1. that really was epic. props to Jimmy for breaking the 4th wall to recognize it… unless that was the plan from the start!?

  2. WTF is wrong with these men who feel the need to mention how"beautiful" Brady wife is when they talk about him! And like he's the only one that has a beautiful wife🙄

  3. Go somewhere that the coach doesnt cheat and win then i will believe you're truly worthy of 6 rings. Until then those rings are tainted by the stench of cheating. Its clear they lost this time because they didnt have the proper videos to win. bill cheatachik cant win without cheating. Being fair and honest i think brady is good enough to have won one or 2 rings without a cheating coach.

  4. I thought the skit reached perfection with "Hot milk and clam guts" but then 4:27 happened and it's no wonder Jimmy had to walk over and acknowledge them at the end.

  5. Being from New England this skit made me realize Californians have no clue 😂 he goes to LA to give the chargers a fan base until he retires in two years at which point the chargers will have had the largest bandwagon base for a year maybe two

  6. Tom Shady isn't going anywhere because knows that he'll be just an average quarterback at best anywhere else because he won't have Bill Belicheat to cheat behind the scenes and give him the cheat sheet on how the opposition is running their defenses.

  7. Brady will play for bc Lions and win 6 grey cups to go with his 6 super bowls. I already have my Brady 12 Lions jersey. Make it happen!

  8. Tom goes to the airport, sorry Tom none of the planes work, yep all of them, a bus, nope there broken , train nope there broken, here’s a car what we’re not heading to LA , just need to refill, yeah the only pump is in Gillette stadium, YOUR GOING ANY WHERE click car lock.

  9. I'm a Patriots fan and hope he stays, but he can do whatever he wants. He doesn't owe New England a thing. Good luck to him and his family in what ever they decide to do.

  10. NEVER TRUST PATRIOTS FANS!! The first time I invited one to my house he asked to see my pet snakes. I left him in the room after a few Minutes and went back in the other room to watch the game. I went to the bathroom and to my horror I hear moaning coming through the walls and I instantly ran as fast as I could into the room thinking that he was hurting my 5 year old daughter who was in her room. When I opened the door he jumped off my female dog and his pecker was hard and sticking outside the zipper area. However I didn’t blame all Pat fans for what my dog went through, and I even had another one from work over a couple years later. This time he was spending wayyyyy too long in the bathroom, after about 20 minutes he came out and was messing around with the soda. Luckily I was the first one to grab the soda for a drink and I saw floating white stuff at the top of the two liter. I knew instantly what he had done. I just no longer bring Patriot fans over, it is best for everyone.

  11. Bein from new hamshaa,i thought was wicked effing funny,jimmiy,now come out hera so we can kick your flatlander ass.

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