The Miz & Shane McMahon pose with their new SmackDown Tag Team Titles: WWE Exclusive, Jan. 27, 2019

The Miz & Shane McMahon pose with their new SmackDown Tag Team Titles: WWE Exclusive, Jan. 27, 2019

[SOUND] Okay, guys let’s do a few, that’s fine, do that.>>Like this?>>Yeah.>>Like this?>>[SOUND] You get best
tattoo in the world?>>Yep.>>[SOUND] Shane bring that
down just a little bit and have that further right there. [SOUND] That’s it [SOUND]


  1. I bet there losing the titles at the next PPV and there going to end up facing each other at Wrestlemania,pretty obvious.

  2. Wait! Hold on ! Let me consult with my Crystal Ball, yeap ! WWE RATINGS ARE GOING DOWNHILL !! What a Shame Mcmahon !!!

  3. The best tag team in the world is a bit of a mouthful to for me. I think their tag team name should be " Awesome money" or the "IT Mac".

  4. I love this! This storyline is great and I get some people's complains like they don't deserve the titles but honestly y'all wanted some change, and here is the change. Why not enjoy it? I love this storyline.

  5. This reign won’t be a long reign. It’s just there to set up a Shane/Miz match at Mania. I’m glad that The Bar no longer have the titles tho.

  6. I think they make a great tag team miz never really care to have noone back but since he team up with shane he been sacrificing himself they unorthodox that what makes them great everyone question bobby rhoode and chad gables as a team they will get it together they just need to learn each other better

  7. Congratulations to The Best Tag Team in The World on becoming the new SmackDown Tag Team Champs but I think that their Tag Team Titles reign will probably end at the Elimination Chamber and in the post match Miz will heel turn on Shane or Shane on Miz to start a feud for WM 35 hopefully Miz wins

  8. Hâte d'être aux prochains Smackdown pour la célébration des nouveaux Champions Tag Team de Smackdown, Shane McMahon & The Miz

  9. would have been better if miz faced daniel bryan at wm after winning RR but this story/spot was kinda cool too wherein he was fighting to make his father proud

  10. Im only okay with this of sheamus and cesaro start doing singles aiming for the main titles im glad seth won but would of liked cesaro or sheamus in the mix but obvs sheamus won before

  11. This is the reason why WWE has become a complete joke. I mean what has Shane McMahon done to earn a title. The guy can't even wrestle .

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