The Revival RETURN! BIG NXT Star DEBUTS On Raw! | WWE Raw, Dec. 18, 2017 Review

The Revival RETURN! BIG NXT Star DEBUTS On Raw! | WWE Raw, Dec. 18, 2017 Review

The Revival return! Hideo Itami makes his debut on the main roster. If you don’t count the whole Andre the Giant
Memorial Battle Royal thing. And where’s Roman Reigns? This is 18th December, 2017 edition of Monday
Night Raw…in about 4 minutes. Big, Sweaty No. 1 Contenders
Kurt Angle opened Raw with a dilemma: who should face Brock Lesnar for the Universal
title at the Royal Rumble? The guy he’s already beaten in a disappointing
match. Or Kane. Kurt sat on the fence and went for both, announcing
a triple threat for the January pay-per-view, and then running away while the three men
brawled. Usually I would say this is rather obvious:
Kane’s taking the pin at the Rumble. But going by Dolph Ziggler’s win at Clash
of Champions, don’t count out WWE just deciding troll us. Seth Rollins beat Jason Jordan
Seth Rollins was originally meant to take on Samoa Joe for Raw’s opening match, but
Jason Jordan moaned his way into replacing him. It was more great character work from Jordan,
annoying inserting himself into other feuds so he can impress his dad. Joe took up his new favourite position – watching
the match from a chair like a mob boss – where he eventually got superkicked by Rollins. Seth won a decent bout, but then Joe beat
up everyone afterwards. An angry Seth and a ‘look at me, I’m angry
too’ Jordan demanded a match against the Samoan , so Kurt made The Shield and Jason
vs Joe and the Bar for the later that night. Finn Balor & Hideo Itami beat Miztourage
After Finn Balor had gone OVER them both in separate matches, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel
took him on together in a handicap match. But after the Miztourage wouldn’t stop beating
Balor down , it quickly turned into Finn going one on one with the Undertake-oh wait, it’s
the other one. A tag team match, playas – with a debuting
Hideo Itami running down for the save. This is probably just to promote Itami on
205 Live the following night, though, rather than Cruiserweights now being able to wrestle
people outside their division. Itami didn’t get much of a crowd reaction,
but there was a sizeable pop for seeing his Go To Sleep finisher. The much larger reaction was from NXT Daddy
Triple H backstage. He’s so proud! Cedric Alexander beat Drew Gulak
After taking the Cruiserweight title’s No. 1 contendership somewhat seriously, after
three weeks of very good qualifying bouts, Enzo Amore on commentary distracted from the
match, and him walking off to answer Nia Jax’s booty call overshadowed Cedric Alexander’s
win. Drew Gulak continues to be the most fun part
of the division, especially with his most devastating move in sports entertainment:
the cockblock! Asuka beat Alicia Fox
Asuka tapped out Alicia Fox in about two minutes. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Jason Jordan
vs Samoa Joe & The Bar As the second hour’s main event, The Shield
with Jordan and Samoa Joe with The Bar put on a fun match, which ended when Seth found
himself alone after Ambrose injured his arm and Jordan was outside being a wimp. Joe and the Bar attacked Dean’s arm backstage
afterwards. Woken Matt Hardy Plays Chess With A Goldfish
After Bray Wyatt cut a generic Bray Wyatt promo earlier in the show, Woken Matt Hardy
cut anything but: talking about amassing his Woken Warriors for the Great War against Bray
Wyatt and Sister Abigail… while playing chess with a goldfish who’s actually a reincarnated
Napoleon. This segment was only missing two things:
1) Hardy eating the goldfish to absorb Napoleon’s powers. And b) the commentary team actually taking
this seriously. The Revival beat Heath Slater & Rhyno
The Revival returned after four months out with injury to not much of a reaction, sadly. They quickly dispatched Heath Slater and Rhyno
while Titus Worldwide studied them backstage. Kurt then told Slater and Rhyno they need
to toughen up to survive in the tag division. Rhyno got a gleam in his eyes, saying he knows
just how to do it. Prepare yourselves for training montage skits! Mickie James, Bayley & Sasha Banks vs Absolution
Elias made himself the first entry into the Royal Rumble match next, but his celebratory
song insulting [INSERT YOUR HOMETOWN HERE], was continually interrupted by that dastardly
Women’s Division. This was for the 6 woman main event tag of
Mickie James, Bayley and Sasha Banks vs Absolution. The match ended in DQ, so the rest of the
women’s roster ran down to brawl – until Stephanie McMahon’s music hit, where everyone
stopped like naughty school children about to be told off, rather than badass professional
fighters we’re meant to believe in. With all the Raw women standing in a row,
Stephanie then cut the following promo: Mae Young. Fabulous Moolah. Abu Dhabi. Buzzwords. Divas, bad. Evolution, good. Revolution, also. James Ellsworth, ignored. First ever Women’s Royal Rumble match. Why, miss, it’s a Christmas miracle! Everyone was fighting, but then Old St Steph
said we’ll get a Rumble match. Thank you, oh generous one. Let’s forget about the weeks of storyline
tension and vicious beatdowns to celebrate gender equality this magical season! Rather than what would’ve been far more
effective: have all the women angrily stare each other down like actual competitive athletes. So that was this week’s Raw in about four
minutes. Here’s the usual ratings recap, from top
to bottom – In Awe, Cor, AVRAWGE, Poor and Bore. I’ll reveal my rating very shortly, but
first, vote in the poll above my head to give yours. I’ll announce the results in tomorrow’s
WrestleTalk News. The Women’s Royal Rumble is a welcome announcement,
just not one very well made – with Stephanie dominating the segment. For an episode that contained that, Hideo
Itami’s Raw debut, the Revival’s return and Woken Matt Hardy playing chess with a
goldish, this was somehow an underwhelming show. This week’s Raw is Poor. What’s going on with Daniel Bryan’s heel
turn? And which major star is headlining the Hall
of Fame? Click the videos to the left to find out. I’ve been Oli Davis and that was wrestling.


  1. So wrestling fan base has dropped from teens and adults, to preschoolers and feminist. Fuck wwe. Lucha underground needs to just take over.

  2. "Especially with his most devastating move in sports entertainment, the cockblock! " Im dead 😂😂😂
    Edit: my phone autocorrected I'm to ik

  3. the commentary dudes need to take some time to shut the fuck up occasionally. way too involved, especially for completely mediocre people completely lacking any relevant insight.

  4. I didn't mind the announcement done in the way it was done. But it should have been a separate promo.

    Otherwise have the beatdown and then have steph walkout furious at the women's division action and then announce that you need to save it for the first ever female royal rumble. Then have absolution jump everyone before Asuka and Nia clearing the ring and then having a staredown to close the show.

  5. The first ever women's rumble announcement was great. The way they went about it was not. They went from badass fighters to giddy school girls in about 2 minutes which made them all look stupid.

  6. I was in attendance last night and that Jason Jordan vs Seth Rollins match was putting the crowd to sleep. Maybe it was more exciting on TV with the commentary but in person it seemed like a terrible way to start the show. Luckily the dark match was Braun vs kane , which ended with a DQ from Kane for hitting Braun with the steel chairs and then Braun power slamming Kane through a table, otherwise the show would've been a bust for all the fans hoping to see an actual match between the two competitors fighting for a shot at the beast.

  7. it had brock, braun, hideo 'debuting' and the revival returning and a womens rumble announced….but was somehow still meh…..HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?

  8. call me sexist or whatever the hell you want but womens rumble is stupid and it is going to be boring and it just brings down the quality of the real rumble.

  9. Man… I was waiting for Hideo Hideo Hideo chants but I guess people have been brainwashed into seeing Hideo Itami as a loser for far too long. This was genuinely a good debut and Hideo deserves to be on main roaster not that 205 live shit show.

  10. kurt ran out of the ring when brown,kane and lesner were in the ring but the entire women roster stoped the brawl when Stephanie's music hit..what a stupid logic

  11. i don't think the wwe women's division is ready for a rumble match. 20% of the roaster can't even go over the 3rd Rope properly…

  12. They really should have taken notes from Smackdown on how to properly announce "history making matches". The announcement of the women's MITB match was fantastic. This was beyond corny.

  13. "When the fuck did Raw become Dawson's Creek?" I thought, as I changed the channel during the Rollins-Jordan-Joe "promo". Kick those writers to the curb n get some people in there who know how to write goddamn WRESTLING.

  14. 0:15 wait a minute, you just went straight to the “This is the 18th of December Monday Night Raw in about 4 minuets”

    Who are you again? 😛

  15. The ending of the women's 3-person tag was – just so awkward. Stephanie takes forever getting to the ring while everyone just stands there, and then everyone just forgets they were fighting just moments before as the show just blips off the air.

    Stephanie = crowd energy vampire

  16. tbh…i cant think of one bad thing in this show!!! so many good things happend.. for me it was cor…but keep in mind..everyone has their opinions…im not gonna tell mine or else i would be here writing for 15 min..and i really dont want to be doing that

  17. I'm so fucking sick of the 'womens evolution' getting in the way of the division's quality. All the story lines (lol, sorry, the single story line that's happening at whatever given time) coming to a halt so we can have the first ever INSERT MATCH STIPULATION HERE and make a huge deal about it rather than just treating them as normal wrestlers by now and focusing on stories.

  18. I honestly think you were too harsh on the Women’s segment. I know that it destroys kayfabe, but can’t we just have a pleasant moment please.

  19. But then you wouldn't have Stephanie McMahon getting the pop. I don't know if she is a heel or face since it changes every week.

  20. Thank fuck you acknoweldged the fact that the women just stopped fighting when McMahon came into the ring to announce the match. It felt like all the women were all a package deal and that's wrong.

  21. They really did ruin the feuds, this is like the curtain call all over again just on purpose. They should’ve had the heels step out the ring and call themselves the 1st RR winner or something!!? Smh

  22. kane is fucking garbage. 3 man matches are for shit. wwe is promoting stupidity. the revival will never amount to shit. 3 women matches are also for shit. womens rumble =womens botch-a-thon. ive taken shits with more substance than wwe has going on in it.

  23. Of course Kane is gonna take the pinfall. Wished Kane would at least win the Universal title…at least just until WrestleMania. He more than deserves it.

  24. did Steph beg for a Yes chant? twas a shit way to announce the match. it really should have been a teaser instead of a celebratory moment. way to cock it up Steph!!

  25. Ellsworth will make a surprise return as the last entrant of the Women's Royal Rumble and will become the first ever winner, 😀

  26. It's very rare that I disagree with Oli, but his rant about the women's segment seemed off. Like he misunderstood it….and he was unnecessarily angry.

  27. I was going to give it an aveRAWge rating, but then I remembered that WOKEN Matt Hardy had spoke, which raise the rating to Cor.

  28. Ooh god that last women's "evolution" royal rumble announcement segment was bad, and by the way, where the fuck is Tye Dillinger, such potential wasted i guess.

  29. The women division doesn't make any sense and it has been like that for a while. I just want Asuka to dominate and win everything, at least it will be entertaining for me.

  30. Steph picked the most hilarious time to interject the beat-down to make a royal rumble announcement. I found that very mis-timed. She could have started that the week after and let the story-line beat-downs continue or second option: Have Steph "Break it up" and Heels run out side of the ring doing a stare-down as opposed to randomly stopping dead in their tracks for Steph. This would have made it more believable for the story-line imo.

    But yay for the female division!! =D

  31. Fire Stephanie , fucking narcissist whore .
    Isn't Alexa , absolution heel , isn't asuka a monster ??????
    If this was the attitude era everyone would have whipped her ass .

  32. LOL. Good to see you back & in fine spirits Oli. That was one of your best WT's so far. Bloody enjoyed it Mate. Cheers. – Dave from Australia.

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