let's finish what we started Kenny boy sincerely sting Rob if you want to imitate me you're gonna have to deal here you're gonna find out what you I'm really starting to take this brother that Fran you attitude it makes me want to do something crazy and give our v/d the stickers tonight if I can please be the referee between sting and Rob Van Dam tonight what do we get out of this my support thank you no thank you in a minute Anderson Oh turns mistake around and hits him with the light there Anderson and he just kept Rob Van Dam smokers a model now Mike how much stronger would this be the first step relationship between mr. Anderson and amore the stage long time brother yes as we had to locked led by Hogan he surprised Hogan next quite obvious to me you know the immortal maniacs in the house that this is nothing but top choice talent in the rain [Applause] is that lingering stench of rotten crap around here so Anderson get out here brother [Applause] [Applause] joining percent surfaced note as maybe it's a case where Andersen's just not beaten in a group setting because of his personality that's hitter in Anderson does not do well authority figures outnumbered a little bit being Edison especially after the Edison did last week as we said to ogen into a bald open got to really be careful that kid what guts to me Mike I couldn't do that man telling you welcome to the big show brother you know for the last six weeks Anderson I've given you every single opportunity to do the right thing and time and time again I told you that there's two choices brother you can either do things the hard way the Anderson way or you can do things the easy way the immortal way brother and time and time again you spit right in the face of authority which means you spit in my face brother so I'm just gonna have to make an example out of you you know what I used to respect you I looked up to you man you were kind of a hero to me I'm just disappointed look at these these guys only sheep just a swinging from your nuts [Applause] they don't like you they don't like you there's no writer dad cut right there made his entire living a very sizable one I might add riding your coattails I see it they see it the world season how is it that you don't you better watch what you say Anderson so no no I will not step in line brother like the rest of these lemmings [Applause] at the end of the day I gotta look myself in the mirror but when I do I say mister Anderson Anderson it really are an asshole [Applause] me okay with that the rest of these guys they have to live with the fact that they know that they're just up your asshole this is the gang warfare that you anticipated Tazz the second that Anderson stepped inside the ring to the marble it was a fine line between having a load of guts and also not thinking and I respect Anderson for his guts but I think he got a look went a little too far that Hardy takes a shot without Terry and Murphy hold Anderson let me tell you something Anderson used to get him up Stanny mothers like it look him in the eye you disrespected me for the very last time and when a mortal gets done with you tonight I don't even think you're gonna make it to lockdown Anderson but I've tried to tell you brother and you won't listen to me so the way it goes you're responsible for this kitty boy this is your choice you brought this all upon yourself brother so whatever happens to you tonight you attract it to yourself and before tonight's over Kenny boy you and I are gonna cross paths again because I'm the baddest damaged EMA in this company brother I'm gonna take you out on my time not yours he's just defenseless at this point hoo spit right fully raised face good lord Oh this nobody nobody coming that help anderson company likes a table mic discussed his personality this come this Sunday I'm gonna be honest I'm loving this about being dead a championship and really what is called Hogan have in store for mr. Anderson later tonight will you keep it together I ain't talking to you I'm Selena is resting for the records in case he hadn't noticed she wants nothing more to do with you what have you done with Angelina what have you done to her winter i dun't her that is so insulting yeah Angelina is a big girl she can make her own decisions and she's decided she was nothing more to do with you live with it live with it hey will you tell Angelina to live with this biatch you tell Angelina that I'm gonna go in that middle of that ring tonight and I'm gonna call her out and give her the receipt she has coming and if she doesn't want to come down to that ring I'm gonna come back here and drag her to the ring and there's nothing you can do about it live with that bitch good luck sweetheart pick it alright sound like Andre the Giant [Applause] you're not gonna believe this I just got a call from the network they love it babe get this tonight they want to do a best-of-three series fortune against immortal oh please winning team gets a one-man advantage going to the lockdown you believe this keep there no no I don't believe this because you were supposed to take care of the network the network problem you know they're not this smart brother they don't think like we do there's got to be somebody else I inside you do know somebody on the insides got to be smart in there bro you need to take care of this okay I want to find yourself then we crucified beep at this time [Applause] as we booked me back to impact it's time for a special four-way match featuring one member of four establish tag teams in TNA and each of these four competitors to be joined by their respective partners at ringside block crimson headed to the ring for battle big Papa hook Scott Steiner Crimson's three opponents tonight or Douglas Williams with his British Invasion mate Magnus the eccentric Orlando Jordan with Eric Young and Jesse Neal who will have his a key partner Shannon more watching his back we invite you to join us in Cincinnati Ohio for lockdown the he weekend details available at shop TNA's and speaking of lockdown we will see tag-team action inside the cage in Cincinnati this Sunday it's going to be ink ink versus the British Invasion versus Orlando Jordan and Eric Young versus crimson and Scott Steiner a four-way tag in the cage this Sunday in Cincinnati so this is like a preview of that a captain's match for say though it obviously actually captain's competitors representing those four teams first pin first submission to win it as Douglas Williams the British Invasion starts off again States Jesse Neal but it's a great opportunity come this Sunday at lockdown to one of these teams to move up in the rankings more or less Detective Division hair lettuce we see those it hits in the between these two Shannon Moore and Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner what's it son all about disrespect we saw how Shannon Moore disrespected Big Poppa Pump Shannon wiped his backside got that with the chain head gear that Scott Steiner always wears yeah definitely dorks Scott Steiner and that's kind of the mo of shannon moory doesn't want sweating watching and killed anybody patient gives us up longer at times quick side slam here by Orlando Jordan leads to Afghan is again we see Shannon Moore and Scott Steiner communicating around the ringside area Orlando Jordan reels off the right the land Oh Jordan they stuff very tough guy to compare for I'm sorry path loss is Jesse Neal able to drop Orlando then they'll get himself out of the ring looks like you don't have to tag in the match here and kind of just jump in and out of here crimson showing the power the authority suplex over on Jesse Neal goes for the pin and gets a near fall got pretty strong exploder suplex there that's a similar thrown at Scott's done is used for a for a long time son does a little different as well of a high crotch and a waist lock we're here submitted for the high collar and a high crotch and if your crimson could you really have a better teacher a better myth tourism Jesse hits the crossbody from the second roadblock could you have a better teacher than Scott Steiner [Applause] Russell spear right there by Jessie Neal [Applause] this speed and head is Jesse Neal connects with the spear on crimson and again shannon moore in the face of big papa pie it's just blown up picking a fight shot Morris with look Steiner who he saw Jesse Neal is a key tag team partner not happy with Shannon's antics it's just get started to some salt just just manhandling Shannon more but Williams just land the run in this draw but there's lots of stuff going on out here wait a minute all of this with the shot from behind he just kept crimson I'll tell you what this monster never forgets desi it's exactly like a we've seen and if this was put on the shelf Janice was driven in his back abyss by crimson and this is the payback for the monster of this Pisan gets to his feet a business got that steel guardrail on the arena floor hey Batson you don't watch out here the steel on the concrete this thing has broken down referee Jackson James turn to maintain control gear as Orlando gets shot off into the corner a voyage Douglas Williams coming in Galindo even though his outlandish in he got some uncomfortable off freaky things there he's got that vicious side though doesn't he Road us running clothesline here's the cover gets to and Williams kicks out before three thought it would suck to get pinned by a guy we're gonna lend this word they'll say that confused he doesn't know what's his kind of brains are scrambled British Invasion with the double-team [Applause] Eirik bails out to the floor orlando Georgie's got Douglas Williams yeah Milind because that the gender bender bet you're not surprised the pinna history [Applause] very impressive right there boss in the land of Jordan got the win let's see what happens come inside a steel cage Cincinnati Ohio baby you know now might not be the best time to be playing video games relax it did not come here to fight you besides I don't feel like gettin kicked in the jaw again where they here forever just gonna give you a little heads up Hogan is gonna make you an offer an offer that you should not refuse I've known you a long time we got a ton of history together we put it in terms that you can understand this time the grass is greener on the other side and there's less seeds – what's always good right yeah listen okay so what happened to Anderson he's an asshole yeah he is an asshole but you saw what happened to him and you don't want that happening to you just a little heads up maybe you should take the advice this time a huge six-man tag team match its Hernandez the Pope and Jeff Jarrett vs. Matt Morgan Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle the first of all best of three series to determine the man advantage for this Sunday's Lethal Lockdown match not this bad boys next it is time matches tonight and representing a Mormon abyss it's the first of three she said I like this what he does here is Apollo's cut out right now [Applause] his fortune in Sunday and see and we see Kazarian it starts off blown on one but then in intervals it's two on one three this is the first in the best-of-three match series tonight [Applause] it's the X Division champion Kazarian representing fortune an advantage is by the videos a fortune kid you can see fortune not happy with that [Applause] [Applause] I guess that's fair by our this fair on the garden west absolutely insane it's the right you can see how peeled both fortune and immortal father at the ruling of our senior official earl hebner but it is the light call these matches this best of three series tonight two important because they determine who has them the man edge but numbers game advantage Sunday in the Lethal Lockdown match Earl Hebner recognized extremely serious widget the openers rola well smart I like I like Lucas Aryans game plan is trying to get very quick pinfalls the kind of shock and awe mentality on that heart if it did work Kazarian elevated to the apron connects with the shot oh and Matt Hardy kicking the ring ropes that crutch Kazarian on his way in will better and move there look at hardiest gun that's the cold-blooded attitude of Matt Hardy goes right into the pin and that's what Matt Hardy kind of since he's gave me the TNA that's what he's all about cold blooded felt like this whole career he's done the right then have been a quiet boy in the business in the locker room area and all this jazz and they just feels like it's time to just change not be a nice guy anymore he aligns himself for the model I like the Matt Hart has done since he's been here in TNA and Taz look at the offensive tactics of Matt Hardy totally focusing on the neck of Kazarian yeah well excellent game plan he caught a court on Kazarian hottie quick Kazarian with a nasty neckbreaker in the ropes and now that's the game plan for Matt Hardy this is the first of three matches in the best of three series Kazarian in a tough way right here watch his neck here who's coming effective battling neck and forehead custom steel to come that was I've seen on many guys over the years did that slingshot maneuver I've never seen a dad on that in Penson violent the way that was done there by party and now to spur bond again as you said my point now to single out the neck of Kazarian this is the first of our best of three series still to come tonight fortune in a mortal to be changed storm versus the monster of this Robert read scheduled to face Ric Flair if necessary in match number three of the best of three you might be setting up for a quiz that he yep Erica Lancel rehearsal perfect counter fax line Kazarian gets to the X Division champion cuz erinyes grip then he could go for a side effect but Kazarian getting out of it roll through the shoulders already down for to the neck and mean it's hard for this area to really follow up the party cover heavier counts to Kazarian gets the shoulder up before three again how important a win here is for either these men for their team on this Sunday in the Lethal Lockdown match just sets the tone for this best of three series tonight that Hitler the murder right back at it again side effect and again to Syrians head just bounces off the canvas side effect really pinpoints a man's neck I think this area might be all Bob done right now nobody home opportunity now for Kazarian if he can regroup and get it together maybe he can forge some kind of a comeback you have no one Matt Hardy I think that little too cocky off that big that big moonsault I'm off he had to do that because there have the ability get out of the way Kazarian now TAS I've just received word fokin laying down the law against mr. Anderson he's going to force Anderson tonight to run the gauntlet Oh God let's sucks fur for Anderson good for Matt Hardy either well that definitely Rock the jaw of Matt Hardy trying to shake it off his era he might go for the kill here if tonight crunch maybe Mike roll through a party with momentum sends him into the corner and then party goes right in because Kazarian went quickly out to the apron nice missile dropkick potting blush this Aryan covered good job on that hottie excellent net sense but know where you are at all times when we're in the rain again it's all about Lethal Lockdown this Sunday in the steel cage this will be part of the numbers age and part of the numbers game putting the feast with the penis that caught him right in the eye and you guys we said like how vital the man advantage is for either team I mean that's where you did a the momentum in that Lethal Lockdown cage to Sunday in Cincinnati Matt Hardy just took them our referee Earl Hebner and ran him right into the robes of my Kazarian crashed out of the corner definitely looked like it was accidental this is cold-blooded style submission hold that Matt Hardy calls the ice pick he's got it blocked in perfect positioning was gonna double of the hook and a great final body scissors their tremendous submission hold this area it's done big free format party and what a huge win for immortal as well well I spit wonderful into the body gallops of the victory in the three series this is do we have to apologize okay I've already lost sleep okay okay okay I'm gonna go out there I'm gonna do the right thing I'm gonna apologize to Mickey what we did was stupid it was if I got it I'm so proud of you just like we could well the queen of the Knockouts champion addison rain accompanied by Terra for the last seven days just a minute really I need just a second for the last seven days I haven't been able to sleep every night when I lay down to go to bed all I can do is playback the events of last week in my head over and over and over again if I would have had the opportunity to go back and do things differently what would I have done that question has been weighing heavily on my mind oh really Tara do you know what I would have done I would have backed that bike up and run over Mickey's ass one more time I would have taken my left hand and I would have slapped you across that wretched face of yours for questioning me you know what [Applause] the last few weeks I've noticed that you've become a little bit too comfortable constable and you're wrong let me remind you what that role is Tara you are my bitch when I say you don't question me you do your job and keep your mouth shut because let me remind you Tara I'm the reason that you have a job I handed you your job back after I retired you and if you continue to give me these slightest bit of attitude I will make sure you are back behind the makeup counter stocking lip gloss do we understand each other town if you have something to stay you better believe I have something to say just as we were getting ready to hear them music hug country here comes Mickey James your arms in a sling excuse me I really hate to interrupt this little heartfelt tear-jerking tender moment going on between the two of you but I have something to say if you think for one second that a little separated shoulder is going to stop me from ripping every strand of that ratty god-awful weave out of that pretty little prima donna but you are right about one thing you know you should have got back on that bike and you should have ran me over one more good time for good measure but she didn't can I got back up and you can rest assured that Sunday at lockdown I'm going to put you through every ounce of pain that you put me through last week plus some you see for six months straight you have made my life a living hell here at TNA you have mocked everything that I am and everything that I stand for and last week you went too far you took the coward's way out [Applause] well Madison Sunday at lockdown there is no way out because inside that steel cage I'm gonna beat you within an inch of your life and I'm gonna show you exactly how hardcore country I can be [Applause] all about Mickie James will she do it this Sunday walk down in the cage Miki's agreed she's gonna put her hair at stake vol to get that shot at the naka time ladies and gentlemen up next Kurt Angle Morgan and Samoa Joe join forces to face Jeff Jarrett Hernandez on the pole this six-man tag is coming right after this [Applause] the most personalized comes to a head this Sunday ohayo Jeff Jarrett he's gonna be locked in the steel cage wife Karen the Olympic gold-medalist for the Sunday as Jeff Jarrett's yell at you will do the charities all yelling you nine years of him [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] and Sunday and locked revenge against his former partner his longtime rival Fernandez and also gain well respect for the country he represents [Applause] who said this Sunday Paige against the poor [Applause] myself for submission so I like [Applause] introducing his head [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] intriguing 6b have in store for you now on in this is your chance to get your hands on chef Jaron [Applause] just a couple of days before lockdown [Applause] that man [Applause] another reminder to Cincinnati Ohio for our lockdown VIP weekend get all the details at the entire weekend in Cincinnati firlock Daedalus we're going to and go right out of the box here I won't surprise Jeff charity the guts here is gonna stop this thing wolf against Kurt Angle [Applause] all right here we go [Applause] [Applause] you see Jarrett trying to get out is I'm getting where we need to take a commercial break already when we return we're the six-man tag ladies and gentlemen we are back on good body blows right there wait up Donna drop Matt Maupin see a level of occlusal facially throttled here to get a good choke slam it was the attempt by Morgan both able to float over until Morgan just backs him up right into the corner well that's gotta wear those elbows rapidfire the rights in the left [Applause] it will be Matt Morgan against Hernandez Sunday Cincinnati in the cage and although that be food carpet footprints it alone the win a champion knee up and I think that's exactly what happened to Walden jammed his knee and hope sone righted after the injury clipped him from behind drops down again on the injured leg and knee in but just just taking it out on the blueprint Matt Morgan then of course with Morgan down Fernandez he asked for the tag chance for him to come in and we Morgan before their singles match in the cage at lockdown yeah I look and then this is the leader of Mexican America and of a newer faction we've seen the past to reach here very impressive discus clothesline by the gigantic Matt Morgan turning point in the match here which man can tag the membrane of that team might get the advantage here it is matter amazing recovery by morgue and put it all into that one move and now more and close to making the tag to Kurt Angle Hernandez from his teens corner we're invited to a be tonight it's still a strength by Supermax get to the top I'm gonna toss that if I could angle considering the size of Hernandez the dirt really winded hot in his own bathroom you right there very impressive throw kind of an oval hook and another hook Kurt was Hitler hernán is his body soar through the air that's right they had joking a tape killing this thing and it goes gift cherish the legal man [Applause] the striking power of Samoa Joe share it as communication issues between markers back behind the wall back kickin snooze charities [Applause] MTG Khatami piss off breaker in the bird's-eye view of the submissions that jump somebody will win alum back here to go through the muscle buster in the corner hope trains can fight it off rockin with the kick to the side of the head well you're right boats gonna get muscle buster the boat Jeff Jarrett shutting down Joe some military sites [Applause] week after week time after time we see Kurt Angle in pursuit of Jeff Jarrett who runs out of the impact zone no chance to run for jared polin Hernandez big super big slingshot into the shoulder block Nastia Supermax very impressive athlete this counter into that perfect reversal whose you want the ball right there by some old joke [Applause] he's known as the Samoan submission machine rear naked choke applied drops down into the cocoon of the pulp up by the poke breaks up the submission try by Joe [Applause] Megan back in Big Bang hands that takes down the poop [Applause] those prints looks here they came from in our Kia outside from the Mexican American contingent right hand from Morgan the Knux goes flying to see the clothesline by the blueprint those nuts are wrapped around the hands with the Pope he picked up the prisoners we bribed him to had his back turned dealing with Mexican America he didn't realize what just happened here now Michigan America can go over that welcome again I gotta tell you Mike I think that does off a huge amount of we are flustered for the popcorn into the Sunday against Joe for his confidence getting that good even though Charlie cheated let's be honest Samoa Joe laid out and now this Sunday is locked in with those breasts butcher did that knock nicotine treatment Morgan Morgan Samoa Joe chip cheering he left the building minutes ago ladies and gentlemen it's this Sunday it's lockdown its Cincinnati Ohio is a six man who just competed in that tag team match they're gonna square off in three separate singles matches you're gonna see Samoa Joe it's gonna be birthday and is against the hoofprint Matt Morgan waiting for for an awful long time first angle versus champion [Applause] [Applause] that's your husband Karen that's your husband real good picture he leaves you behind huh real good he might be I guess if you're being interrupted he was talking to you he said pointed at you visceral flex payy can't stay [Applause] in the past several bumps the rubbers hit the road we got some traction immortal is right exactly where they should be we're taking care of all the family business mr. Bischoff so are V D come on out here brother [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] the challenge sting heavyweight championships mr. Anderson gunning in a threeway match for stage TNA world titles also opportunity so the title improv never lost let's face it Sunday for the walk logan official calling ah yes the vets you're robbed I know you see what's going on out here so I'm gonna say this one time and one time only please don't make the same mistake that Anderson made out here brother no listen to me listen to me remember back to March 2010 when I brought you to TNA dude I wanted you to be a big part of the team a very important part of the team and the laid-back attitude that you have brother your whole career people have been taking advantage you too time and time again but recently RVD I've seen a completely different Rob Van Dam brother I mean you've been on fire as of late you know and it looks like the new Rob Van Dam isn't gonna take a backseat to anybody you fit perfectly with what we got going on dude and if you think didn't see what truly happened in that match last week the sting within your wrong brother because I truly saw what was going on when Anderson dropped him you took advantage of the situation the new RVD took advantage of the situation and you pinned the TNA champion for a 1-2-3 brother that's the way I saw it and I liked it a lot brother that was awesome [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] appearance of a DNA [Applause] for stings championship [Applause] right there that is a lie Hogan because Rob never saw what Anderson did Rob never saw Anderson lay me out and you know it and the Rob Van Dam that I know would never take a win like that trust me Rob the last place you want to be is on that side of the Ring right there and I gotta tell ya it is an awesome honor and privilege to be the world champion [Applause] but I'm not going to take my eyes off the issue the real issue and that's getting rid of both of you at the end of the day you're going to have to make your own decision you're going to have to make your own choice Rob and it locked down if you are the better man and you defeat me then you capture this world title but if you're not the better man and you choose to hop in a sack with these dudes you're bronies right here [Applause] then the only way you're gonna win this world title is over my dead body think about that Rob [Applause] [Applause] VanDam surveyed the situation and he's totally non-committal either sting or Hogan [Applause] everyone surprised that that Emanuele robbed of all time is usually very opinionated he kind of wensley's emotion honesty's and especially saying you ho sir but I'm feeling really really confident right now you see see the deal is you're never gonna give a guy like RVD because quite honestly despite everything you've accomplished that you have accomplished one hell of a lot in your career but at the end of the day given all of your accomplishments that everything that you've become and you represent the fact of the matter is you are just not quite the chess player that Hulk Hogan is as a matter of fact Hulk Hogan has been out manipulating you for the better part of your entire career and as a matter of fact as we stand here before this vast television audience are these people here he has manipulated you and playing you like a violin right now as a matter of fact I feel I don't know a checkmate in your very very near future wrong again because checkmate is mine right now [Applause] the host fishy [Applause] Sting's attention is turned to Hogan there is a stand in stages that's kind of conduct unbecoming for state what you say would say stinks focus it's bad Hogan and Eric Bischoff Hogan's that I've got healthy man here no you know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna steal a page out of your book not on your time on mine [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] three series to determine the management today's Lethal Lockdown match it's the monster of its representing the Lord his team already up one by virtue of men Nazarian of fear money the best-of-three series show this Sunday and get that man advantage [Applause] [Applause] that's what slows Oh so well he dips throughout the day and that's one way for scorn to take advantage here against this six foot eight 350 pound monster who just has imprudently outside get on him early so I'm spit the beer right in the face and then do not let up tis I just received some huge news about lockdown this Sunday and in particular the Jeff Jarrett Kurt Angle match inside the cage as James Storm just continues to beat down on abyss it's going to be a best of three Falls match when jerath meets angle under ultra male rules first ball is winged by pin second fall submission full three if necessary you win by escaping the cage those rules for Jared angle we're told courtesy of the network they want man this show lockdown this Sunday in Cincinnati but he's getting better and better right there storms a use of this absolutely one of the biggest events of the year for TNA happens every year that lockdown is just off the charts with every match in the cage and that's what it's going to be this Sunday as a business turned it around on change storm again this is match two in the best-of-three series to determine the manage for the Lethal Lockdown out between immortal and fortunes with a beat down by the monster abyss as you said Mike early at Matt Hardy got the victory for a mortal by defeating Kazarian an abyss to it for a model here against James thought right now looks like God this is in control full head of steam slide out of the way come springing off the ruts with a clothesline that it rocked abyss didn't take him down neither the second attempt by staff you get that gigantic red go down man it's not easy yes James Storm [Applause] this takes pool on side storm connects with the cake remember match three in the best of three series still to come tonight you go spotty Robert Roode against the players we see storm get to on the monster storm has got abyss where he needs to have them down beaten down and you see storm smart man he's not ready oh god boos with me I gotta try and get out of that school that's a big stick gripped by the monster appears caught him with both knees here for fortune but of his powers out before three dresses by James Storm crying out to get frustrated got to keep the offense going if you had cowboy James Storm sighs our weight advantage of this too much since storm off into the corner but James gets the boot up oh oh my god watch out watch out smoke slam by the monster abyss storm down abyss covers gets to fairly and I mean barely that storm the shoulder raised before three so you watch gonna tip the cowboy I have to calculate James Storm to write their offensive on that he knows how important this victory would be for his team to even up the score against a woman breaking the eyes their storm did punch out went to the last call superkick blocked by abyss who turns him around and drives him down with the black hole slam monster on top gets to immortal whimsy to sip but just like that see EP [Applause] [Applause] Anderson before lockdown Anderson has to run the award Mike listen closely in situations like this I try I really really try to control my patience and my temper but I've got to tell you I'm losing them both all right look both Hulk Hogan and I have been around the block long enough to know when a pro is pulling the strings inside of the professional wrestling business okay we smell a rat we've been straightforward with you we're asking you to be straight forward with the stuff you want to push me push me okay but trust me when I tell you you do not I repeat do not want to push oak Hogan to the point of no return now simply tell me who is it who are you working with [Applause] in time no no time is now do you understand of a bitch [Applause] we saw Velvet Sky door screaming for [Applause] velvet wants to deal directly with Angelina Love or pigeon just got crushed they're not even loose Angelina I'm gonna give you one last chance to come out here face to face with me and defend yourself against your options as of lately and if I don't like what you have to say cool and mark my words I will not hold back from whooping that ass [Applause] just judging by the look she'sshe's back in that translate just totally emotionless steak like Jesuits sleep into something what is that [Applause] the two shots by with no reaction love until she finally just snapped in going on with Angeline I mean what is winter I mean I caught him Warren did what whimpers putting in her drinks was Wynton I think winters definitely done something to Angelina ninja Lina and velvet for my best friend's a new agency [Applause] she's just like a motionless got a sulfur weapon now I've that's not games leader heard you know where the hell she is you just see it with every move that she does to though that sky is just no faces there's no reaction at all it's like she's going through the motions Angelina but she's just old tell us about it in boss it all started with the obsession that winter had for Angelina Love and it continues to today don't you see steel chair with the BB between these two long time but with the right / Angelina and it's of your dirty work doing me DDT on a steel chair by Angelina on velvet stifled double that was really ugly [Applause] situation between these three it's stranger by the week ladies and gentlemen it happens only once a year TNA's all steel-cage pay-per-view lockdown it's live from Cincinnati Ohio this Sunday the leader father the promotion this Sunday in that Nettie as the kids D'Angelo dinero faces Samoa chill it's going to be the street fighter from Harlem against the Samoan submission machine and check this one out hereby give Mickie James becomes the knockout champion but if Mickey loses she loses her hair Tazz it's never been more personal than this in the cage this Sunday Jeff Jarrett must his wife Karen's ex-husband hurting Jarrett and angle finally sat at a score and the and fortune will continue this Sunday the always violent people locked down match this is a weapons built cave match I'll tell ya it's gonna get nasty World Heavyweight Champion sting will be put to the test two challengers for his world title it's the icon versus Rob versus mr. Anderson the three-way for the gold in the cage headlines locked down this Sunday in Cincinnati [Applause] headed to the ring the time to face the music Hulk Hogan is about to get payback because Anderson has to deal to the border by running the gauntlet it's next on impact [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] ready peeking and he [Applause] that beatdown on top of Anderson was just healthy [Applause] mr. Anderson is just reading and the symbol but Murphy as of late has been in the immortal doghouse and you know that he wants to prove himself right here to Hulk Hogan and he could get out of that doghouse in a hurry by taking out this granderson definitely a good opportunity to get into good graces again up a mortal and Hulk Hogan for Murphy right there could be the start of something good for Murphy that was pretty good right there that clothesline pretty strong by the big man this all started when nice minutes Aniston's need was hamstrung maybe house by design right there the way murphy slammed Kent right there towards off the ropes and a steel cable aside people don't realize how tight these ropes oughta around his rig a rental weapon and its cable underneath a trouble on that on that on the ring ropes we're gonna attack here fire Murphy on the Nia venison all started when Hulk Hogan felt disrespected by Anderson not joining immortal and now this is about Anderson paying the price having to run this immortal gauntlet when Murphy's really taken at least to this point before Anderson gets out of the way of the knee drop [Applause] it's coming down now and no rest period either for the Lord is running they showed us the free krob Terry oh my god member number two of a mortal that's him con anderson wolf big massive massive rob Terry I've got small package rolls appear on Terry for to the other guy who's been in the doghouse Hulk Hogan rob Terry the chance for Bob Terry the freak to prove himself to Hulk Hogan Nick again rob Terry Spock going after that need that Murphy started that injury on the knee which at first I thought it was the hamstring but uh seems to be that they're pinpointing they being remodeled in need fully race leading strategy from the stage he's got the TD champion gunner with him as the free krob Terry just continues to put the pressure on the knee how strong Rob Terriers it's a leg bomb and that offer you see guys that that can do a leg ball like that it's almost like an armbar instead of turning over to a single leg Boston Crab this guy's so freaking Powell Phil rob Terry he could tear ligaments and paulkaiju to join a pot you need strength 5 mr. Anderson ride a counter but to no avail way more about power than technique with that move by the frequent Terry fuck Anderson was gonna fight him off but then Terry just overpowered him and bombed him right down Edison could all this stick sandwiched in the corner by the freak again to the power game easily up to the shoulder goes Anderson able to shove him off another one though right [Applause] [Applause] go biggest television champion Turner very intense member of the morning this guy's a dangerous captain caught Anderson with the strengths the chicks die and he can totally focusing on the previously injured leg and knee of Anderson drags him back out towards the middle of the Ring so we can't use the ropes for a break in gets too little thing that gunner could have done that when he hooked that leg for the pink lava in my opinion cooked the injured leg her Damus and even more I'll tell you what the girls got a problem of hurting people this guy he's just gotten s in the mirror and Anson knows a courtesan taxonomy by gonna the intensity and the nasty demeanor that Hulk Hogan and immortal love and the fact that he's got the TV championship they like that as well and Kim drives the knee right into the leg of Anderson Mike bill look who's back wind up I mean bully Ray if they need him he's on death raise on deck right there that's what you got a few dancing you get that's good [Applause] series of close range missiles NIC's covers too excellent coddled by Anderson really tight cover but gonna have you wherewithal to kick out of it [Applause] after this me Hold'em that's a lot of weight are not able to the adrenaline kind of got the can a little bit their intensity of Gunnar may come back to haunt him a secret job expressive his Anderson three my checks three victories and now here comes big bad for a you talked about the cleanup hitter in mortal gauntlet and can you imagine after facing better now mr. Anderson has the deal hooray the sisters are trying to disrespect and get the head of Anderson and Anderson he's like a wounded animal now Pig been great man I'm out on you traps the Abel with all the weight behind him getting throttled with the choke back to the injured leg again of Anderson this Agnetha faction has been just relentless in the attack and the beatdown of mr. Anderson right from the outset look at bully right here just how innovative it is just hanging mr. Ranas rope side down to expose his knee and pound on it more and more and more land ursin can't fight back from that position he's he's really defenses not only the bad leg but now hung upside down in the corner what condition is Anderson's going to be in this Sunday if you Tiffany would show up pelota all about the message that Hulk Hogan and immortal are sending to Anderson because he did not join the group why would you mess what but what what a mall why don't you disrespect our mr. often and disrespectful bogan Aniston just got a little too cocky then he cares lesser he could care less about authority figures and this are you getting torn apart here that knee is just really just being talking contorted and pounded on [Applause] you see the open hands slap to the face of Anderson by fully ray putting a bad mouth on him again wanting to gonna point this out again tan miss Anderson quite a bit surprised with a shot what kind of condition is Anderson gonna be in for the world title match existence as this match goes on longer and longer you think about his chances on his potential that they diminishment absolutely absolutely you see instant Sheryl flowers and life here it was just too much this the fourth man this man is facing Edison he had a dealing three rough-and-tumble minute was on the model now he's dealing with bully Ray a fresh bully Ray he gets caught up on the middle loop Manderson swinging those big rights [Applause] 20 half a minute 40 had it [Applause] Fuli ranges picking the spot here what next what next watch out exchange strikes great challenges it he says three long [Applause] [Applause] it's just too much the numbers I think a mrs. Tasca right for the picking him bully ray just knocked down referee Brian heaven dragging him up the entrance I imagined Anderson trying to use his free leg to kick away job at olam they attack us to put on that need to be dragged up all up a lid by a man the size of bully Ray what the hell is Ray gonna be here he's a twisted demented man is fully ready he is really waving the flag of amorous award knows all look at the positioning here tasks and remember what we saw several weeks ago the same look on the face of bully rain when he took AJ Styles up to the stage [Applause] deja vu all over again don't do it fully they don't do this holy races [Applause] tries to get extreme the tape our Chiquita turns around face to face with Billy Ray [Applause] they're filling me with the baseball bat [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh [Applause] [Applause] knows the condition that man spent will be in this mr. Anderson after heavy [Applause] [Applause] and the three minute matchstick mister our baby this is about us this is about fortune this is about TNA we don't know that where the hearts all this company immortal three days from now we got you in a cage with weapons heads on Sunday and Lethal Lockdown no idea you guys talk about fortune I'll let you guys down immortal but bitch that's what you are your immortals little bitch you're not abyss you beat me big deal we've all been beat but look we're still spending duty tell us this Sunday lockdown we go for they'd beat you [Applause] lockdowns a couple days away ken you've gotta be looking at sting differently for he Sager has that changed does that change the perspective born in the locker doesn't change anything rustling I came here for if I I don't care the title the title is a title this isn't about saving somebody this is about me getting my focus back where it needs to be the focus is on Hogan and Bischoff and eliminating them from TNA once and for all and it locked down Oh word has it huggin that you're saying you're gonna take the world title back from sting well guess what the red blood cells I'm moving through this body now Hulk I'm fired up it's gonna be show time and locked down and you're not taking any balance and I know that pisses you off makes me happy you cross line brother get a damn war I guarantee it stay locked down we're gonna break you in half and take our damn funk back you wanna war stay there got a damn war stain I hope you're ready


  1. why is it in the wwe wwf tna wcw scott Steiner was the only one who was allowed to keep his name and theme song

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