TNA Wrestler Sting 2/2 (November 16th, 2004)

TNA Wrestler Sting 2/2 (November 16th, 2004)

I certainly know that when I'm alone and things are quiet you encounter who you really are and the presence of God you get God's perspective was that how kind of was with you were you alone when that moment of truth it no okay I actually was not alone I I just got to the point where you know with all the fame and power and all that I knew that there wasn't any amount of money or a big match against Hulk Hogan or a doctor or any drug enough nothing nothing nothing was going to be able to fix what was going on in my life and it was just deep dark despair so I knew something supernatural had to happen so my moment of truth came when my wife confronted me and asked me some pointed questions about my lifestyle all those years on the road and you know James says confess your sins one to another and I didn't know the scripture but I knew that something happened to me and I could no longer be the ultimate liar that I had to be honest with my wife and and I was in that moment and it was then that I know that God came because two times earlier in the two years prior in all those seeds that God had tried to plan he had tried to reach me I had you know raised my hand and once in a small church and once at a big huge conference raised my hand said the sinner's prayer and wanted God to just wave the magic wand over my life and make everything okay but it didn't happen like that because I was still choosing to live life my way and it wasn't until I said I can't do this my way any longer I have to rely on the supernatural God Jesus Christ that I finally just said I you know yes and I had to tell the truth to my wife and this is right year this was August of 98 August 19 and you know the all those scriptures that you hear throughout your life you know that the truth will set you free it just sort of goes in one ear and out the other but all of a sudden that had meaning it did set me free yes I was dealing with consequences at the very highest possible level from the choices that I had made but the Bible talks about the peace that surpasses all understanding that Christ brings and and I had that and the truth did set me free I no longer had to wake up in the morning via a chameleon and put this hat on when I was out in the wrestling world and this hat on here when I was with that group in this group in that group I was just Steve Steve Borden and God slowly but surely gave me the ability and the strength and my wife to reconstruct and fix the marriage and one brick at a time to build the bridge of trust back again I was delivered completely from the prescription drugs overnight I didn't go to a drug rehab or anything like that I just stopped literally overnight well you said you needed something supernatural you couldn't do it in your own strength you're a big strong man top of your game and in the wrestling scene right but you knew you couldn't handle this that's right like the entrapments and the addictions and how do you fix a marriage you know you can't do it on your own when it's open it's to that level especially and so but Christ came and gave us life and life more abundant I wonder Steve if you can talk to that person that's watching right now who perhaps they've had a measure of success in their life as well but there's some areas in their life they can't fix they can't break free from can you give them an encouraging word cuz you've been there you've done it you're through it yeah you know there's there's a couple you know if you've accepted the Lord one time in your life but you did what I did and you just kind of wanted God to just poof you know wave the magic wand and make everything okay and and you're just sort of floating along and not understanding why you're not experiencing God live your life for Jesus Christ make the decision you know and in your heart and then vocally and tell the Lord that you want to live your life for him from this day forward and don't don't be you know wishy-washy with your walk talk about what you believe talk about what Jesus Christ did in your life and you know what he's gonna come you will experience God and he will be able to deliver you from any kind of problem that you have and if you've never accepted the Lord by all means I'm telling you and if you don't know for sure just try it and just ask him just say if you're there Jesus Christ if you are there ask him to come into your heart and he will ask him to reveal himself to you and he will I don't care if you're addicted to drugs or pornography or your marriages is over with even if you're divorced it doesn't matter if you don't know your teenager your teenager you don't know your mom and dad and you're just you feel like you're insignificant you're not insignificant you are very significant in God's eyes he loves you and I'm telling you what Jesus Christ is real and he wants to save your life right now just open your heart up to him like I did and I promise you God will come Steve that's good that's really good and that's an encouragement to a lot of people and a person doesn't have to clean up their life right before they come to God no absolutely not this is it you know I used to say someday someday you know when my life is cleaner and and I've kind of matured and slowed down then I'll enter into the church and raise my kids in the church and you know do the church thing and what a deception that is I mean that is such a lie God wants to work on you from the inside out not from the outside in so if you try to do it on your own try to clean yourself up on your own which by the way I did that I tried to stop taking prescription drugs and drinking alcohol I tried to do that on my own a few times it didn't work it would last a couple days a week or something like that it wasn't until I finally said I cannot do this on my own and I need you Jesus Christ to come and do this for me and you know what he did it and he'll do it for you too


  1. i saw Sting and Scott Steiner when the 1st started wrestling-Eddie Gilbert was their manager-those 2 guys looked so skinny back then it is amazing how they both bulked up-especially Scott Steiner

  2. Personally, I am agnostic. I know that there is a higher power, or multiple higher powers. But I just can't accept that there is a god. I believe that there are multiple that helped to create this earth.

  3. @zafarjunaid No, Allah doesn't exist. God is the true God of the Holy Bible, and nothing else. Repent! Christ is coming back soon. Bible prophecy keeps coming true one at a time. Look up, for your redemption draweth nigh!

  4. That was way cool, way to go sting, I'm very proud of you… PLL always sayin this one should come bac and oh he's so selfish and this and that, but do we ever stop and think about the turmoils these wrestler put themselves through for us.. The traveling the days away from family the injuries the drugs the pain killers, u name it. U really need to no when its enough, before its to late *cough cough* *ric flair*… There is life after Wrestling folks

  5. Wow… I never knew Sting was going though so much during the late nineties. I was a HUUUUUUUGE fan of him back then. (still am, too)

    Though sting had me going in circles in this interview. At first he says he couldn't get rid of the drugs on his own, but it's not like Jesus Christ came down from the rafters on a rope line and took the drugs and alcohol away (Btw how AWESOME would that be?) he was able to purge himself through his own belief in god, cuz each belief is different, clearly.

  6. @tony30able
    Worshiping a bird is more sensible than believing that God sent himself to earth to sacrifice himself to himself to convince himself to forgive us for our ancestors eating a piece of fruit because a talking snake told them to.

  7. @tony30able
    It sounds like you're saying that the Bible is right because the Bible says so. Well the Book of Mormon says that the Book of Mormon is right, and the Koran says that the Koran is right. So once again I ask you, how do you know your beliefs are right?

  8. @tony30able
    You said that there's only one true god. Which one is it? Is it Zeus, Apollo, Yhwh, Allah, Aphrodite, Poseidon, Ganesha, Anu, Marduk, Luna, Hod, Re, Sabazius, Shiva, Thor, Xochiquetzal, or one of the other thousands of gods that I could name?

    There are enough gods for all 4,393 people who have viewed this video to each worship a different one. Please explain to me which god you believe in and how you could possibly know that yours is the "true god".

  9. I already said wrestling is fake – & yes Tom Cruise is a bad influence on people! People are THAT stupid these days that they copy their IDOLS! How many People worshiped Sting instead of the one true God?

  10. Sting/Steve – Such a great christian that he still works for a company (TNA) that promotes violence and hurting people. Since when did God approve of people throwing eachother around and hitting eachother with painful moves? I know it's fake but what sort of Impression does a "Christian" like Steve give to a young teenager?

  11. No thanks. I've been to churches, and as far as I can tell it's just a place for people to gather and reaffirm their unfounded beliefs.

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