Towel Pullups for Armwrestling 4 EXERCISES – #26

Hello to all arwmrestlers and armwrestling enthusiasts. Today I`m gonna show you not one but four differnet exercises. These ecercises you can do at home, at gym or outdoors. You will strenghten your grip, back, back pressure and biceps. All you need is two towels and place to put them First exercise is pull ups with full range of motion. This will work more on your back and grip. Towels – shoulder width apart, thumbs facing up. This will give more armwrestling feel than regular pull ups. Grip and tension on wrist will simulate armwrestling match. You can work with your bodyweight, but once it feel to easy, add weights. For first timers do 10 reps 3-4 sets. 2nd exercise if pull ups from 90° angle up. With palms facing invard – supinated. Here more involved is biceps. This will help athletes that fight in hook. 3rd exercise is more focused on toprollers This exercises isolates brachiradialis muscle We place towels closer together and take a grip when your wrist is neutral position and thumb is facing up. 4th exersies is again more focused on toprolers and is more harder to do than last exercises. Again here brachiradialis is isolated and more tension is put on small finger. Towels closer than shoulder width, wrist neutral and thumbs facing down. With such ordinary thing as a towel you can work on some specific armwrestling training. As I said before you can do these anywhere where you have pullup bar or something similar Try these exercises and leave a comment. Like , Share & Subscribe for more.

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