in cord with the UK promotion overs contractile status and tweeted his surprise I have to scroll down in this – yeah god damn it Ireland schirmer's tweet so the person who had me in court for eight months is now in charge of Bellator Europe but I can't fight because his leg up toward a Baba Booey they told the fuck what does this mean for Bahamas that was actually pretty decent difficult we in that voice monkey that's monkey dance this room has me in court for eight months this is in charge of Bellator Europe but I can't fight because he still take me to call Obama put his appellate oh the fuck it's pretty good apologies to all Jordi's yeah I'm there I thought was pretty good that was from years of watching Boyka growth yeah so that's that is yeah it is a weird one and poor Aaron charmers boy I would imagine it might go away Mike await him there's a good chance I might go away they've been lovely bulk I met Dave and a few occasions while working with power and lovely bloke bored and what does this mean for Bama yes I Pam is just completely fucked I don't know what's going on lately because they five date books we haven't had one fight announcement on the carrots on what the 9th of December or something like that yes Emily that we haven't heard that no we're now they've signed some foyers por las the CEO yeah they've lost our matchmaker yeah they've lost 90% of the royal race roster max need to know what is that open invitation to anyone for barman who wants to come on yeah yeah speak openly to us about what the fuck is going on a bomber because you know silence is deafening for me coming out about I mean II have said something I know you just haven't seen it yeah but like you're a busy guy a very busy man but there are two months like less than two months away from a show on the three Arena and we haven't got as much as you know I think I could be wrong I think plane or Driscoll was put down for a world title shot or somebody I think I could be wrong with that so apologies if I am poor quick grant grateful dangerous potential patria arena looking for our boy what else are they putting on the car yeah hey it's it's a weird I'm nice right it's kind of sad though as well because they need to speak up though they need to say not busy what's going on or whatever you know and it's weird because a force everyone talk are you know ballot are are just going to put them out of business are sown and other fighters and yeah so that's two big loss is he fucked it looks like it does it looks like and then you look a cage warriors are going straight destroyers early for the ones that Baba don't saw for Bellator don't saw in cage where he's her son so like it's a is I did hear someone said it to media today that they heard that bomber was bankrupt now I don't know I'm only saying what I had sony saying but it's very strange to look at them like they were having such big success yeah having huge except Jota basically was right this is my analogy of about Mahatma Bassett and the sports no bomber were going out with this girl right and there was a lovely relationship and things were hungry and one night I said you know what savage reason okay let's get your mate round have a threesome right so how to trees them I walked out well everyone had a good time but then to tell who what are people talk I like you more let's just take everything day after they've taken your car they're taking your CD collection you know the minute they've even got the puppy you know I mean that's what's happening they basically got off so you know you were doing well by yourself we just had to have such power in this scenario as in big big sign in the Rolls Royce that they talk ya know Matchmaker it is sonic sense it put it is sad about having hugely remember a few years ago like it was probably what two three years ago well probably but two years ago when we kind of started the show yeah bomber was was just starting to come over yeah and you're starting to put on all the Big Show's and we were praising cage warriors weren't around yeah yeah cage warriors are started on a sabbatical yeah pretty much a poor one like when we forced our corporate know we used to go into detail about the biomechanics we use that Rex like fine my guests arm and it's sad to see you like if it is like again we're pumping a little bit I should here and presume and poor it doesn't look good from the outside all ashore today on the saying you know gives your fuckin cage that's the next day a headline Bellator MMA sign bomber cage well I hope it's not the end because bomber has given a great platform for Ori foyers their war shelter better as well yeah and they really have to be in it they're being what they've had about five six shows here in Orland yeah big shells Rob yeah big shows no dad cool there's a lot of promotions down the years that you see and they just happen to fade away yeah it's always been around though its way when you look at bomber because why do you are nobody I'm fine with 23 or something but yeah enforcement the same thing should be more doesn't yeah Paul a big venue supposed to have been big venue expense offensive yeah live broadcast expands yeah I wonder what the turnover is for our show you know yeah anyway I'm just totally tailing off and discipline yeah yeah but now with it like again you know what is once the Moyes is ones growth and you're sort of saying that maybe a little yeah we'll see what palette Ordos now hopefully or if it looks like there are at least got a portion York so that's that's always a good thing as well so cool episode one to one one to one and get ready I know I know we'll even just wanna be Obama but that's you man what a for you let us know what your pick sir its comment below on youtube or on the audio app that you use if it allows comments it's it's such a weird when I may have said this earlier on in this show there just isn't the same atmosphere leading up to any UFC no it's not Connor not it's not it's and I don't know for years all these are so boyish they're just there's not and I don't give a fuck if you're American Canadian Australian Japanese yeah or Irish there's just no build up a madness Luke McGregor it's gonna ramp up this week as well and you know who needs a comedy roast when you're gonna have the fight yes I do you know you're Monica wait some ways for in our cards cuz it just I don't know what's gonna happen no nobody does oh yeah except for jesus H Christ to you well Jesus hates Christ so yeah that's gonna be the fight I'm Saturday no we are gonna be back talking about the fights what happened will it be meltdowns will it be madness will it be follow from it well if somebody said something they got Connor Royal dog park to get Kitty Royal it's all gonna be ahead and we'll be talking about it next week obviously for a talk episode 22 put thanks a million again for a chuckman la for coming out and joining us thanks to Rob Palin for being here on a day off he made his way into the officer can record thanks to me and Praveen here Brenda Dorman I hope you get better I have caught on oxy Oh could be able no it won't be done actually Twitter but thanks for tuning in I'm T's next week Cheers peace


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  2. Okay gentlemen forget about Tuesday. Need to bring this war meeting forward to tomorrow under these circumstances. God speed.

  3. first time listener…you guys do a good job and having chuck on is how I found this!! I'm interested to see tferg fight and I think khAbib beats conor is rd3 by ref stoppage…hyped for this event and please so more rizin talk!! they have great card after card and have yet to disappoint but don't get enough coverage…i think fans are largely unaware how good that org is from presentation to matchmaking to stories via confessions series…ive watched since rizin 1 and the nye show is gonna be best yet imo …hard to top 13 but the typhoon kinda made it more rushed than usual..expect takada to be mostly naked hitting a gong on nye show…especially because for first time they only doing 1 show instead of the 2 shows 3 days apart..it will be huge and kb tourney should be great…tenshin and horiguchi was close..i did feel that the low blows slowed gooch down and he shoulda took more time on 2nd…also it was close enough to send to rd4…but tenshin is great and that was kyoji first kb fight…he is one of the best mma fighters in the world …rizin is full of talent tho I'd love more coverage!!

  4. Great show guys. Chuck was cool. The fight, well the fight, I wont see it. I'm heart broken. But Team Khabib, I hope next day I read he won 🙂

  5. I love what Bellator is doing right now. I've been hyped for every Rory fight so far and haven't missed any and it was a long time ago but I didn't miss Chandler vs Alvarez 1 or 2. Aaron Pico is great for them and Mousasi is a great champion for them. They still need a lot more talent but they're doing alright and I hope some more UFC fighters who feel they aren't making enough or whatever, just go to Bellator if they get a better deal. Before I NEVER wanted anyone to go. But now I feel like the sport is healthier that way. UFC needs to get some of their own shit together too though. They've made the sport a bit unhealthy at times themselves.

  6. I'm putting money on Anthony Pettis too. Also on Volkov and Formiga. Who do you have in that one? Sergio or Jussier?

  7. Ah great preview talk lads, it sets the stage and the juices are flowing now. Im similar to Rob in that im from Dublin and I really dont mind/care who wins as long as its a cracking encounter. I seen him in the Helix and backed him at 4/6 v Hill which was sale of the century in hindsight.

    Conor looks as strong as an ox right now. In that video with McGahan is looks like hes still a good bit to cut. Hes always made the weight so far so I hope this wont be problematic this time. Strange to hear him talk about creating more divisions, that makes me think he has his battles with the scales. Why at this stage should he be so concerned with that. Is it that he thinks even when he squeaks in he wont be see at full strenght in the actual fight.

    Hard to know how this will unfold but looking forward to it. If Conor cracks him early and rings his bell it will help him stuff take downs and the writing is on the wall for Khabib.
    I think Khabib needs to be on his bike in rd1 almost to the point that the ref will need to have a word. In the 2nd he should pick his spots for a take down. If Khabib is holding sway mid rd2 with no damage shipped I think he will have the measure of Conor.
    The truth is nobody has a clue!
    Chuck was a great addition, hes a class act and its a coup to get him so full credit to you both for all the work backstage which we dont see but appreciate.

  8. ræy nice breakdown for two Irish lads.. id like to mention that khabib never gets hit when he shoots in, but its when he tries to close distance in standup.. when does shoot from distance its usual when he has opponet on the back peddel and he shoots very low and out of reach from hands.. conors big chance is slowing khabib down with body shots amd kicks in standup when khabib tries to close distance.. khabibs chance is when conor misses.. (conor misses a fair bit in standup) like mendes did.. im pure standup conor merks khabib and vice verse on the ground.. conor might get up but hes gonna waist energy, slow down and be open for more takedowns or even standup cone mid fight.

  9. This has been all on my mind since yesterday and has today, you guys just made more anxious which I didn’t think possible. Can’t wait for Tony’s return as well, cheers!

  10. This is the most subdued Khabib we've seen during a stare down. Usually he's smirking, and even pushes his opponents during the face to face. This seems to be him following Javier Mendez's advice too much of not letting McGregor get under his skin. Khabib seemed really tense. I don't think this will have much effect what happens when the cage door closes because Khabib is tense all the time. He's an intelligent grinder, not someone who relies on flow state.

  11. Brilliant analysis lads. Chuck is deffo one of the best pundits around, good to see him back on the show.

  12. I'm Irish but I'm with Khabib.. I come from a long line of Irish psychopaths in my family. That's why I have nothing to do with them anymore. Conor reminds me of all the worse ends of being Irish. Fickle and violent and reminds me of my fucking family.

    Ireland is not a country of fickle thugs

  13. It's time to knuckle up and get it crackalackin men. 4 days. 4 days til Xmas. I hope this is a good one even tho I want Khabib to maul him like a lion on a gazelle. Think .i'm biased?!

    Always happy to see a new episode boys. If you build it they will come. You may have to look that last line up to get the reference, idk if that made it across the pond.

  14. Also another great show lads. Nice to see you back in studio, looks much more professional. Shoutout to Chuck M too, IMO the best MMA writer in the game.
    Keep up the good work lads

  15. Its FOOKING FIGHT WEEK!!! I've already sacrificed 2goats, an eagle and a bear and I pray every night to the MMA Gods to appease them and keep this fight together!

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