1. Why are Canadians showing love to Max? Because he's a good guy, with a good heart, and is humble. No brainer, Max.

  2. NO WAY is Cowboy vs Yancy > than the Justin vs Eddie…. Is if I wanted to watch low level amateur fights I'd watch backyard fighting on youtube or sum nonsense… If the level of fighting isn't a factor than why have professionals? The best fights come from violence and skill at the highest level…. Like Robbie Lawler vs Condit or Lawler vs McDonald. Not some unranked dudes showing little skill just puncing each other without moving their heads… Get real Ariel

  3. Why is Ariel saying ngannou is European? I get that he lived in France for a while but wouldn’t he be considered Cameroonian/African?

  4. Rockhold is wayyyy too small time for a GOAT like GSP. So sick of hearing Rockhold cry about not getting a title shot.
    You got KTFO by Bisding and now you need to climb your way back up…same as everyone else, you ain't special lol.
    If you don't wanna do that, then just piss off already.

  5. hey luke fight yoel bro. he's free…..but you think you deserve a title shot after that pitiful display in PGH. go ahead narcissist take GSP lightly also…bisping KO'd you. Vitor head kick Ko'd u. you are a highlight reel on the wrong side. surprised you are not on posters. lmao

  6. shevchenko will rule the 125 division. easily. what she did to nunes, holm and pena…smh. i feel bad for all those TUF26 chicks. i still think val can beat nunes or did already. rose will lose soon… jessica, JJ, claudia, karolina, not good

  7. If Valentina and Holly win the title fights, then the 125 pound champ will have beat the 145 pound champ. Pretty impressive.

  8. Conor was in the backround of the photo with max and his black eye 😀 and he is wearing glasses, thats why he said it

  9. watching volkan displays again how many of these fighters are good people. a definite savage and brutal beast, but a down to earth nice guy like seemingly most of these guys

  10. I get what poirer says about anyone looks good as a striker against Justin but I think that alverez would have been Dustin

  11. Rockhold sounded like a girl trying to act innocent after getting caught cheating when Ariel brought up Daniel and Volkan

  12. Of course Sijara's staying at 125, because she knows she can't hang at bantamweight. I Hate this weight cut bs, put the damn scale on the bottom step of the ring on fight day and if the cheaters come in 1 lb over dock them 50% of their purse, and 100% for 2 lbs. Once they start fighting for free they'll start signing fights at their natural weight.

  13. No the best MMA hour tbh only good interview was Max but him talking about cupcakes is kinda stupid

  14. Tyrone KO over Koscheck is more devastating than Ngannou's and so is any of Rumble's KO's at 205.
    I say he takes a close 3rd tho lol.
    Also, GSP being indecisive about his future at MW and then suddenlt getting sick? Sounds like a good excuse to get out of fighting at 185 again..

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