TNA iMPACT From January 4 (Part 10)

TNA iMPACT From January 4 (Part 10)

ladies and gentlemen we have a very serious situation here the war machine right I got a kid I got JB you're the best thank you but I got it from here thank you very much bubble up sponge live we're backstage it's the second attack of the night we got Rhino laid out earlier it was the machine guns I don't know who's doing it but I bubble the love sponge that's what I'm here for I'm gonna get to the bottom of it back to you Mike and Taz I'll get that wax runs you okay there's a help trainer how does it get some help in here come on over don't move all right so what's the deal here I mean we had a whole decision machine guns get attacked only by somebody now Rhino I was down and out something's going on backstage I don't know what an incredible and historic night it has been Hulk Hogan's TNA Impact debut this live three-hour special ODB new knockout champion Hamada and Kong new knockout tag bound chef wada Jeff Hardy here on impact Ric Flair resuming will we hear from Ric Flair's lose to the pill from sting it's craziness this is an awesome night unbelievable speaking of Awesome she was earlier tonight when Hulk Hogan made his TNA debut let's revisit this very very special and emotional moment it was an amazing moment the sand Elise listen Hulk Hogan is the authentic gold standard baby see his daughter Brooke the holster again history being made right here folks how cool in a moment was this we are making history tonight you guys are my brothers for life but you guys need to do this for real it's a different time but like the halter says what's that number and by the way what you're gonna do when TNA and all these maniacs become number one in the world just for you well it's definitely a new day here in TNA I still at the top of the show I thought the team ate it we knew at the top of the show it's going to be a completely different one at the end of the show no kidding Hogan Bischoff their fingerprints all over what other surprises still to come live tonight on impact and there you see him the king of the mountain Jeff jarred and ladies and gentlemen I'm told Jeff Jarrett is on his way to the impact zone that's next


  1. Did you really go through all the comments just to find mine? fail-trolling? It isn't a fail when I get butthurt TNA fans like you crying and giving me the unwanted thanks for that. Oh and I stopped watching TNA long ago because I just couldn't stand this product anymore.

  2. This Episode is Full of Surprises Like Jeff Hardy, Rick Flair, The Nasty Boys, Scott Hall, Sean X-Pac Waltman Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff The icon Sting this is Why I Love TNA The Awesome Action And This is Where The Power Lives

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