The WWE Universe takes a “Dance Break”: Raw Exclusive, July 22, 2019

The WWE Universe takes a “Dance Break”: Raw Exclusive, July 22, 2019

Now, we are really getting
down with the RAW reunion, but what I think,
we should turn the cameras on you Tampa. And see if you can get down, so
everybody up on your feet because you know what time it is,
it’s time for a Dance Break. [MUSIC] Let me see your floss,
that’s right, check your guys out, we’re looking at you, feel the glow,
you saw her earlier tonight, Naomi. [MUSIC] We’re looking at you guys,
you’re doing great out there, Tampa. [MUSIC] Rainbows on like it just don’t care
come on, we even got the baby dancing. [MUSIC] Fantastic. [MUSIC] All right, camera’s on you. [MUSIC] Great energy out there. [MUSIC] Represent the phenomenal one [MUSIC] Come on Tampa, everybody up on your feet,
it’s the Raw reunion. [MUSIC] What an awesome crowd we have here,
great move, great dancing, come right down in time to head back to
the USA network for more Monday Night Raw.


  1. I love you Pink Ranger & Selena Gomez me Aaron Green Ranger White Ranger Justin Bieber I love you Jazmine me Aaron Aladdin

  2. Alica Silverstone Bat Girl Sarah Selena Gomez Alison NikkiBella Vanessa Hudgens Jazmine Amy Jo Johnson Kimberly Pink Ranger Alicia Silverstone Bat Girl

  3. Lady at 0:24 is what we’re all thinking about this segment lol. It was okay when R Truth did it because he’s a funny dude but this is just terrible.

  4. Yikes, I didnt know you all hate how employees try to cheer up the fans.

    Instead you use the word “ CRINGE “ for them being active now.

  5. The moment the kid to her left, our right, stood their awkwardly not doing anything, it was a sign of things to come. Nothing but Fortnite dances and people barely caring. That was terrible.

  6. I know everyone is saying that this is cringy af, but I actually love that the WWE is connecting more with the fans. You don't realise, but this could make a little kid's year. And yes, there was a lot of fortnite and other some what stupid dances, but if that's how people wanna dance, let them dance…. most of them are children ffs. Let them have fun

  7. Carmella: TRUTH U READY


    Drake: ahw wat the hell D-

    Carmella- DANCE BREAK





    For some reason truth cries 😂?

  8. It's just fortnite dances, does anyone actually know any proper dances? I know they're from real life but, c'mon…. Please…the cringe…..


  10. How do I want sometime at Summer Slam, Shane to declare again that it is best and right at that moment to return CM Punk – it will be great!!!!!!

  11. Here we see a comment section using their favourite buzzword adjective they picked up online "cringe". Why are they using it? Because you see they hate that children are dancing and enjoying themselves.

  12. I appreciate the guys and girls who actually danced and had fun…I'm not gonna pay that much to just sit there…that's just me though

  13. The reason dance break is a thing is because fortnite emotes exist. And when kids get the opportunity for a dance break, they ruin it with fortnite dances, what has this world become?

  14. Make It Officially Carmella's WWE's 2nd Theme Song Dance Break Theme Song Is 1000th Times Better Than The Fabulous Theme Song

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