Top 10 Things WWE Doesn’t Want You To Know About Bray Wyatt (The Fiend) – WWE

Top 10 Things WWE Doesn’t Want You To Know About Bray Wyatt (The Fiend) – WWE

Bray Wyatt has finally made his long awaited
WWE return and he has the entire wwe universe buzzing with excitement Today we’ll be going over 10 interesting
facts that you might’ve not known about Bray Wyatt Number 10… Bray Wyatt is quickly approaching his 10 year
anniversary of being with the wwe Wyatt debuted way back in 2010 as nexus member,
Husky Harris Wyatt was known at the time as “the army
tank with a Ferrari engine” because of his strength and speed The character didn’t last long and was written
off tv after receiving a punt from Randy Orton Number 9… After being written off of the main roster
show, Wyatt transferred over to WWE’s developmental program at the time, FCW He even held the FCW tag team championships
with his brother, Bo Dallas His early days of the “Bray Wyatt” character
would start shortly after that and transfer over to NXT Number 8… Bray Wyatt is currently working with two personas While most wwe superstars only have to worry
about having one main persona, Wyatt is actually maintaining 2 different characters at once He still performs as the friendly firefly
fun house host, but also splits his time as “the fiend”, which is nothing like his
first persona at all and is an extremely dark side of Bray Wyatt Number 7… Bray Wyatt’s mask Since returning as the fiend, you might have
noticed Bray Wyatt’s new mask. This mask was created by Hollywood legend,
Tom Savini Tom is known for his amazing prosthetic makeup. He was a stunt director and even worked alongside
George A. Romero as well It also isn’t the first time Tom has worked
for wwe Tom is responsible for Rowan’s mask, Harper’s
mask, some work for Triple H, and even did makeup to turn Sasha Banks into a zombie as
well Number 6… The rock is a massive fan of Bray Wyatt Wyatt and the rock recently had a funny twitter
exchange after Wyatt “forgave” the rock for bringing up his hot pocket obsession back
at Wrestlemania 32 The rock is a massive supporter and fan of
what Bray Wyatt has done since he made his return to wwe earlier this year Number 5… During Bray Wyatt’s firefly fun house episodes,
he has a character name Huskus the pig boy The name for this pig character is of course
a reference to his first wwe gimmick, Husky Harris The pig is supposed to represent an early
version of what Bray Wyatt was and what people saw him as Wyatt is also seen trying to get Huskus to
change his eating habits during the episodes Number 4… The Godfather of his child. Everyone remembers Braun strowman’s debut
back in summer of 2015 Strowman debuted alongside Bray Wyatt and
the two of them became extremely close Wyatt was like an early mentor for Strowman
during his first few years on the main roster They became close friends behind the scenes
and in a recent Instagram post, Braun Strowman posted a backstage picture with Bray and his
baby, announcing that he was The Godfather to Wyatt’s son Number 3… His daughters! His new born son is not his only child! Bray Wyatt also has two daughters with his
now ex wife Number 2… His relationship with JoJo Bray Wyatt and John made headlines everywhere
when their relationship was revealed to the public It turned out that Bray Wyatt and Jojo were
going out with each other while Bray was still technically with his wife This lead to massive situation and Bray left
his now ex wife to be with wwe ring announcer, JoJo Offerman Number 1… Bray Wyatt’s son Jojo disappeared from wwe and social media
in late 2018 and no one knew what was going on All wwe had reported was that Jojo was taking
some time off for personal reasons It turned out that Jojo was pregnant and they
would later on fully reveal it in mid 2019 Jojo and Bray welcomed their baby boy in spring
of 2019 and named him Knash Sixx Rotunda Knash was born prematurely so it was rough,
but both Jojo the baby thankfully made it out perfectly healthy Bray has already started to bring his son
backstage to wwe shows as well! So Bray Wyatt’s wwe return has been a major
success so far, especially with his Summerslam match up with Finn Balor He really has wwe fans hooked with his new
fiend persona, so we’ll have to see what the future holds for Bray Wyatt? What are your thoughts on our list on Bray
Wyatt? Leave your comments, don’t forget to subscribe
and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys and we’ll see you
in the next one!


  1. Something a little different and special for Summerslam sunday! Hope you guys enjoy this top 10 on Bray Wyatt! Leave your comments, don't forget to Subscribe, and leave a like if you enjoyed! What are you looking forward to the most at Summerslam? Thanks for Watching guys! 😀

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  2. If they ruin his character within the next 6 months, I'll be pissed. He needs to be booked as an unbeatable force for now. He can't afford losing just yet.

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