TNA Wrestling Today (08/18/09)

TNA Wrestling Today (08/18/09)

Matt Morgan earned his spot in the main event at heart justice but last Sunday his blue ring for success was ruined by TNA champion Kurt Angle now Matt Morgan has designs on vengeance don't miss an all-new impact Thursday and nine on Spike not getting enough TNA wrestling it's time to join TNA video vault the place to access over 300 hours of classic TNA programming TNA video vault is the ultimate resource reviews and exclusive TNA programming individual screams started 399 unlimited monthly subscription started 799 or sign up and see it all for less than 50 bucks a year go to TNA video vault com and get started today LOL singh fans jb jeremy Borash back with you again get ready for thursday nights TNA impact and then we're getting ready to head to Texas this weekend TNA wrestling on the road looking forward to head to robstown Texas rmp fairgrounds this Friday night you can go to rmb fairgrounds calm and then saturday night we are in Laredo Texas the burrito entertainment center tickets at AJ Styles will be there Booker T Scott Steiner Hernandez beer money and more looking forward to heading out to Texas this weekend and seeing all of our great TNA fans up close and personal ladies and gentlemen also tickets are on sale right now for the biggest event of the year Bound for Glory headed to California for the first time TNA Wrestling brings a pay-per-view event and we have picked the Cadillac the best one the biggest one of the year bound for glory and this year when TNA invades California for the first time the six sided ring will be there and you can be there as well get your tickets right now for TNA's Bound for Glory also right now ladies and gentlemen don't forget you can log on to TNA video vault com that is the entire archives that is the one-stop shop for all things TNA wrestling and the video ranges back many many many years here in TNA wrestling up to our latest pay-per-view matches exclusively TNA video vault com check it out it's online and you can get all that in one place TNA video vault com don't forget this Thursday night the fallout of what happened this last sunday night at Hard Justice and what an eventful pay-per-view it was taking a look at the main event mafia and their dominance here in TNA wrestling and certainly when you look at everything that's going to be happening this thursday night you have to wonder what TNA wrestling is going to do about the dominance of the main event mafia you have the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle you have the X Division champion of the world now Samoa Joe Booker T Scott Steiner survive card justice still World Tag Team Champions and of course with the legends championship firmly around the race of Kevin Nash you have to wonder when the dominance or who will stop the dominance of the main event mafia we're going to find out this Thursday night the next chapter coming out of Hard Justice exclusively on spike TV fans don't forget coming up right after this break a very special guest will join us right here from TNA Wrestling calm you want to know with the intense energy of a stacker 26 our power extreme energy shot feels like it feels like this zero sugar and zero calories I don't worry about a crash and the powerful great tasting energy gives me what I need to help me make an impact stacker 26 our power extreme energy shot energy with an edge our prestige and history were on the line as TNA's best sacrificed it all for their shot at greatness this must have DVD includes eight incredible matches Plus never-before-seen post-match interviews that you didn't see live on pay-per-view King a home video presents sacrifice available now at shop TNA com hey I'm gonna let you in on a little secret you're backstage yours truly is the go-to guy got with the help 3ds coming to the rounds I'm the go-to guy for this company to get the hot scoops the big interviews the scores that's me and today I have the interview the first time in TNA wrestling the Pope mr de niro it's a pleasure to have you on the program I got to tell you I have been a huge fan of yours I like your whole deal you're incredible athlete an amazing competitor the flash the shine I love everything and I'm so happy to have you here it's hit me good you know what disgusts me about you Jeremiah jeremy Borash yeah sure well you know what disgusts me about you is because you just like all of these idiots around here in TNA you don't deserve to be in my presence let alone breathe the same air that I breathe but let's just get to the point I am here because TNA nice post blessing TNA needs our Savior and that Savior has arrived in a form of d Angelo De Niro Europol this coming Thursday I'm stepping in the ring with someone who whom the Pope needs to convert someone whom the Pope needs to make a believer and I believe they call this kid I how'd you question screen and that's exactly what's going to happen when he steps in the ring with the Pope Pope is going out to the ring Pope is gonna take off this jacket hope is gonna stand tall hope is going to deliver consequences Creed as the ultimate sacrifice and then consequences cream you will pay the consequences for stepping in the ring with your Pope you're going to serve notice to everybody that your Pope has arrived you got another question don't worry about it this interviews over hey i'm just happy to have the opportunity pope I love that guy he's awesome folks he's going to make his debut this thursday night the flash the glamour whatever he's bringing to the ring you're going to see him get it done inside the ring that's where he does his business ladies and gentlemen the Pope vs. consequences Creed this thursday night on impact the impact debut of tna's newest star right here


  1. Right dude I'm sure you make a good point but you need to learn to type properly that gave me a sore head trying to read it. Just saying.

  2. Thanks, that comment was two years old but it's still true. The Pope should be the face of TNA today. Another thing that is a testament to the stupidity of those in charge is that Colt Cabana is still working the independents!

  3. @kakuichi TNA is not bigger in the Uk it just beats WWEs first runs of shows that start at 2 in the morning and 11-12 on a friday night

  4. @codafett genius, TNA is bigger than the wwe in India, The UK & Japan!!! why don't you know what you're talking about before you just ignorantly assume everything!

  5. – Morrison's shades
    – R-truth's Jacket but black
    – Cocky, Talented over all
    – This guy is like a Black Jericho

  6. @CamWor Did you even read my comment? Tna is BULLSHIT if their so great then why copy off of and steal from WWE

  7. I like Elijah Burke and this new apperance of his is kinda cool BUT, TNA is going nowhere. Seriously, if I didn't watch Spike I would have no clue what it is. They have no endorsement, no international fanbase, no Originality WHAT-SO-EVER. The future for him and everyone else on Tna is in WWE not this ECW/WCW wannabe. The only real Problem with Wwe is Vince himself nothing else.

  8. Been following "The Popes" career since I first saw him in WWE. And think he is the most talented performer of his generation. He has given me faith that good wrestlers can still be created even in these dark days for wrestling.

    The fact that he hasn't been pushed to the moon in WWE and in TNA is a testament to the stupidity of those in power.


  9. Man! I can't believe how skinny Kurt got since 2000! Is he going for a raw muscle look?…or what?……..The Pope = the (FULLY) Black and religious ROCK. (specifically…June 1998 Nation Rock.) Pretty fresh. Much better than his WWE creative gimmick…I can tell by the interview.

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