TNA iMPACT From January 4 (Part 4)

TNA iMPACT From January 4 (Part 4)

not getting enough TNA wrestling join TNA Video Vault TNA video vault gives you access to over 3 programming including every pay-per-view and DVD ever really other exclusive DNA get unlimited viewing access for as little as $4 Volcom to get started today big my Hollywood Hogan the Grouch cap everybody's here party time hey looks like looks like well one who will fustrated will fuck she's in love they're not permitted not getting access to come in here how about this task yeah party Ric Flair obviously invited us Scott Hall Sean Waltman not so much those guys are a couple loose cannons – so knows what's gonna happen man you're not those guys hovering around here and I've just received word TNA is the number one trending topic on Twitter right now that's thanks to you ladies and gentlemen and Hulk Hogan's arrival it's still to come tonight on this three-hour special can't wait can't wait Hogan's closing in he's getting closer and closer there it is there some motorcades in that it's almost here the limo of Hulk Hogan Hulk Hogan's motorcade closing in on the impact zone I'm told they're just a fluke few blocks away we'll have the arrival next right here on impact


  1. Dont get mad. First off, I said I believe. That doesn't mean I know for a fact. Next, I asked to please correct me… not to get mad at me……..

  2. TNA is getting better. Right now, I believe TNA is better than WWE in the ratings…… please correct me if I am wrong.

  3. A year later..tna is at is lowest rating.. 0.5!..thats pretty low. Spongebob's first season episodes get more ratings thant that. I saw potential in TNA with all this stars coming in, but they drop the ball in too many occasions. And it stupid for this guys to relieve their glory days when we already saw it at their BEST in WCW. Now they still believe they are the same draws as before which they r not. Look how many former WWF/ WCW guys r in TNA since 05, and they arent still competing with WWE.

  4. @kronz21 Because it's so similar to WCW that its almost scary. In the BAD way.

    The reasons WCW went down are basically identical to the flaws in TNA right now.

  5. I dont care what anyone says, I love the band gettin back together, THE ORIGINAL WOLFPACK. Hall, Nash, and Waltman, i dont give a fuck they looked hella cool to me lol

  6. yep like ya said have to wait and see if they pull it out, be cool if they do. Nash is blazed most of the time im sure of it but i guess they can get away with it more than we can the lucky gits lol

  7. cool to have NWO back but Hall looks like crap think hes been drinking or something but either way good to have them back just for how long i want to know

  8. X-pac = biggest waste of resources. Give screen time to unproven wrestlers, not proven egomaniacs.

    Joe vs Scott Hall – barbed wire massacre suggestion to TNA

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