UFC 229 Media Day: Derrick Lewis Scrum

UFC 229 Media Day: Derrick Lewis Scrum

real good you know I'm able to stand up a little quicker whenever I'm in my bed to stand up there haven't been any problems there's been a problem in the past as soon as I stand up like heavy just lazy but now I've been feeling a lot more even shrunk a little bit in my legs and stuff like that used my legs the rear swollen I guess because I've been holding a lot of sodium and I haven't been drinking a lot of water but lately I've been drinking a lot of water and the doctor told me do that and my body won't go into like some type of survival mode on the water into it'll fighter an asterick yes I've been trying I told Rob I wanted to try to be a professional you know I wanted to take my training list serious my diet and stuff like that last series because I haven't gave myself a 100% chance you know I've been hearing all the stories about guys really training in gym all day long I just wanted to try to have been they have been tough of course because I still want to just sit and play playstation all day and all kind of but so obviously the fright with Francis was a really difficult one for you and for fames I mean you guys both got a lot of pushback off of that so is there anything here this time you're trying to rectify the situation anything you're trying to prove this time out this fight right here okay y'all my witness if I get caught or whatever that's fine if I gas out whatever that be that's all on y'all fault because the first round though this fight right here it should be a real good know if I don't do anything the rest of the fight after the first round do not take these mics in my face and that be like hard there's what happened I ended up have a pretty bad injury going into the fight is every knows for sure hopefully the doctors and stuff like that and all these things I've been doing I've been taking on really helping so we're saying this is a title eliminator whoever wins gets the shot you never know what the US see their pride fool my god that's ranked number 10 and fight for the title and I'm really not being really focusing on that but if so that is fine I'll fight for the tiger you know if I get through Volkoff if not that's fine too you know it don't matter if they all gonna fight or not I'm not going to be like oh I'm not gonna fight my next fight the document telling me do a lot stretching because she's saying that so airs or something like that it's real tight so it raises my my right leg up a little bit so he told me do a lot of stretching and he gave me these shots like 20 20 shots in the same spot he said they should work because tracy mcgrady has some similar problems who's the same doctor that did here man so he gave him the same shots that Tracy's very now first time I had it only lasted like a month and a half and I went again two weeks ago and so this fight goes right here if I win then they want a food rock playing gene where really the counter to fight in USC – they bring more money and hopefully paying the fighters would you wanna fight side is he the tallest opponent about her face how do you assess him I think I fought on Travis Browne a few years ago I'm not sure though and a guy named Jack made that believe they were stopped since you beat DC on the punching bag machine at work didn't you I think you beat him by one point so you seen it was nine eighty five really well on TV was nine sixty seven yeah please see on him


  1. Lewis would be so much better if he got down to like 240-245. He weighed in at 265? Another 20-25lbs would help him so much for health, speed, endurance, flexibility etc.

  2. He has ciatica the nerve going to your legs in your pelvis gets pinched and hurts like FFFFfFhhhhhhhHHkk

  3. Come on Derrick , your ass froze ……” Fight 4 a title” 😝 you & Francis danced for 3 rounds without throwing a punch

  4. Aka has accept money from kadyrov or magomedov? they getting dirty money? Whay the saint Daniel Cormier has to say about it ?

  5. Someone tell Derrick Lewis about David Goggins. He had the smae Psoaz issue and resolved it with just stretching and ZERO drugs/injections.

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