The Miz vs. Andrade: SmackDown LIVE, Sept. 10, 2019

The Miz vs. Andrade: SmackDown LIVE, Sept. 10, 2019

>>What were you trying to ask Byron?>>I’m trying to ask what Shinsuke
thinks about Sami Zayn being essentially destroyed by the Undertaker?>>Why are you bringing up
irrelevant facts right now?>>Because it just happened that’s why,
it is right here.>>Shinsuke are you looking forward? Are you excited for your Intercontinental
Championship defense this Sunday? How bad are you gonna hurt the Miz?>>Sure now, [INAUDIBLE] there.>>For Pete’s sake.>>His wife? What?>>Listen, I’ll tell you after the show.>>I’m trying to listen,
I don’t understand what’s happening.>>Look at Andrade,
again trying to fight out of the corner. Miz not gonna let him, look at the Miz go! Miz desperately wants to capture
the Intercontinental Championship for a record time,
ninth time this Sunday in Charlotte.>>This must, in his words, restore the prestige into
the Intercontinental Championship.>>Wait a minute, look out, and Andrade
he came in a little bit too hot and fell hard onto the side.>>Crash and burn on the outside,
pivotal moment in the matchup. Can the Miz recover?>>The look of panic on
the face of Zelina Vega.>>Come on, get up!>>Two.>>Not a panic, we could see on the face
of Shinsuke Nakamura this Sunday.>>Hold on a second, now, Miz attack and down goes Andrade
right in front of our desk. Miz is fired up.>>My gosh>>[APPLAUSE]>>The top, went for the Moonsault, couldn’t
find the mark and now, look at Miz.>>His wife is hanging on.>>Uh-oh, uh-oh.>>Look out, Skull Crushing finale, cover.>>One, two, three.>>Miz puts away Andrade [SOUND]. [MUSIC]>>That was a.>>Whoa,
Shinsuke Nakamura from behind yet again.>>Could be a preview for Sunday.>>Kinshasa.>>The Miz wanted to make a statement,
the champion had an emphatic rebuttal. Shinsuke Nakamura blindsiding the Miz. [MUSIC]


  1. How many times do you wanna make good future talents look bad? First you buried sanity just to make the Miz look good for wrestlemania against Shane and now you make Andrade lose just for the sake of facing nakamura

  2. Andrade is only getting matches each week because he's dating Charlotte FLAIR. I wish Zelina dated someone who was a good bootlicker like Hogan or Ric Flair or Roman Reigns so that we could see her compete against the women of Smackdown. And…. Zelina is a good manager but is a much better singles competitor.

  3. Andrade keeps loosing to EVERYONE. What is happening? The only reason Andrade defeated Rey Mysterio is because of his girlfriend who had to interfere to win the match…. That's pretty much about it. He doesn't have ultra talent defeating anyone else though….

  4. Shinsuke should have done the kinsasha before the pinfall. You're hurting your future talent early on. No sense of invincibility/aura like you protected the shield.

  5. the miz tiene 8 campeonatos intercontinentales, 2 campeonatos de los estados unidos, 1 campeonato de la wwe, muchisimos campeonatos en pareja y mucho mas. Que grande que sos miz!!!!

  6. Nobody trying to see Miz vs Nakamura 🤦‍♂️ Andrade vs Nakamura would be a way better match and definitely don’t want to see Miz win the IC belt

  7. Everyone complaining about Andrade losing so much, but he's still a young guy in the WWE, there's a lot of great wrestlers in the WWE who had to pay their dues before they made their way to the top (and yes I do understand that there have been others who haven't had to work their way to the top). But in any case I'd say just give it some time until Andrade gets the push that we want and that he deserves.

  8. Who is to blame for that backflip Botch?
    The mix for not standing up quick n grabbing him right n quick
    Andrade’s fault for doing that follow up flip real quick?

  9. One thousand hundred dollars that the miz wins the ic title on sunday, dude nakamura dont even shows, same that the us title reign

  10. Thanks a lot wwe fans for supporting bad wrestlers like The Miz just so he reminds you of Johnny Cage, now the good wrestlers will suffer because they will be scripted to make him look good.

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