1. "Taylor Tuli is a sumo wrestler. Tyler weighs 410 pounds. Tiligh is now walking to the ring. Let's go now to Tayley about his particular aspect."

    This announcer, holy God.

  2. 1:43 And the goofy ass announcer, starts EVERYTHING off..by hick upping the very first intro. lmao

  3. In the Shamrock v Gracie fight, Where was the Ref looking to miss those taps? Yamasaki eat your heart out. 😂

  4. The first fight wasn't on the VHS back in the day I tend to recall, just a quick highlight for some reason.

  5. Rorion looking good with the stache lol. Very educational upload, crazy to see the evolution of the sport! Thanks to the pioneers and the execs whp fought long and hard to keep this sport alive and make it what it is today!

  6. 14:38 "…using the boxing technique along with the kicking technique of tae kwon do…with kicking." Brilliant

  7. Shit hitting the back of the head!!kicking a downed opponent. I love it,and no refs stopping the fight due to illegal hit etc 😁😁😀😀😀

  8. How funny is the announcer repeating some of the names twice of every fighter LOL Royce GRACIEEEEEEEE………………..GRACIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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