1. I use to like Eddie Alvarez. Listing to him talk . Such a tool . Talking about Nate . Nate is so much a bigger draw then Eddie!

  2. Jon will rip chucks legs off and then beat him with them. God has answed my prayers and brought back gladiator style entertainment.

  3. Eddie explained it perfectly! But Ariel tried making the point he wanted to make all the time. Wich is the ‘non-fighter’ point to make.

  4. The fact that Ariel had to ask ten plus experienced guys about a situation a corner had to decide on in a minute and not get a satifying answer proves how difficult the situtation was and also how unnuanced Ariel himself is when it comes to these situations. A corner knows best. The end.

  5. Ariel just has no fight in him. He’s a good journalist but he doesn’t understand the sport the way a Luke Thomas does who trains. Give him a segment on the show. Ariel’s misplaced compassion is not good coverage

  6. Chucks probably 7 years into TRT, We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Better, stronger, faster.

  7. Leave it to the Ariel. He can't take Raquel's word for it that she has never tried to quit in the past and her coach hasn't had to talk her off the ledge before. He gets him on and tries to pin the fighter against coach.

  8. Dern's nose took up the whole screen. She can 2 in the pink 1 in the stink promise all she wants that she will never miss weight again. She should never be allowed to fight at 115 again.

  9. How cool is Israel, if he fights as good as he talks he's going to be champ! Had a dig at Pennington coach, but I take most of it back having listened to him..respect. And Alverz fight is going to be a god damn dog fight guys..all out war! Oh and Durn gave her an extra 15% on top of the 30. Still should have been more I think but fair play!

  10. Glad the coach called Ariel out on saying win first, then the fighters health. That was a low blow Helwani.

  11. If the doctors give Chuck a clean bill to license, OF COURSE the PROMOTERS WILL JUMP AT THE CHANCE !!
    And so will the fans!
    Even Dana White will change his tune. He seems to have a heart, when it comes to Chuck. But he's not gonna turn down money for someone else to grab. Only problem is that Chuck (and anyone he would likely fight) will go where they'll be treated fairly.. which probably isn't the UFC (which may have burned a few bridges).. and I really think that there's gonna be movement AWAY from the UFC, for HUGE events like this. The UFC will be the rolling thunder, but other promotions are gonna start sparking up like lightening (and maybe burn out just as quickly)! At least I hope that's how it goes.

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