Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, Sep. 16, 2019

Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, Sep. 16, 2019

[MUSIC]>>Styles makes the tag. I don’t know if Cedric saw it.>>And
now it’s ALexander with a back elbow. Styles from the top rope with a phenominal
forearm, turning Alexander inside and out.>>One, two, three! [SOUND]
>>Look at this!>>This is great.>>Speaking of Natalia!>>This is for you, Natty. Do you hear me?>>Lacey Evans with the sharpshooter.>>No.>>I think that might be
better than Natalia’s. [SOUND] [MUSIC]>>We all know who the father truly
is of my child, it’s Ricochet.>>[LAUGH]
>>Damn. No, no, no, no,
she’s obviously lying, dude. She’s your wife. She’s the love of your life. I have never, I would never. Not that I wouldn’t, I’m just saying. I didn’t mean it that way, man.>>Ow!>>I’m going to the ring. Meet me there now.>>All right. [SOUND]
>>Roman has no business out here, he’s not a champion anymore.>>He might not be champion, but
I like where this is headed.>>Strowman can do whatever he wants,
Corey, summit or not.>>See you later.>>And a.>>Kocking Wilder right
into the WWE Universe. And Ziggler as well.>>Roode’s gotta compete later
tonight against Seth Rollins. Get out of there, Robert.>>Six, one, nine!>>Rey headed up top once again. Cesaro caught him! Can you believe that? Shoulders down for the win. Got him. [SOUND]>>Here is your winner, Rey Mysterio.>>The real father of my unborn child is.>>Rusev [FOREIGN], Rusev [FOREIGN].>>My. My goodness [MUSIC] The joke’s over [LAUGH].>>Rusev is back. [MUSIC]>>And the Bulgarian brute
looking better than ever. Forces to tap out. [MUSIC]>>Still feels unlikely, almost surreal.>>Bang!>>Charlotte Flair coming
to the aid of Becky Lynch.>>Sasha Banks better turn around.>>Sasha, you can see her heart
breaking in the middle of the ring.>>And Becky’s gonna make Banks pay!>>You can do it. Chase your heart.>>You know what? Come to think about it,
I got another engagement I have to go do. Thanks for the hospitality, president. Mr. Burns, RoboCop, you take it easy. Arrivederci, sayonara. See you guys later.>>One, two, three.>>And new 24/7 champion.>>I still got it.>>And Corbin. End of days!>>Yes.>>And the end of a magical run for
Chad Gable. Baron Corbin is your king of the ring. [MUSIC]>>Here is your winner, the 2019 King of the Ring, Baron Corbin.>>Bend the knee. All hail King Corbin.>>The Fiend Bray Wyatt. [MUSIC]>>The Fiend Bray Wyatt
attacking Demon Kane. The mandible claw. [MUSIC]>>Kane is helpless.>>The Fiend Bray Wyatt
is on Monday Night Raw. [MUSIC]


  1. top4 from my side
    1 kane destroying and being attacked by fiend
    2 horse women fighting with chairs
    3 revealing of fathers
    4 Corbin becoming king corbin

  2. Why not make evolution of wwe/wwf ring/arena. I have always wondering how the ring evolve like i was watching since i was a kid. Like from how the first wrestlemania 12 bret vs shawn crowd. Yeah i like my childhood.

  3. In conclusion,
    R-truth is a 16 time champ
    Cesaro is still jobbing
    Rusev got buried on his RETURN
    And The fiend is awesome

  4. Chad should of won King of the Ring match .

    Another hype talk by Corban , like I need hear useless facts no one cares about .

  5. Corbin winning the tournament makes more sense than Gable. Heels should be the only ones to win it. Honestly cant think of a single face to ever win it.

  6. Does anyone find it werid that the storyline is werid that they had rusev downgrade on womens. Went from Lana that has a good body to Maria who has a ugly body

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