The New Day & Heavy Machinery vs. The Undisputed ERA: SmackDown, Nov. 22, 2019

The New Day & Heavy Machinery vs. The Undisputed ERA: SmackDown, Nov. 22, 2019


  1. Otis is fantastic… and Roderick Strong's knee finisher sucks imo. Why does everyone need a knee finisher and superkicks?

  2. The more team nxt wins tonight, the more nervous I get for survivor series. Vince is just buttering us up for disappointment.

  3. The Viking Raiders (Raw Tag Team Champions) vs The Undisputed Era – Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reiley (NXT Tag Team Champions) vs The New Day – Kofi Kingston & Big E (Smack Down Tag Team Champions) – The Viking Raiders (Raw Tag Team Champions) win (since UE is going to Survivor Series exhausted because of WarGames)

  4. It looks like NXT Is STILL Continuing to up-end their elders siblings in incredible fashion by racking win after win this crazy, cross-brand encounter!

  5. I find it hilarious that the WWE Fanboys who dont watch NXT are pissed that NXT is being pushed against the main roster this year 😂

  6. I am impressed with Kyle O’Reilly man. He can absorb so much damage yet can hang with heavyweights like Otis and Tucker.

  7. I understand wanting to show that NXT is the equal of the main roster, but I think they've been putting NXT over alittle to hard at the expense of the other rosters.

  8. UE is stale sure they can work but outside of adam cole the rest of them are just white bread its sad that they have all the belts when there is are so many better people in nxt

  9. 2019 adam cole : boys and girls this team is undisputed

    2039 adam cole : ladies and gentleman this team is damn old puted

  10. Tucker needs to change his name to Driller so it's Driller and Dozer and they can have another finishing move called the Drilldozer – I don't know what it looks like but it sounds like fan service for both sexy and terrifying at the same time.

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