Top 10 Wrestlers Who Have Murdered Someone

Top 10 Wrestlers Who Have Murdered Someone

the top 10 wrestlers who have murdered someone allegedly and confirmed number 10 Jimmy Superfly Snuka in 1983 snooker and his then girlfriend Nancy argentino went back to his hotel room in Pennsylvania a little later on snooker called an ambulance telling them that Nancy was unresponsive she was taken to a local hospital and fortunately not too long afterwards Argentina was pronounced dead at the time it was thought that there may have been foul play involved in her death with an autopsy showing cuts and bruises all over her body it further went on to report that there were worrying signs of trauma to her brain back then snooker was not charged and settled out of court with argentinos family there have been several conspiracy theories related to the WWE and Vince McMahon covering this incident up fast forward to late 2015 and a district attorney in Pennsylvania reopens the case and charges the Samoan WWE Hall of Famer third-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter snooker has pled not guilty and as of January 2016 the case has been postponed due to Snookers deteriorating health number nine aux Baker with a history of wild facial hair choices and backstage stories to match Hawks Baker passed in late 2014 with many recalling an urban legend which hazard yet is still to be proven either way regarding his finish at a heart punch in June 1971 during a tag team match in AWA he used the hot punch against wrestler Alberto Torres Torres died three days later with many suspecting him to have died of a ruptured appendix however in a time of Caffe being king many more put it down Torres having taken the fatal move in the match then in August 1972 just over a year later Baker use the move again against the part owner of Georgia based wrestling promotion break uncle after the match ended Gunkel died in the locker room after a suspected blood flop breaking off during the match leading to him having a heart attack however again this was blamed on the heart punch he took from Baker during the match number eight Brian McGee after getting signed by the WWE to the developmental contract in FCW and working with the company through till 2012 Brian Magee became infamous for something other than his wrestling career during the summer of 2013 witnesses saw Magee exiting his car at the apartment complex where his then-girlfriend the ankle agathi lived he was seen stabbing the victim in the torso and neck multiple times and then fleeing the scene he took the police on a car chase which ended in a crash once the police caught up with the former WWE hopeful they charged him with murder in the first degree number seven akitoshi SATA this unfortunate death wasn't out of malice or motivated by revenge but just an unfortunate series of events in June 2009 psycho was involved in a tag team the GHC Tag Team Championships had formed a backdrop on mitsuharu misawa Misawa ended up getting a serious spinal injury and tragically died in a local hospital later on that evening unknown to sight though Misawa had a recent serious neck injury shouldn't have been taking that move to begin with as Misawa and been upfront about the injury Saito was unaware that this simple move could lead to severe injury or his death Saito reportedly took the death of Misawa personally with fans trying to attack him at his home furthermore Saito himself was put on suicide watch for a short boil thereafter number six Jose Gonzalez one of the most infamous and oft told stories from the world of professional wrestling is a story of Jose Gonzales and bruiser Brody according to the story in July 1998 after a show Gonzalez invited Brody into the showers to talk business in private after a very brief chat screams were heard from the very same showers WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas has since stated which seems to be corroborated by other wrestlers of the time that he saw Gonzales holding a knife while Brody was bent over in pain holding his stomach after being rushed to a hospital with an over-reliance on aspirin of his career bruiser Brody died the aspirin over time and thinned his blood so much that he lost too much to survive it was speculated that Brody bully to Gonzales multiple occasions over the years these accusations never been proved after being originally charged with first-degree murder in 1989 Gonzales was acquitted by a jury after they agreed he was acting in self-defense number five the great khali in May 2001 while training to become a wrestler in California all pro wrestling the great khali was involved in a tragic accident while in a training session with another of them coming wrestler Brian arc on receives a concussion earlier in the training session but staffer APW made him continue to work Holly gave on the flapjack leading to another concussion and sadly causing arms and timely death Kali was not charged for the incident and Owens family went after APW not providing the proper care to wrestlers while in training number four Verne Gagne as one of the most influential men in the history of professional wrestling as both promoter and active wrestler Bern Gagne has been praised by fans and wrestlers alike as one of the greats in 2009 and at the age of 82 ganya was living in an assisted living home he got into a dispute with one of the other residents reports vary between Gagne shoving knocking down or body slamming the victim to the ground the outcome remained the same however as the other man ended up dying after complications from the fall and the resulting injury even after being ruled as a homicide ganya was acquitted of all charges due to his severe dementia number 3 new jack in one of the most infamous and hard to watch wrestling matches of all time the mass transit incident knew Jack worked with a 17 year old inexperienced wrestler who lied about his age to get into the ring in short at an ECW live event in 1996 the inexperienced mass-transit was used as a replacement in a tag match against New Jack and his partner Miz staff unwittingly before the match mass-transit asked new jack if he could help him bleed and new jaw delivered during the match he used a scalpel to make forehead long deep incision leading to the young man bleeding profusely all over the mat the family of the young man tried to sue knew jack and ECW but this was dismissed by the courts mass-transit died after complications with gastric bypass surgery his family still blamed new jack and the mass transit incident for his untimely death number two Scott fall in an ESPN e60 special on Scott Hall back in 2011 the bad guy revealed that he killed a man while serving as a bouncer at a nightclub in Florida before he got into wrestling in 1983 all got involved in an argument with one of the patrons the other man pulled out a gun and after a struggle all managed to get a hold of the gun himself all then shot and kill the same man in the carpark of the Florida nightclub originally charged with second degree murder the charges were dropped against him after a lack of evidence led to a verdict of self-defense Scott Hall is stated that the incident haunts him to this very day may have been a root cause of his alcoholism substance abuse problems over the years number one crisp and warm at the top of this list probably the saddest the most famous case a wrestler who murdered someone is Chris Benoit in 2007 while on the active WWE roster scheduled to wrestle on the Vengeance pay-per-view that Sunday Benoit went missing by Monday it came to light that he had died but with no further details of the events Vince McMahon canceled the scheduled episode of Raw he's still in the ring in an empty arena and a three-hour memorial show was held in its place pre-taped entities from WWE wrestlers and highlights from his long career the show felt somber and strain especially with Eddie Guerrero having died not too long before having a remarkably more uplifting set of Memorial episodes over the next few days we learned why over the previous weekend Chris Benoit murdered his wife on Friday his son on the Saturday and committed suicide on the Sunday the actual timeline of events is not disputed but rumors circulated that Nancy Benoit's ex-husband and alleged Satanist Kevin Sullivan may have been involved he strongly denies this autopsy evidence has pointed to Benoit having severe brain damage similar to men much older than from years of abusing his body in hard-fought matches there were also many fingers pointed at is over use of performance-enhancing drugs and painkillers and the failure of the WWE Wellness Policy brought in after the death of Eddie Guerrero since his death in the ensuing negative media backlash the WWE went on to erase any reference to Benoit in their self-published books magazines and even making it hard to find his matches on the WWE Network many have stated that his death was the real catalyst and beginning of the PG era that the WWE went on to pursue in the following years do you agree with our top ten this time we asked if found guilty should Jimmy Superfly Snuka get the crisp and wire treatment let us know in the comments like this video and subscribe for more videos this has been a foul original thanks for watching and see you next time


  1. Thanks for mentioning the very real possibility Chris Benoit and his family were murdered. The position Benoits body was discovered is very suspicious.

  2. 👍Verne Gagne body slammed an elderly man, killing him??Kevin Sullivan a satanist?? More info?? Help!

  3. CTE is REAL and dangerous. Look at Aaron Hernandez and Jovan Belcher. At 27, Hernandez had the worst case of CTE ever seen. In a study of 111 current pro football players, 99% have CTE. A study on the donated brains of 202 former players showed that 87% still had CTE. It also revealed the longer they were out of the game, the more their brain showed healing. For parents of athletes, like myself, who’s eldest son has played (wide receiver and corner) from 3rd grade into college and is no stranger to concussions, this CTE stuff is scary. Thankfully my youngest (QB) who played from 3rd to 9th put down the football and picked up a basketball (point guard) after an illegal late sack gave him his 1st and last concussion (along with a torn meniscus and ACL that went misdiagnosed for so long he needed double knee surgery cuz he had no ACL left but that’s a whole different story). Isn’t wrestling just as hard on the body as football? Where’s the awareness? Idk if they studied Benoit’s brain but if they did I bet he had it. If someone has CTE it should be recognized as a form of insanity. If your brain is injured in any way it can cause you to lose control of your mind. So perhaps these athletic organizations should be held accountable too?

  4. I think that they should make furious 10, where Dom and Letty get married and the kids who played Brian and Vince son's and Paul Walker real daughter should come to the wedding and introduce them self to Dom and Letty. Walker and a boy about two or three years old then her should tell them that they are Brian's kids and the other boy should tell them that he is Vince's son. I also think that they should bring back Johnny Strong as Leon, and have the cast from Tokyo Drift come back to. That would make it a full circle then. I think That's how to end the Fast and the Furious.

  5. The #1 is very controversial. Personally I don't believe he killed his wife and son. The police did a very bad job investigating. Everything is speculation from everyone starting with me and finishing with WHOEVER think he did it .


  7. Mass Transit didn’t die because of New Jack, he died years later and not because of what New Jack did. New Jack is still an idiot though for doing that

  8. Chris Beniot. Did not kill his wife and son. There is proof. His body was dead first. Chavo G. Was on the phone with him and chis said someone is at the door Chavo then said he heard what sounded like fighting. Kevin Sullivan killed them he was nancy ex husband. He was angry she left him with their son

  9. Wait! Hold up, tell me your not serious about Chris Benoit being a murderer. You mean he was murdered rite? 😡

  10. bro your just trying to make people look bad bro like there is no point of this video when they can look it up

  11. That’s just sad they are wrestlers for Pete’s sake not talking about them or seeing them anymore in anyway shape or form is not what they deserve no one can judge no one was there just two people and GOD. So let’s let him judge Chris B. (Sad how you work for the business , then your just wiped out like you never mattered ,but of cause only after they’ve damaged your body)

  12. Nobody should ever assume in a lot of these guys there brains have damage from wrestling Just saying could have a lot to do with the what ,why, and how.

  13. New Jack "killing' mass transit is a stretch. He died after surgery years later. How is that New Jack's fault?

  14. FUCK CHRIS BENOIT ! HE MURDERED HIS FAMILY, THEN TOOK THE COWARD WAY OUT SMFH " PEACE OF SHIT . Just like ik my comment gonna piss people off

  15. I will never believe Chris killed his family or himself… I still believe that Kevin Sullivan killed them all!!!

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