1. Luke's discussion on increasing the black fanbase in the UFC was very, very excellent. He spoke with full honesty.

  2. 23:02 their convo about Woodley ducking Wonderboy, they kept saying it's "ironic" but I'm glad Mindenhall called it like it is: hypocrisy

  3. Im black and I dont like Tyron Woodley. The guy is a ducking punk. I hope he fights Wonderboy and gets his ass beat.

  4. problem with Woodley is it wasn't that long ago when he was crying hes the #1 contender and the #1 should get the shot.five minutes after he gets the belt he ducks the #1 contender and wants to call his own fights against two guys who arnt even fighting.

  5. Luke misquoting fighters again…. GSP never said he couldn't make 185, he would just need time to get there and didn't want to go back and forth in weight. He's had almost 2 year to get to that weight? hey Luke where's your argument? stop the nonsensical GSP bashing….. u fool!

  6. It's like there's never been a Jordan, Ali, Tyson, Woods what are these fools talking about. Demetrius was boring for ever and he's making the necessary changes and will get more fans flyweight size aside. Where as Cormier and Woodley will dry hump you till the last bell and are point matchers, never going that next level where fighting is it's best.

  7. "When you can't even watch the whole MMA hour simply due to Luke Thomas's pompous sounding explanations."

  8. REAL champs don't fight for money. That's why "The Choosing One" will never be a legend. You think the fans and young kids will look up to someone who only does this for money? people like you give the sport a bad reputation. HORRIBLE champion, not humble, makes kids think how hard you work in this sport to get the title it may never happen because the champion wants more money not challenges. that way its impossible to be the best in the world. Dominick Cruz EARNED the right to call people out for almost clearing his entire division out. Woodley hasnt even beaten the top 5 . strip him of the belt if he doesnt fight thompson

  9. my problem is woodley calls out gsp/Diaz and just completely shuts down any possibility of fighting Thompson, even as a third option

    Woodley is an entitled coward.

  10. 2 things. Luke is one of those guys that's obviously very intelligent, has great points but just comes across as a arrogant douche for whatever reason. Fans hating on woodley cause he's black, that's just my opinion lol. nate diaz calling out conor is cool cause he's this walk foward mexican who dosen't give a fark, woodley does the same thing but he's black lol. another example is gsp and mighty mouse, both are dominant but not very friendly styles, yet gsp is way more popular.
    p.s. i'm neither black nor white, mainly boxing guy but i just call it as i see it

  11. I wouldn't bring race into this because I love DC and DJ, I respect both guys because they don't duck guys, they take the fights, Woodley is obviously ducking Wonderboy. No way Woodley beats Diaz or GSP or Wonderboy. It's a respect thing not a race thing! I Respect the hell out of DC and DJ but have none for Woodley!

  12. There are plenty of white/Brazillian and Latino fighters that get hate too. Bisping for instance is hated and he is champion. The Diaz brothers are just as polarizing as Rampage was in his hayday or Jones is now. The thing is the 3 men you are talking about are champions but they all have a reason that gets fans back up. DC won the belt by default basically, and that turned fans against him (not me) but made Jones (an African American which kind of ruins your arguement) into the good guy of the narration. Mighty Mouse is boring to watch fight and on the mic, but no one cares about anyone at Flyweight anyway, regardless of race. And it's not that people dislike DJ they're just apathetic. Woodley sat out for over a year to get his title shot. His shot wasn't deserved in the 1st place and then when he gets the belt he demands money fights with GSP and Diaz rather than the guy who everyone agree's deserves the shot! It's not a race thing, it's a douche thing.

  13. does anti estrogen actually matter that much ? because its not a testosterone booster not all male have same levels

  14. 43 mins, anoher difference is that Wonderboy is the CLEAR contender and GSP was the reigning champ who left whereas Pena has fought nobodies and been boring. Zingano was a good win but it was so lacklustre.

  15. to me, Diaz vs Wonderboy makes sense now. If WB loses, well he lost to an unranked fighter coming off a suspension. Nick vs Wonderboy makes sense to me

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