1. Is it just me or does it feel so weird just seeing Kurt so young. Like I don't remember Kurt looking this young in TNA.

  2. One of the FEW good things about TNA back then. This guy would've destroyed both Reigns and Cena in his prime.

  3. Came here again after the documentary on WWE Network.
    Nigel, thank you for having been my favourite all time wrestler.

    This "so eaaaasyyyyy" promo is still in my mind

  4. I remember watching this on tv when it first aired and I at first I thought Desmond Wolfe was Eric Young

  5. Obviously Russo and Jarrett were gonna push Nigel to the moon. Hogan and Bischoff didn't see him as a star.

  6. The one and only Nigel McGuiness / Desmond Wolfe. He has amazing in-ring presence and psychology. So disappointing he had to retire.

  7. why didn't they push him??!!! he looks like he could of been tna heavyweight champion!!!! he's a former ring of honor champion!!!

  8. It's so sad. You can see in his documentary and in recent interviews – particularly the one with Kevin Steen – that he's so down on himself that he didn't get to achieve what he wanted to in professional wrestling because of matters that were out of his control. He just seems so cynical and depressed now and it's tragic.

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