The Fight Against ISIS In Mosul Reaches Final Stage (HBO)

The Fight Against ISIS In Mosul Reaches Final Stage (HBO)

As Iraqi forces inch closer to retaking
the city of Mosul from the Islamic State, one of the prizes in their sights
has been the al-Nuri Mosque, one of Iraq’s oldest and most important landmarks, and the place where ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
first proclaimed a caliphate in 2014. But as of today, the mosque is gone. The Iraqi Army says ISIS fighters
blew it up rather than see it captured. ISIS blames an American airstrike. It’s another ugly milestone in a
grueling and bloody fight for the city. Ben Anderson is in Mosul with Iraqi forces. — These families have just escaped ISIS. — As Iraqi soldiers army slowly clear buildings, desperate civilians take their chances
and run towards them. For over eight months, they have lived under siege, facing constant shelling and airstrikes in their homes, and the threat of being murdered
by ISIS if they try to flee. Hundreds have already been
gunned down as they tried to escape. — As they run from gunmen who are shooting
from houses just 50 meters away, one man spits on the rotting corpse
of a recently killed ISIS fighter. These civilians made it, but minutes later another man was
shot and killed on the same street. — I’ve never seen relief like that on anyone’s face. — Every day, hundreds of civilians
are fleeing from Zanjili. But something like 100,000 are
still trapped in Mosul’s Old City— the last neighborhood that ISIS still controls. — So this is Zanjili, one of the last few neighborhoods still
controlled by ISIS or partly controlled by ISIS. There’s a body of an ISIS fighter there. But it’s also partly controlled by
the Iraqi security forces now. Everything, every car, every house,
every building is just completely destroyed. That’s an artillery shell going out. — ISIS have had months to fortify their positions here. Many of them are battle-hardened, well-trained,
and both unwilling and unable to surrender. They are fighting to the death, which makes progress against them
excruciatingly difficult. It can take a day to clear a single building. In this one house, three ISIS bodies are left
to rot as the fighting continues around them. — Do you know how he was killed? — Iraq’s Armed Forces have less than
nine square kilometers left to recapture. But these last few neighborhoods
are proving to be the most difficult. The battle was supposed to be over months ago. An estimated 50 ISIS snipers are
fighting from al Jamhouri Hospital— it’s one of the tallest buildings in Mosul
and allows them to inflict many casualties. — How significant will it be, if Iraqi
security forces take the hospital? — Major al Shamary says the snipers have
surrounded themselves with hundreds of civilians, and have a 360 degree view of the city. They have snipers positioned all over their territory, and they have killed many soldiers. In a recently cleared school,
Iraqi soldiers found a cache of weapons. — And do you think will try and surrender, or
will they fight until they are killed and finished? — This is the 36th Brigade of the
9th Armored Division of the Iraqi Army. They’ve been on the frontline since operations
against ISIS started in October last year. In the three days we spent with this unit,
they alone lost seven soldiers. These men, trained to fight in tanks,
have no choice but to fight on foot, taking one building at a time. It’s a painfully slow and grueling process. — As the soldiers push on, one of them
is shot from just two houses away. Despite being regularly pinned down by sniper fire, the soldiers have to forge ahead,
knowing this will lead to further losses. Today, their goal is to liberate a school that
they say 10 ISIS fighters are shooting from. To try and avoid the sniper fire, the soldiers blow holes in connecting walls, and edge their way closer and closer to the school. As they get closer, bullets zip and crackle over their heads. Just a street separates them from the school. But the incoming fire is so great, that they still call on American and Iraqi air controllers to repeatedly strike the building and kill the ISIS fighters. — So the school, where they said there were 10 snipers
got hit with two airstrikes and goodness how many shells from… tanks. This just shows you why these
last few are proving so hard to clear because they’re getting pounded from the air, all day long, all night. — One group of soldiers advances towards the school. They fire wildly… …and even resort to throwing hand grenades. Two soldiers have been killed while storming the school, almost certainly by friendly fire. After over eight hours of vicious fighting,
the 9th Division finally takes the school. Once the bodies are taken away, in rage the soldiers fire into the air
and back into the school. — So it looks like this part of the school
at least is liberated. But look at what a liberated building
in West Mosul looks like.


  1. VICE News embeds with the 9th division of the Iraqi Army as the battle against ISIS enters its last stretch in the area. WATCH NEXT:

  2. This will be a awesome game in the future call of duty future combat…………the world we live in mankind well cause their own extinction

  3. 0:55 when they all fell to their knees in gratitude, I felt that. I felt that in ma heart. Us Americans take SO much for granted.

  4. Fighting for your countries, as leaders, do NOT involve death to your people.
    Dictators, presidents, prime ministers, and the leaders of countries are to blame when mass rapes, mass killings, mass violence occurs.

  5. So the Iraqis killed their own guys after calling in loads of ordinance and then shot into the sky cause they were mad? — This War shit is overdone.

  6. At 1:30 ish. They where so gappy to get out of the fighting and into friendly arms. They all hugged the journalist 🙂 its so heart warming. But im also sorry for the loss and deaths

  7. 203 kills in desert storm! I can still smell an isis fighter at 100 yards! It stinks! I’m a firearms instructor now and train Canadian timber wolf trainer for wealthy clients in Minnesota and Michigan! I’d love to walk my 4 timber wolves thru Dearborn Michigan ! And would dare anyone to attack me or even throw something at me! Three of them would attract the guy that threw anything at me and will rip his throat out and would crush arms legs and live biting the belly! They all hate the smell of curry!

  8. I cant imagine how brave and expert the isis fighters were, facing all those artillery and air power which they themselves dont have and they were also outnumbered… Excellent bunch of men those isis fighters

  9. Horrible histories to be written and studied by our children dark ages in human history fight for idiotic belief by foolish followers blind and trying to blindfold the humanity.

  10. You can say good people bad people

    But people will keep witness terrorism until existence of Islam..rather boycott Islam

  11. Man.. the desperation on those people's faces…that got me. It always does. I can't imagine that constant fear. Fear for yourself. Fear for your family. And then while fleeing even while being thankful to those covering you, you have to be absolutely terrified. Anything could go wrong. You could be mistaken as a terrorist. Isis could target you or the troops covering you. Isis could target you simply because you're fleeing. As someone who has terrible anxiety that's so bad that I get on edge over the damn toaster (had some trauma in my childhood. Sudden sounds and anticipation of sudden sounds fucks with me) I can't fathom living in that sort of situation. At any moment you or the person next to you could be dead. At any moment chows can ensue. I literally can't imagine.

  12. This whats American brought for beautiful country blessed land Iraq- now they scattered everywhere destroy nation 😰😰😰😰😰😰😰🤲🤲🤲🤲

  13. I dunno I just think that the death toll from 90% of the air raids aren’t worth it…. so many innocent people in the wrong place at the wrong time👎🏻👎🏻

    Anyone involved in ISIS are scum!!

  14. Hey worlds peoples look heres no any god..
    If there is any god then where he is till now.
    why he not appears till now how many peoples are killed each others in the name of gods from the old of time I think he is more thirsty.
    Then I advice you if god want this then finish this world blow yourself by attacking atomic bombs and killed the humanity. Aftr that will god happy or cry ?
    Then please stop this nonsce war if there was any god then never let man fight…never I am with natural power

  15. I say again that all of the armed forces do not receive the actual praise for what they do to protect the rest of us who can't be there .

  16. What a Great display of Humanity by ISIS, Ok now answer me, what will you people get Finally In the End? Anything special you got by this?

  17. 0:55 hey how about we deport all the people burning the American flag and disrespecting our country and import these people inZ

  18. They’d have captured the city in way less than a year if they weren’t so scared to fight ISIS, They wouldn’t even have lost the city if they were able and ready to fight, the Iraqi army is a joke

  19. ISIS are a bunch of mind washed people who think islam is a religion of war and killing. islam is not like that at all. The word “islam” means peace. It is a religion of peace not of war

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