1. That blow could've ended his life. I shudder to watch a heelbone connect with a skull like that. 

  2. I love the way he dances and spins around at the end, as if to acknowledge that that's the last time that's ever going to happen.

  3. This fighter is obviously very skilled and I'm not saying capoeira practitioners don't train hard or aren't tough, but there's a reason why the dominant form of MMA fighting is based on BJJ and Muay Thai. Obviously this happens occasionally and it's interesting when it happens because capoeira is so pretty to look at, but 90% of the time BJJ and MT based MMA will dominate.the ring.

  4. basically. sidenote: one time I accidentally meia lua'd my 8 year old daughter… she was not pleased.

  5. not even a chance to became great player..
    Capoeira is good only for low level players! try to do this to a player like wanderlei silva and he will kill you

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