The new Concept R 18 roars into life

The new Concept R 18 roars into life

I rode my first motorcycle when I was about 5 or 6. The motorcycle is a lot of things for me. It’s definitely a form of therapy.
You can kind of just shot off life for a little bit and get out of your head. And just really enjoy yourself on the bike. In the spirit of craftsmanship with the R18
it’s still that boxer motor feeling that’s always gonna be there.
It’s always gonna be something that you enjoy. A lot of classic cues just within the motor itself but a lot more range of power. That’s one of the things that I always loved a BMW motorcycles.
They are really clean and simple machines. But they found the perfect balance of both.
Function and design. It reminds us that true icons resist time. Never forget your roots.


  1. 160 persone preferiscono le harley… le altre 5 persone, preferiscono le moto giapponesi…. fortunatamente più di 3000 persone hanno gusti da intenditori!!!

  2. I'd like them to use that big engine and build a retro sidecar adventure bike, like those cool military bikes BMW had in WWII. Take a look:

  3. Genial, lo único que le hace falta son protecciones laterales para el motor, ya que si te caes o se te cae la moto técnicamente quebrarias una de las tapas de culata. Fuera de eso excelente moto

  4. Wow if they bring this to market … it would destroy any Harley right now cosmetically

    I used to have a Harley, I enjoy Harley's, but there isn't a single bike in their line up worth $ right now imo

  5. Its stunning but compared to Triumph's new Rocket 3 it's a bit dull. I realise one's an old school bobber and the other an modern muscle cruiser but for me they fall into the same sector. Now if you made a K1600R that was like the outgoing 1300 but with the inline 6, that bike I'd buy without a second thought.

  6. It's the most beautiful bike I've ever seen.
    Still I am interested in seeing the driving behaviour

  7. 2016 Triumph: Bobber
    2016 BMW: Pff nah R9T is all you need bobbers are bollocks
    2019 BMW: Ok here is our bobber

  8. Thought the last BMW Cruiser bikes (R850C/R1200C) were fantastic….have three in the garage I'll never sell. Was disappointed beyond belief when BMW stopped building cruisers in 2004 when the R1200C ceased production. Was beginning to think I'd never live to see another factory built cruiser with a Roundel on the tank. Then BMW unleashes THIS!…..unquestionably, one of the toughest, koolest, most beautiful two wheeled creations of all time by anyone, anywhere. Absolutely unfathomably awesome. Apparently will be in showrooms late next year. Will do WHATEVER is necessary in the meantime to gather the funds to ensure I get the first one delivered to a BMW Dealer in my part of the world. Will ride it constantly and park it next to my R1200C's and all will be perfect in my universe! Thanks BMW.

  9. He said never forget your roots, but when Harley follows that rule, some cry they're old and outdated.

  10. last time I felt this excited was the launch of Triumph's rocket 3 back in 2004. I saved for 5 years to get mine. This time, I know I will be in for a pre-order for this. If BMW would to design an official BMW sidecar with this R18, I would sell my kidney.

  11. Watch out Triumph, Indian and Harley Davidson cause you have a new rival coming out to take you guys down

  12. Perfect! That's I've been waiting for a years … I'm a big BMW fan, own several bikes but this one will be Das Absolute Krönung! Can't wait to order 🙂

  13. Those giant cylinders sticking out the side of a motorcycle are just ridiculous.
    You don’t need a kickstand, just lean the bike on a cylinder head.
    I think I’ll stretch out my legs, oh I can’t the giant cylinders are in the way.
    Bummer I need heat shields on my shins, because the giant cylinders are rubbing against them.
    Bummer I dropped my bike and I cracked a cylinder head. Engine rebuild.
    Go back to the drawing board BMW. And while you at it design a stage one, two, three, and four, slip on exhausts, and a bunch of bolt on shiny things if you really want the Harley crowd.

  14. Dear BMW team, your design is beyond any criticism… This bike is another eye-catcher after introducing the 9T several years ago. Yet, when looking at the ergonomic features I assume this bike is made either for short people or for short trips only. Esp. if I look at the knee angle I fear that the target group will suffer from its arthritis riding it for more than a few miles…
    I hoped you might find a solution similar to D….i's X…..l…

  15. They should have made it a 4 cylinder; how did they handle the vibration of the typical BMW Boxer engines?

  16. jute idee aber die retro fake gabel und töpfe haben kein harmonie mit dem rad, vielleicht sollte BMW auch mal ein Concept&Custom²Bike einen in Deutschland bauen lassen wie es Jägermeister es mit Schankanlge getan hat 😉
    idee aus usa, japan, england usw… sehen geil aus aber das ingeneurs stil mit japan&Co desgin beisen sich doch an vielen stellen und in westBerlin gibts es einige sehr sehr kleine aber feine Werkstätten;)

  17. Hi @Woaaahahah Hahha,
    the song is by Jay Denton and is called Take Me on down.
    Best regards, Mariola of the BMW Motorrad Team

  18. I wonder what the lean angle is? I’d be paranoid leaning into the corners from the looks of it. Don’t want to drag the engine

  19. Unnecessary, excessive engine capacity is not a virtue, it's just a pointless competition and there to massage fragile egos… …Despite that though, a great looking bike….

  20. R9T visually not appealing. BUT this is most beautiful thing on 2 wheels I've ever seen, truly inspirational and long lasting design. The colors all work together, the simplicity and elegance in the design while still looking like a beast. Wow! Just wow!

  21. It should have levers on front suspension for vertical travel of the wheel, this /_40+° it's too much which increase travel and speed of the wheel which create suplimentary squared parasitic inertia,angle of travel must be close of that necessary for maximum bumps angle which for this bike will be minimal of 7° plus few for reserve to not disturb direction on those denivelations, like fan of BMW I am disappointed, seems to be a show one driven only at idle but a classical bike must handle up to 70kmph perfectly, why those huge disc brakes from sportbike with that annoying bite which if you use to stop you fall imediately and what if I will use front one's to stop on right foot – worst,and that inox coloured exhaust pipes, of course I like the front light, wheels, rear suspension, engine shape and finishing, drive shaft, distance between wheels, chrome on final part of the exhaust and cilinder covers,and those rounded ends fairings so close to the wheels, I hope will get into smal production, today we need this stile

  22. Wish BMW would bring back the R1200C. The only thing wrong with that bike was that the gearing was to short. Gears to close together.

  23. こういうクルーザースタイルも良いけど、オイラとしては、R69をオマージュしまくったスタイルにして欲しい。

  24. First, as a legitimate builder of functional motorcycles, not rolling art, I would give him a 10 in the pureness, and a 1 in functional. I live where he did the country riding., Did you notice the 45 degree Harley sound playing? So what do you guys want..You would hate this after 1 month, or a bike you can ride? Now, put it in front of a NTSB board. It represents the girl you never got..Do what I do, build it yourself! (BTW, those BIG CYLINDERS..They were fake..)

  25. Preciosa pero demasiado larga entre ejes para mi gusto creo que se deberia reducir un poco la distancia entre ejes por lo demas es muy bonita

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