1. Innerpieces is the best, followed by the one that lets you shoot the guy in the head with their own pistol. shawdow boxing was disapointing.

  2. the execution was good but i personally like Inner Pieces & Now You See Me executions more ~ those was brutal af!

  3. Smh that one guy using Tone would use the easiest Titan that takes no skill to play. Bruh, get good you Tone piece of crap. Btw, I say Get To The Point is the coolest and the dumbest is Now You See Me

  4. I just watched one of your old videos and this one, you've come a long way in your movement good for you! I main the kraber so I have to have rly good movement but I recommend using stim and play the floor is lava basically so try to spring on the ground as little as you can (unless you need to start a b hop or hop off the ground of course) but keep up the good work!

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